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dojo's value in _modulePrefixes -- _base doesn't load if directory is not named "dojo"

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I ran into troubles loading the 0.9 trunk. I think others may have had similar problems and I thought I'd bring it up.

I started development in the 0.9 trunk code by syncing to the svn uri . I put this in a local directory at /www/js/dojo_0_9_trunk. However, it seems that dojo won't load unless the parent directory is named "dojo" exactly. After looking into it, here is what I've found:

The loader sets up module prefixes in _base/_loader/loader.js like so:

_modulePrefixes: {

dojo: {name: "dojo", value: ""}, tests: {name: "tests", value: "tests"}


The value for dojo is an empty string.

When calling dojo.require, for instance dojo.require("dojo._base.lang"), the _loadModule function calls _getModuleSymbols to get an array of symbols where the module is located. The dojo module should obviously be located in the same directory as dojo.js. However, when testing for the module prefix, this._moduleHasPrefix("dojo") returns false, because the value for dojo is an empty string and ("" == false).

The result is that the module location for "dojo._base.lang" becomes "../dojo/_base/lang.js". This path is ONLY correct if the directory containing dojo.js is named "dojo". If it is named "trunk", or "dojo09", or "dojo-0-9-ajax", or anything else, then the module can not be found.

In version 0.4.2, dojo's module prefix value was "src". In 0.9, I can resolve the problem by setting dojo's module prefix value to "./", like this: (loader.js)

_modulePrefixes: {

dojo: {name: "dojo", value: "./"}, tests: {name: "tests", value: "tests"}


To solve some subversion issues, Jared J was kind enough to refer me to the following svn uri: which I will begin using immediately. However, it seems that the dojo core should not be dependent on the name of the directory that contains it.


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By the way, I've submitted a CLA, but don't have a trac login yet. ~Michael Smith (msmith)

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Mike, I think this is by design. We chose to do it this way because being flexible turned out to be too expensive.

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