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Aug 8, 2011, 7:20:30 AM (11 years ago)

Setting "left" is tricky because in RTL mode it can backfire. In that case you would need to set "right". Probably we used to set left, and removed it, or changed it to "50%", for that reason. Anyway, I'll take a look.


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    initial v1  
    11In the file popup.js under the path dijit\_base, there are codes as below. The code section shows that the popup menu is hidden with that the top is value -9999px and the visibility is hidden.
    23moveOffScreen: function(/*Widget || DomNode*/ widget){
    34                var wrapper = widget.declaredClass ? widget._popupWrapper :(dojo.hasClass(widget.parentNode,"dijitPopup") && widget.parentNode),
    1011                        });
    1112                }
    1214Actually the "left" value should be assigned when the popup menu is hidden. Because the "visibility: "hidden"" shows that the popup menu occupies the space where they stay even if it is hidden. The "top" value only changes the vertical position, but the horizontal position is affected by the "left" value. Not assigning the "left" value is based on the assumption that the space is big enough to hide the popup menus and not affect other elements to display. But in the fact, the assumption is not always true, and the unneeded scroll bar always occurs because the element occupies the space even if it is hidden.