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dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome

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Priority: high Milestone: 1.14
Component: Dijit - Form Version: 1.11.2
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It's always slow, but it becomes unusable when attribute 'min' is specified. The slowest I could make it go is when I have 'clickableIncrement' = 'T00:05:00' and any 'min'. If I just have 'clickableIncrement' = 'T00:05:00', it's slow, but still usable.

It seems that the longer the dropdown, the worse it gets. Then something about 'min' just eats cycles.

Look no further than the demo here:

The one with a 'min' is really slow. The others are OK - not great, but somewhat usable.

This does not seem to affect Firefox as much. dijit/form/TimeTextBox works well using Firefox, but specifying a 'min' seems to also slow things down a bit - not nearly as bad as Chrome though.

I am not sure which versions this affects, but it certainly includes the one at:

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