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Drag and drop of table cell (td) does not show ghost during drag

Reported by: [email protected] Owned by: psowden
Priority: high Milestone: 0.9
Component: DnD Version: 0.3
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My apologies if this issue has been noted before. I did some quick searches and didn't find anything, but it may be I'm not searching on the correct terms.

When I attempt to use a td as an HtmlDragSource?, it works fine in Firefox. However, in IE, there is no ghost during the drag. The drag is happening (I can drop the item), but there's no visual confirmation since there's no ghost. I've worked around the issue in my application by using a span instead. See the code below as an example - p1 (Pebble one) will work as expected in Firefox, but it has no ghost during the drag in IE. I see this issue in both 0.3.0 and 0.3.1.

Thanks, Ed

      <title>IE Missing ghost during td drag and drop</title>
      <script type="text/javascript" src="../3rdparty/js/dojo-0.3.1-ajax/dojo.js"></script>
      <script type="text/javascript">

         function init() {
            new dojo.dnd.HtmlDragSource(document.getElementById("p1"), "*");
            new dojo.dnd.HtmlDragSource(document.getElementById("p2"), "*");

            new dojo.dnd.HtmlDropTarget(document.getElementById("c1"), ["*"]);

         dojo.event.connect(dojo, "loaded", "init");
            <td style="background-color:#ffd0d0" id="p1">Pebble one</td>
            <td style="background-color:#d0d0ff"><span id="p2">Pebble two<span></td>


            <td id="c1">Container</td>

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Fixed in 0.9.

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