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Jan 29, 2010, 4:44:23 AM (11 years ago)

This seems broken to me too.

renderAsHtml=true is inappropriate here, because that setting is for when the editor (ie: the widget shown when you click the InlineEditBox) handles HTML, which in practice means dijit.Editor. Since this test case is using the default dijit.TextBox editor, it should stick to the default renderAsHtml=false.

Saving in renderAsHtml=false mode is working correctly: the user can enter <foo> into the TextBox and when editing is finished it still shows up on the screen as <foo>.

However, the problem though is to specify an initial value of the InlineEditBox that contains special characters. How does a developer specify the initial value as <Inside Inline Edit Box>? I don't see any way. In any case, markup like this doesn't work in 1.4:

<span dojoType="dijit.InlineEditBox">
       &lt; Inside Inline Edit Box&gt;

That it worked in 1.3 and I think it makes sense.


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    initial v9  
    1 With dojo 1.4 , html embedded fonts like &lt;, &gt; are not been shown on the page instead page is showing directly &lt; etc
     1With dojo 1.4, !InlineEditBox with an initial value containing special characters like < > & is not being displayed correctly.  Instead page is showing &lt; etc.