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#2729 closed defect (fixed) module, function problem with abbrev. month names

Reported by: guest Owned by: Adam Peller
Priority: high Milestone: 1.0
Component: Date Version: 0.4.2
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I found something of a problem with the function when trying to parse a submitted value which had just been generated by the function. In other words, I took the default value generated by for a 'dateOnly', medium 'formatLength' date object and send it back to be parsed by It would seem that what comes out from as a localized default should be parsable by as a localized default. And this is true for the 'en' localization. When I try 'fr', it doesn't work, giving a debug message of --Could not parse month name: 'avr'.-- for avril (April) in French.

The debug message is telling in that it should be 'avr.' and is not getting the period at the end of the abbreviation. So I looked around in the function and found this:

case "M":

if (l > 2) {

if (!options.strict) {

v = v.replace(/./g, "");

v = v.toLowerCase();



The v = v.replace(/./g, ""); line is removing the period so that later on, it never matches. This was a problem for me since most of the values my users will submit are those generated earlier by my little calendar script via

The quick fix is to remove the above line, but I wouldn't presume to know why that line was there in the first place or what might be the best coarse of action to fix the problem. Without that line, everything works fine for me. As far as I can tell, the intent was to make the parse function less restrictive.

Here is the full case "M" of the function:

case "M":

if (l > 2) {

if (!options.strict) {

v = v.replace(/./g, "");

v = v.toLowerCase();

} var months = info+ widthList[l - 3?].concat(); for (var j = 0; j < months.length; j++) {

if (!options.strict) {

months[j] = months[j].toLowerCase();

} if (v == months[j]) {

result.setMonth(j); expected.month = j; break;


} if (j == months.length) {

dojo.debug(" Could not parse month name: '" + v + "'."); return null;


} else {

result.setMonth(v - 1); expected.month = v - 1;

} break;

I commented out the line in question. Different browsers obviously all worked the same and I am using the latest build (0.4.2) of dojo.

Thanks in advance

dojo user -> dwight

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(In [8725]) Replace for loops with dojo.forEach to reduce code. Fix non-strict comparison for month parsing. Fixes #2729

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(In [8748]) Fixes IE regression. Fixes #2729

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