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Jun 4, 2007, 7:02:27 PM (15 years ago)
Becky Gibson

since this just appeared on June 4 - making 0.9 beta will depend upon the date. The a11y team lost quite a few cycles on the theme change.


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    33-set the containing element to have a waiRole of dialog with the title attribute of that element set to the name of the dialog.  Note that there may still be some screen reader issues with this so "dialog" may not be spoken even after the role has been properly set.
    5 -contain the tab sequence within the dialog (make it modal)
     5-contain the tab sequence within the dialog (make it modal)- this is not completely working yet.  once the user tabs through all of the elements focus should go back to the first element - it should cycle within the dialog until the dialog is dismissed.  Currently it goes around once and then ends up back into address bar of browser and can never be returned to dialog via keyboard.
    77-When the dialog is displayed set focus to the appropriate element on the page (this is likely the first focusable element but could be author defined if we want to add that parameter to the dialog widget).