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Apr 14, 2010, 8:47:00 AM (11 years ago)

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for working on this, the goals you listed above all sound good. Hopefully Doug can review the work but I'll add my 2 cents too.

The 1.5 beta release is imminent so the timing on this is tight, normally I'd say to push it to 1.6 but OTOH Doug did refactoring of Spinner/ComboBox for the 1.5 release so it would be nice to get all the refactoring into a single release.

You said that claro has quirks on IE6, does that mean it's working worse than before?

Specifics about the patch itself:


  • I'll ignore this change, seems unrelated


  • we don't want to use !important in theme files (except for dijit.css)

claro/form/Common.css: claro/form/NumberSpinner.css:

  • looks like you made a lot of simplifications, that's good


  • as you mentioned above, the absolute position of the validation icon allows flexibility in placement, which is nice. But the problem with absolutely positioned validation icon is that it won't work in a11y mode because then the arrow becomes a different width. it's using a character for the icon and the character's size can change based on browser's zoom level (for text-only zoom browsers)
  • dijitValidationContainer will need a float:left in dijit_rtl.css right?

And then some problems I noticed trying it on FF3.6/mac:

  1. in test_validate.html?theme=claro typing something invalid into "Age" field, the validation icon's red background overflows the field's border
  2. in test_validate.html?theme=tundra it doesn't overflow, but the icon isn't centered vertically
  3. test_validate.html?dir=rtl shows the error icon on the right; it should be on the left
  4. test_validate.html?theme=tundra&dir=rtl&a11y=true the validation icon overlaps the input text. Same problem for ComboBox and probably Spinner too.
  5. test_FilteringSelect.html?a11y=true&dir=rtl shows the text getting cutoff by the arrow "icon" (which is really a character because it's high-contrast mode)
  6. test_Spinner.html?theme=claro, when you type error text the validation icon appears (correctly) but the arrow icons disappear (incorrectly). if you do text-only zoom then it looks even stranger.


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    33An additional bonus is that padding can be added to the 'input':
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    810Is _layoutHackIE7() needed on the spinner?