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    initial v2  
    1 I have noticed that tooltips that load their content from an URL via href
    2 can cause a scrollbar-flicker on first load.
     1Tooltips that load their content from an URL via href cause a flicker on first load. Under certain conditions it will even cause scrollbar flicker (set "html { height:100% }" to see it).
    4 It happens here when the following conditions are met:
     3The problem is visible on
    6 1. The tooltip is hovered the first time (so the load triggers), subsequent displays of the tooltip do not cause the flicker.
     5Try the tooltip on the upper "Alpha"-selectbox.
     6On first load it will flicker *very shortly* in the lower left
     7screen-area before it jumps to its final position. (you will probably have to try multiple times or on a slow computer to see it)
    8 2. The page is a bit more complex than the nightly test (mine has a few floats and tables, but all valid XHTML)
     9Maybe a "display:none" in the right place would already help to resolve this.
    10 3. The scrollbar was not initially visible (the page itself fits on one screen)
     11This bug basically makes "href" on tooltips unusable
     12right now because the flicker becomes more visible on
     13more complex layouts (or slower browsers like firefox/linux)
     14and scrollbar-flicker is a showstopper in any case...
    12 Unfortunately I cannot give out the page that triggers the problem and I'm
    13 not exactly sure how to reproduce it (if I succeed in making a demo-page I'll add it here).
    15 Wild guess:
    17 It seems like the href-lazy-load uses an "offscreen div" which under some
    18 circumstances causes the scrollbar to appear during load.
    19 Maybe a "display:none" in the right place would already help...
     16I tried to make a vid of the bug but my screencast-software
     17("wink") is too buggy and slow to pick it up.