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Dojox grid adds new item regardless of whether it matches query.

Reported by: alemik Owned by: Nathan Toone
Priority: high Milestone: 1.4
Component: DojoX Grid Version: 1.3.2
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Hi all,

I'm having a problem with dojox grid.

I have a following grid:

var myLayout = [
      name : this.dict[ "use" ],
      width : "auto",
      styles : "text-align: center",
      type : dojox.grid.cells.Bool,
      field: "selected",
      editable : !
    name : this.dict[ "form" ],
    field : "title",
    width : "175px"
    name : this.dict[ "description" ],
    field : "description",
    width : "325px"
    name : this.dict[ "instances" ],
    field : "tempInstanceCount",
    width : "70px"

this.grid = new dojox.grid.DataGrid({
    id : "groupAdminGrid",
store :,
query : { type : "form" },
queryOptions : { deep : true },
structure : myLayout,
style : "width : 650px; height : 300px;"

When I add new item to store, it appears in the grid as well, regardless of the "type" attribute. So for example I might end up with groups or image items in a list where I should have only forms.
                id : myId,
                type : "formreference",
                <some more attributes>
                parent : formgroupItem, 
                attribute : "children"

Would it make sense to validate the query attribute when adding new item in the grid? For example make _onNew function to fetch all the items that match the query and then check for the keys? Eventually I just overrode the _onNew function in dojox.grid.DataGrid? with my own:

  * Validates whether there is any matching key item to be added in query used or if it uses wildcard,
  * if true - add a new item.
    _onNew : function(item, parentInfo)
        for( var key in this.query )
            if( this.query[key] == '*' ||
                this.query[key] == item, key ) )
                var rowCount = this.attr('rowCount');
                this._addingItem = true;
                this._addingItem = false;
                this._addItem(item, rowCount);

I'm not sure though whether each item will have a store and query - they do in application I'm currently work on, so I've omitted the checks of whether those things exist or not.

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This is the correct approach to take - but the data API doesn't have a mechanism to do this in a generic way. You will need to make this change in a store-specific way in your own application.

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