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Dojo build problem with 1.7.0dev (23930)

Reported by: _korso_ Owned by: Rawld Gill
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Component: BuildSystem Version: 1.7.0b1
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I have some problems with dojo 1.7 build system. I use trunk version from At the moment build system is not so crucial, because I'm starting to work on dojo 1.7.0 project and have couple of months to finish it. So I guess in that time final 1.7 version will be released.

First, I am trying to build very basic script, to figure out concepts behind build system ... after that I'll try some complex build.

This is my starting point tutorial

Here is my project a layout:

/dojotest -> web server root
    /test.html -> this file is in attachement
/dojo-1.7.0 -> trunk version

I have confugured in apache VirtualHost directive to point on something like this:

Alias /dojo/ "/Users/pera/workspace/dojo-1.7.0/"

Page is ok, very simple and it works. Here is a cmd for building simple html page.

pera ~/workspace/dojo-1.7.0/util/buildscripts$ ./ action=release htmlFiles=/Users/pera/workspace/dojotest/test.html releaseDir=/Users/pera/workspace/ 

And error/output from previous build cmd is:

running under rhino
js: "<eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval)", line 117: uncaught JavaScript runtime exception: ReferenceError: "processHtmlFiles" is not defined.
        at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):117
        at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):103
        at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):84

That is all. I posted on dojo forums, looking myself to solve this, but nothing ...

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comment:1 Changed 10 years ago by _korso_

I can confirm that alias directive is not a problem. I removed it from config (however I never doubted that it was a problem - but I want to be sure).

I change dirs structure:

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comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

Also seeing this from another user...

I'm running the build from the command line out of the utils/buildscript directory. I'm not using chiron. I'm specifying action=release and htmlFiles=myhtml.html

I made my html file trivial. It basically has

<script type="text/javascript" src="/dojo-release-1.7.0b5/dojo/dojo.js" djConfig="parseOnLoad: true"></script>

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
dojo.requireIf(!dojo.isWebKit, "");

and a simple <ul>.

BTW, I did manage to do a build by creating a profile based on mobile-all and added stuff that was missing. Just couldn't get it to work by pointing to my HTML and having the build system tell me what I needed.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

We're also seeing this in one of our projects, Trying to get more info.

comment:4 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

The error messages are a bit useless.

comment:5 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

Seeing this issue on 1.7b5

comment:6 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

~/RTC3/MAPWorkspace/sample-mysurance/build/dojo/util/buildscripts> ./ profile=mysurance action=clean,release stripConsole=all layerOptimize=shrinksafe optimize=shrinksafe releaseDir=../../../ cssOptimize=comments releaseName=dojo_optimized copyTests=false running under rhino info(107) Package Version: package: dojox; version: 1.7.0dev info(107) Package Version: package: dijit; version: 1.7.0b5 warn(209) Missing or empty package.json. filename: /home/nagy/RTC3/MAPWorkspace/sample-mysurance/build/style/package.json info(107) Package Version: package: dojo; version: 1.7.0b5 discovering resources... starting reading resources... starting processing raw resource content... starting tokenizing resource... starting processing resource tokens... starting parsing resource... js: "<eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval)", line 51: uncaught JavaScript? runtime exception: TypeError?: Cannot call method "map" of null

at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):51 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):105 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):138 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):162 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):257 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):305 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):264 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):264 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):235 (doBuild) at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):270 at <eval'ed string>#1(Function)#1(eval):84

Note: this project has a custom profile that was based on 1.7b1... maybe it's due to missing base modules that have since been added to the mobile or base profiles?

comment:7 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

dev is reporting they seem to be having this error when profile name is > 8 chars. they've tried 2 diff profiles with long names,both failed, then shortened them and appears to work.

comment:8 Changed 10 years ago by Chris Mitchell

more info from the developer... I *think* that my assertion about layer length was wrong (thankfully). I believe that the build doesn't complain if it can't find a profile -- it just tries to build something, but never tells you that it can't find the profile. So I think that it (1) didn't like something in the profile that I was trying to use, which resulted in the explosion and (2) couldn't find the profile the other times, but wasn't saying anything. You can make up a random profile name, do a ' profile=fdsaf' and it will build *something* without complaining 12:56:38 PM: [email protected]… - William A Nagy/Watson?/IBM: so when it looked like it was working, it wasn't actually reading the profile 12:57:13 PM: [email protected]… - William A Nagy/Watson?/IBM: I wanted to try to find a 'verbose' option so that it would tell me exactly what it's doing, but I have been unsuccessful 1:05:01 PM: [email protected]… - William A Nagy/Watson?/IBM: (it looks like the logging is already set to 'trace' level, so I guess I'm just out of luck)

comment:9 Changed 10 years ago by Rawld Gill

Status: newassigned
Version: 1.7.0b1

comment:10 Changed 10 years ago by Rawld Gill

Resolution: fixed
Status: assignedclosed

In [26651]:

fixed several problems with port of htmlFiles build switch from 1.6; fixes #13681; !strict

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