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Error loading optimized local resouces with cdn dojo, if "//" is used in the code.

Reported by: Marko Reiprecht Owned by: Rawld Gill
Priority: high Milestone: 1.7
Component: BuildSystem Version: 1.6.1
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  • create html with dojo from a cdn
  • configure some locale modules like
         dojoConfig.baseUrl = "./";
         dojoConfig.modulePaths = {
                    ct: "js/ct"
  • try to load a local resource with dojo.require like:


The may have following content for reproduction:

if(!dojo._hasResource["ct.testIncludedFile"]){dojo._hasResource["ct.testIncludedFile"]=true;dojo.provide("ct.testIncludedFile");ct.url = "//";}if(!dojo._hasResource["ct.request"]){dojo._hasResource["ct.request"]=true;dojo.provide("ct.test");ct.url2 = "//";}

Please note that the code above is in one line (after optimized build, what leads to the problem).


Resource normally loaded


Resouce is not correctly loaded after some time following exception is created:

uncaught exception: Could not load cross-domain resources: ct.test


The problem is the pattern:

var depContents = contents.replace(/(\/\*([\s\S]*?)\*\/|\/\/(.*)$)/mg , "");

in method dojo._xdCreateResource in xdloader.js

It the second part of the regex finds all double slashes also in strings. And removes all following characters from the file content, bevor searching for "dojo.provide" statements.

So the dojo.provide for "ct.test" is not found and the loading fails.


  • create own xd build of the local files and use the <script> tag loading
  • use local dojo copy
  • use unicode encoding for '/' = '\u002F' in your own files, so that the regex does not match


Change the second part of the regex so:

contents.replace(/(\/\*([\s\S]*?)\*\/|^\s*\/\/(.*)$)/mg , "");

'\s*' is added, which checks that before '' is only white space.

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Yes, you are quite correct that those regexs will cause problems for some code. If you express your modules in AMD, the loader can be put in the async mode which injects modules via script elements, which works xdomain. Otherwise using an encoding as indicated by your workaround bullet point 3 is the only solution as of v1.7 since the v1.7 builder still uses regexs. We are planning on moving to a proper parser for the build system in 1.8 which will eliminate this problem.

Also, owing to Javascripts literal regex syntax, it is impossible to construct a regex that eliminates must parse the code. Even then, the language has an ambiguity...see the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs in Chapter 7 of ECMA-262 (

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