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Jan 15, 2007, 11:17:57 PM (14 years ago)
James Burke

Since it is a consistent memory growth across browsers, my first thought is it is just the cost of adding so many script tags to the DOM. I think the browsers are not cleaning up resources related to adding the script tags. Not sure if we can do much about it.

You can try calling to see if that helps. does not call it automatically because of issues with MSIE.

API info:

Also, adding a script tag every 10 ms is a bit extreme. I tried a longer interval, and things were better, but there does seem to be a gradual increase in memory over time, at least in FF 2.0 on OSX.

I verified that the internal object is cleaned up, so at least it is not that object that is requiring more and more memory.

I am likely to close it as a wontfix because I'm not sure there is anything we can do about it. I would imagine any implementation of dynamic script tags suffers the same issue. I'll leave it open for a little bit to see if any new info becomes available and target the next release after 0.4.2 for this bug.