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Tab container not supporting width and height auto or 100% in browser like chrome, IE, Safari

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Priority: low Milestone: 1.13
Component: Dijit Version: 1.6.1
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I have prepared two tabs with the tab-container in the dialog box and given the height and width of the same 100% . It is working fine with Firefox but not with the chrome, safari and Internet Explorer.I had a discussion for the same in the group also but it they also didn't had an answer so finally reporting as a bug .

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by bill

Component: GeneralDijit
Priority: highestlow
severity: majorminor

I wouldn't expect that to work. When you set the TabContainer height/width to 100%, what did you expect it to do? Make the TabContainer as big as the viewport? It's really only expected to work if you set an absolute size on the TabContainer, and no size on the Dialog.

In any case, please attach a test case to this ticket, and any other tickets you file.

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Nick Fenwick

Hey bill, I worked through this with volga and put together a test that demonstrated some stuff that we couldn't explain.

Key points are:

  • Dialog and TabContainer? not given any size specification (I don't know why volga is going on about 100% in the bug report above)
  • TabContainer? has doLayout=false so it should adopt the size of its contents
  • We want the Dialog to resize when panes are selected in the TabContainer?

Things that seem right / wrong are:

  • Run in firefox, the Dialog opens sized to the first pane, and clicking the second pane resizes the TabContainer? and Dialog to fit. This is the behaviour we want.
  • If you then resize the Firefox browser window, the resize behaviour stops working.. selecting a different tab leaves the TC and Dialog the same size. This is bad. This happens even in Launch For Debug mode, with no iframe wrapper potentially confusing the issue.
  • Run in Chrome, the Dialog opens larger and the TabContainer? fits itself to the Dialog, not the content. Clicking the second pane just selects it, there is no resize behaviour.

We've tried connecting to the -selectChild published event and calling _size() and _position() on the Dialog to no avail.

I'm sure you can cut down a lot of what we say/expect from this point so I'll quit while I'm ahead :)

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by bill

OK thanks for tracing through that and making the test case. I'm not surprised that Dialog doesn't recenter itself upon it's content changing size, but not sure why you are seeing the other more serious problems. I'll take a look.

comment:4 Changed 9 years ago by bill

Milestone: tbdfuture

comment:5 Changed 8 years ago by NJM-Goals

A similar problem - maybe the same: If the TabContainer? (with width 100%, height 100%, doLayout) is located in a ContentPane? on Google Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m, the TabContainer? is not shown. I made an example: The problem is solved since 1.6.2, but I don't know how. 1.6.2 tested locally and from 1.7.1 to 1.9.1 tested in the above sandbox.

comment:6 Changed 6 years ago by dylan

Milestone: future1.12
Resolution: patchwelcome
Status: newclosed

Given that no one has shown interest in creating a patch in the past 4+ years, I'm closing this as patchwelcome.

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