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ColorPallete blows up in IE/Chrome. 1.5 — at Initial Version

Reported by: Neil Lindberg Owned by: anonymous
Priority: high Milestone: tbd
Component: Dijit Version: 1.5
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The ColorPallete?, which worked in FF/IE/Chrome just fine with 1.4 blows up in Chrome/IE.

The issues was resolved by re-setting width on programmatically created ColorPallette?, but then upon choosing a color a new style problem is seen in IE8(win).

Here is the creation function I use with a widget. You can see the size fix commented. The blow-up on color select/click is fixed by the not-so-pretty setting of a margin to 0.01em in IE (dijitPaletteImg).

	createColorPickerGUI: function(){
		this.colorPicker = new dijit.ColorPalette({
			title: "Color Options" }).placeAt(dojo.byId(this.colorPickerHolder.domNode), "last");
		this.connect(this.colorPicker, "onChange", dojo.hitch(this, "newColor"));
		//  style fix for Chrome, doesn't interfere with FF, "width", "206px");
			//  style fix for IE (-4 more px)
			dojo.query(".dijitPaletteImg", this.colorPicker.domNode).forEach(function(node){, "margin", ".01em");
			});, "width", "202px");

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