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#16281 closed defect (fixed) not working on 1.8.1 CDN

Reported by: jajubear Owned by: Adam Peller
Priority: undecided Milestone: 1.8.2
Component: Date Version: 1.8.1
Keywords: Cc: Colin Snover
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Attached is a simple code for showing working on 1.8.0 CDN but not 1.8.1 CDN

1.8.0 returns a date value 1.8.1 returns null, not sure why it is so

Just change the CDN on the attached code to see the problem

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by bill

Component: GeneralDate
Owner: set to Adam Peller

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Adam Peller

Milestone: tbd1.8.2

The regression appears to be that dates and times are separated by a comma in 1.8.1. Need to determine if this was a change to the CLDR locale data or some regression.

> Date(2012,9,30,0,11,22), {datePattern:'yyyy-MM-dd',timePattern:'HH:mm:ss'})
"2012-10-30, 00:11:22"

Note that you'll probably get better performance if you do something like"2012-10-30 00:11:22".replace(" ","T"))

which does not require any locale data

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Adam Peller

Cc: Colin Snover added

The CLDR data on the CDN does not match the main build. Specifically,

"dateTimeFormat-medium":"{1}, {0}" "dateTimeFormat-full":"{1} 'at' {0}"

appears to be current, but the released code has:

"dateTimeFormat-medium":"{1} {0}" "dateTimeFormat-full":"{1} {0}"

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comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by Adam Peller

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

fixed by [30139]

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by Adam Peller

In [30140]:

run scripts against CLDR v21 Refs #13906, #15424, #16281
-This line, and those below, will be ignored--

M nls/da/buddhist.js
M nls/da/number.js
M nls/da/currency.js
M nls/da/gregorian.js
M nls/da/islamic.js
M nls/hebrew.js
M nls/de/buddhist.js
M nls/de/number.js
M nls/de/currency.js
M nls/de/gregorian.js
M nls/de/islamic.js
M nls/sv/buddhist.js
M nls/sv/number.js
M nls/sv/currency.js
M nls/sv/hebrew.js
M nls/sv/gregorian.js
M nls/sv/islamic.js
M nls/gregorian.js
M nls/ja/buddhist.js
M nls/ja/number.js
M nls/ja/currency.js
M nls/ja/hebrew.js
M nls/ja/gregorian.js
M nls/ja/islamic.js
M nls/he/number.js
M nls/he/currency.js
M nls/he/hebrew.js
M nls/he/gregorian.js
M nls/he/islamic.js
M nls/islamic.js
M nls/fi/buddhist.js
M nls/fi/number.js
M nls/fi/currency.js
M nls/fi/hebrew.js
M nls/fi/gregorian.js
M nls/fi/islamic.js
M nls/nb/buddhist.js
M nls/nb/number.js
M nls/nb/currency.js
M nls/nb/gregorian.js
M nls/nb/islamic.js
M nls/fr/buddhist.js
M nls/fr/number.js
M nls/fr/currency.js
M nls/fr/hebrew.js
M nls/fr/gregorian.js
M nls/fr/islamic.js
M nls/nl/buddhist.js
M nls/nl/number.js
M nls/nl/currency.js
M nls/nl/hebrew.js
M nls/nl/gregorian.js
M nls/nl/islamic.js
M nls/pl/buddhist.js
M nls/pl/number.js
M nls/pl/currency.js
M nls/pl/hebrew.js
M nls/pl/gregorian.js
M nls/pl/islamic.js
M nls/th/buddhist.js
M nls/th/number.js
M nls/th/currency.js
M nls/th/hebrew.js
M nls/th/gregorian.js
M nls/th/islamic.js
M nls/hu/buddhist.js
M nls/hu/number.js
M nls/hu/currency.js
M nls/hu/hebrew.js
M nls/hu/gregorian.js
M nls/hu/islamic.js
M nls/ro/buddhist.js
M nls/ro/number.js
M nls/ro/currency.js
M nls/ro/hebrew.js
M nls/ro/gregorian.js
M nls/ro/islamic.js
M nls/buddhist.js
M nls/zh/buddhist.js
M nls/zh/number.js
M nls/zh/currency.js
M nls/zh/hebrew.js
M nls/zh/gregorian.js
M nls/zh/islamic.js
M nls/zh-hk/number.js
M nls/zh-hk/currency.js
M nls/zh-hk/gregorian.js
M nls/en-ca/gregorian.js
M nls/ca/number.js
M nls/ca/currency.js
M nls/ca/gregorian.js
M nls/pt/buddhist.js
M nls/pt/number.js
M nls/pt/currency.js
M nls/pt/hebrew.js
M nls/pt/gregorian.js
M nls/pt/islamic.js
M nls/tr/buddhist.js
M nls/tr/number.js
M nls/tr/currency.js
M nls/tr/hebrew.js
M nls/tr/gregorian.js
M nls/tr/islamic.js
M nls/ru/buddhist.js
M nls/ru/number.js
M nls/ru/currency.js
M nls/ru/hebrew.js
M nls/ru/gregorian.js
M nls/ru/islamic.js
M nls/en-gb/buddhist.js
M nls/en-gb/number.js
M nls/en-gb/gregorian.js
M nls/en-gb/islamic.js
M nls/fr-ch/number.js
M nls/fr-ch/gregorian.js
M nls/el/buddhist.js
M nls/el/number.js
M nls/el/currency.js
M nls/el/hebrew.js
M nls/el/gregorian.js
M nls/en/buddhist.js
M nls/en/number.js
M nls/en/currency.js
M nls/en/gregorian.js
M nls/en/islamic.js
M nls/ar/buddhist.js
M nls/ar/number.js
M nls/ar/currency.js
M nls/ar/hebrew.js
M nls/ar/gregorian.js
M nls/ar/islamic.js
M nls/number.js
M nls/pt-pt/buddhist.js
M nls/pt-pt/number.js
M nls/pt-pt/gregorian.js
M nls/pt-pt/islamic.js
M nls/en-au/gregorian.js
M nls/cs/buddhist.js
M nls/cs/number.js
M nls/cs/currency.js
M nls/cs/gregorian.js
M nls/cs/islamic.js
M nls/currency.js
M nls/es/buddhist.js
M nls/es/number.js
M nls/es/currency.js
M nls/es/gregorian.js
M nls/es/islamic.js
M nls/zh-hant/buddhist.js
M nls/zh-hant/number.js
M nls/zh-hant/currency.js
M nls/zh-hant/hebrew.js
M nls/zh-hant/gregorian.js
M nls/zh-hant/islamic.js
M nls/ko/buddhist.js
M nls/ko/number.js
M nls/ko/currency.js
M nls/ko/gregorian.js
M nls/zh-tw/number.js
M nls/zh-tw/currency.js
M nls/zh-tw/gregorian.js
M nls/it/buddhist.js
M nls/it/number.js
M nls/it/currency.js
M nls/it/gregorian.js
M nls/it/islamic.js
M nls/sk/number.js
M nls/sk/currency.js
M nls/sk/gregorian.js
M nls/sl/number.js
M nls/sl/currency.js
M nls/sl/gregorian.js

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