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dijit.tests.layout.robot.AccordionContainer_a11y fails on ff4

Reported by: Chris Mitchell Owned by:
Priority: high Milestone: tbd
Component: Dijit Version: 1.6.0
Keywords: ff4 Cc:
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GROUP "dijit.tests.layout.robot.AccordionContainer_a11y" has 1 test to run 1 tests to run in 1 groups ------------------------------------------------------------ GROUP "Accordion A11Y tests" has 1 test to run

_AssertFailure: doh._AssertFailure: assertEqual() failed:

expected WebA11y but got Tab 1 I am tab 1. I was loaded externally. WebA11y(something to get focus) blah with hint: tabbed into second pane



(function (t) {var d = new doh.Deferred;doh.robot.sequence(function () {dojo.byId("beforeMarkupAccordion").focus();}, 500, 500);doh.robot.keyPress(dojo.keys.TAB, 500, {});doh.robot.sequence(d.getTestErrback(function () {doh.t(/A Simple Pane/.test(innerText(, "tabbed to first pane's title");}), 500);doh.robot.keyPress(dojo.keys.DOWN_ARROW, 500, {});doh.robot.sequence(d.getTestErrback(function () {doh.f(/A Simple Pane/.test(innerText(, "moved away from first pane's title");doh.t(/Lazy Load Pane/.test(innerText(, "moved to second pane's title");"lazyLoadPane","markupAccordion").get("selectedChildWidget").id, "second pane is now selected");}), 500);doh.robot.keyPress(dojo.keys.TAB, 500, {});doh.robot.sequence(d.getTestErrback(function () {"WebA11y", innerText(, "tabbed into second pane");}), 500);doh.robot.keyPress(dojo.keys.TAB, 500, {});doh.robot.sequence(d.getTestCallback(function () {"afterMarkupAccordion",, "tabbed out of accordion");}), 500);return d;})

FAILED test: ../../dijit/tests/layout/robot/AccordionContainer_a11y.html::Accordion A11Y tests::basic operation 4000 ms PASSED test: ../../dijit/tests/layout/robot/AccordionContainer_a11y.html 5828 ms

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Dup of #11967.

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