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DataGrid with no scroll rows and autoHeight/rowHeight alignment problems, and column resize problems.

Reported by: ejellard Owned by: Evan
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Component: DojoX Grid Version: 1.7.0
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If you set a rowHeight or autoHeight != true, and have some locked columns, the rows do not align on the left (locked rows) and the right (horizontally scrollable).

This can be seen at

All browsers are problematic with the first grid on the page above, and IE is also problematic on the second grid.

There is also a problem resizing the columns in all browsers - resizing one non-locked column will sometimes resize another column, sometimes resize it correctly, and sometimes it doesn't resize anything!

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1.7.1 appears to have fixed some of the problems - it now looks fine in IE if you don't specify both rowHeight and autoHeight, thank you.

However, resizing columns still randomly resizes the wrong column, and if you specify both autoHeight and rowHeight, it still fails.

The URL above is now dojo 1.7.1.

Thanks, Ed

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The test page here demonstrates the resize problem -

It is still random - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't!!

Thanks, Ed

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by ejellard

After a bit more experimentation with the nightly build URL above, it is a bit more repeatable:

  1. When it goes wrong, it resizes the column that's not adjacent, but the next one along (i.e. resizing Col 3 actually resizes Col 5) (possibly as there are two locked columns - not sure...)
  2. It seems to go wrong when the header cell that is highlighted is not the one that is being resized - so resizing Col 3 goes wrong if Col 4 somehow gets highlighted even though you are resizing Col 3, resulting in Col 5 being resized to whatever size you wanted Col 3 to be. After looking in the code, the cellIndex appears to be wrong.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Ed

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by ejellard

I can confirm point 1 above - if you have two locked columns, it sometimes resizes the column 2 along from the one you wanted. If you have three locked columns, it sometimes resizes the one three along from it..

I have disabled column resizing on my site and am now using 1.7.1 happily, but it'd obviously be great to be able to enable resizing. I've tried looking through the dojo source code, but it's a little over my head!!

Cheers, Ed

comment:6 Changed 9 years ago by bill

DojoX Grid and EnhancedGrid are deprecated in favor of dgrid and gridx.

You should upgrade your code to use one of those two grids.

We will consider patches to the old DojoX Grid code though.

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