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[PATCH][CCLA] dijit.TooltipDialog: invalid aria role and missing aria attributes — at Initial Version

Reported by: mikeb Owned by: bill
Priority: undecided Milestone: 1.8.4
Component: Dijit Version: 1.8.1
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Dijit.TooltipDialog? has the role of dialog. However, I think that role=alertdialog is more appropriate because "Unlike alert, alertdialog can receive a response from the user", which is what TooltipDialog? is for (form elements.)

Aside from changing the role, we also need to have aria-labelledby attribute. This gets set from _hasDropDown on either the dropDown.containerNode (for FiltereingSelect? and ComboBox?) or dropDown.domNode (for Select, TabContainer?, DropDownButton?, DateTextBox?, and TooltipDialog?.) We have to have a few checks to not overwrite the current aria-labelledby (if there is one, like on DateTimeTextBox?) and not to apply it if there is a role=presentation.

This should be enough to correctly set aria-labelledby on any dijit that is used as the dropDown, since dijits set up their aria roles and properties in either the containerNode or domNode. Since there is no "role" attachPoint for all of the dijits I think we need this conditional instead of just being able to set aria-labelledby for all dijits (like we did on #15885 with _popupStateNode).

As part of this change I needed to move the role=listbox of the Select up one level to the domNode. This doesn't affect anything with Select since aria-owns gets set to the domNode anyway.

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change role of TooltipDialog? to alertdialog, set aria-labelledby on dropDown dijit in _hasDropDown, please proxy commit for michael billau CCLA on file with IBM

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