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    11A theme can be supplied to a chart, supplying stroke and fill styles, an array of colors to use for successive data series, and an array of marker shapes to use for successive data series. It is also possible to supply a specific stroke, or fill, for an individual data series. However, if this is done, any attributes of the stroke or fill which are omitted from the per-series stroke or fill revert to the default values, not the values from any supplied theme. For example, a particular series might specify stroke: { width: 3.0 } to request a thicker line, but this currently causes any line color which was supplied from a theme to be abandoned and a default (black) to be used. It would be more logical for attributes which are omitted from a per-series stroke/fill style to revert to the values supplied by the chart theme, thereby allowing per-series style settings to "override" the theme values, rather than having to fully restate the theme values that are not to be changed. This is particularly important for colors, where the theme can supply a set of colors which are applied in turn, and attempting to replicate this in per-series style settings is difficult and error-prone.
     3See test case in #10898