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Feb 29, 2012, 11:30:50 AM (10 years ago)

Updating summary, description, and component, because as Bryan implied, this issue is specific to the Editor.

has("ie") on the main page returns 8, as it should, and has("ie") when working with the editor iframe returns 9, as it should, since the editor's iframe does not have the <meta> tag.

The call, where is the iframe, should be working. But the problem appears to be (and I've seen this before somewhere) that the back-compat setting in the main document seeps into the iframe, so there is no iframe.getSelection() method even though the iframe is in IE9 mode.

Probably the simplest solution (as suggested on the mailing list is to make the iframe have the same <meta> tag as the main document.


  • Ticket #14900

    • Property Component changed from General to Editor
    • Property Summary changed from has('ie') fails for IE9 in IE8 compatible mode to exceptions on newline in EnterKeyHandling plugin when document in IE8 compat mode
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    initial v4  
    11If Internet Explorer 9 is run in IE8 document mode ( e.g. by using meta-tag <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"> )
    3 has('ie') returns 9 but it must return 8 because the browser sticks to IE8 API in IE8 document mode and doesn't know IE9 specific functions / commands.
    53Please see attached dijit.Editor example:
    86- hit enter key
    10 => The call to in dijit._editor.selection fails because has('ie') returns 9 instead of 8
     8=> The call to in dijit._editor.selection fails.
     10has('ie') in the editor code returns 9 instead of 8, since the iframe does not have the meta tag.