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Pie Chart where a single category is 100% crashes Legend creation

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Component: Charting Version: 1.8.3
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I am creating a Pie Chart using dojox.charting that has an associated legend. Under certain situations, my code crashes when trying to build the Legend.

After looking at the source code for dojox.charting.Chart, dojox.charting.plot2d.Pie, and dojox.charting.widget.Legend I found what appears to be an inconsistency.

In the render function of dojox.charting.plot2d.Pie the dyn property of the plot is created as an array and filled with slices of the plot. While looping through the slices, they are checked to see if they are 0 or 1 first. If one of the slices is >= 1 then iteration stops. So the dyn array could contain less objects than the run.

In the refresh function of dojox.charting.widget.Legend there is a loop that iterates over the run and finds the associated object in the dyn property of the plot. However, if the iteration stopped in the Pie.render function because a slice was >= 1, the Legend.refresh function will fail because any index above the slice >= 1 in the run does not exist in the dyn.

Here is the section of interest from Pie.render:

arr.some(slices, function(slice, i){
    if(slice < 0){
        // degenerated slice
        return false;	// continue
    if(slice == 0){
    this.dyn.push({fill: null, stroke: null});
    return false;
    var v = run[i], theme = themes[i], specialFill, o;
    if(slice >= 1){
        // whole pie
        specialFill = this._plotFill(theme.series.fill, dim, offsets);
        specialFill = this._shapeFill(specialFill,
                x: - circle.r, y: - circle.r,
                width: 2 * circle.r, height: 2 * circle.r
        specialFill = this._pseudoRadialFill(specialFill, {x:, y:}, circle.r);
        var shape = s.createCircle(circle).setFill(specialFill).setStroke(theme.series.stroke);
        this.dyn.push({fill: specialFill, stroke: theme.series.stroke});
            o = {
                element: "slice",
                index:   i,
                shape:   shape,
                x:       i,
                y:       typeof v == "number" ? v : v.y,
                cr:      r
            eventSeries[i] = o;
        return true;	// stop iteration

Here is the section from Legend.refresh:

arrayUtil.forEach(, function(x, i){
    this._addLabel(t.dyn[i], x.legend || x.text || x.y);
}, this);

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Do you have an example reproducing the issue so that we can more easily fix and confirm the fix?

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I tried to reproduce without luck. So the example is definitely required.

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