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Kitson Kelly (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#12781 dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect - no focus cursor on checkboxes DojoX Form 1.15 defect major Apr 26, 2011

Focus cursor does not appear over focused checkboxes using the keyboard. You can change their state normally but no cursor is shown when navigating using TAB key.

#16058 dijit/Dialog: CodeGlass example "External Dialog content using HREF attribute" not working properly Website 1.15 defect Sep 23, 2012
  • Run the example. Click on the button "Show me!". IE9 gives an access denied error. No content is loaded. FF15, Safari 5.1.7. load the content correctly however the dialog's size seems to be not correct. The dialog is too big. The iframe therefore displays a vertical and horizontal scrollbar. As soon as you try to scroll with the vertical scrollbar, the bar suddenly disappears because the dialog gets a resize event and now fits properly into the frame.

#9075 BusyButton with type=submit doesn't submit form in IE DojoX Form 1.15 enhancement normal Apr 6, 2009

It's because of disabling button in makeBusy method what preventing from submitting form.

May be it will be helpful to add property which will prevent from disabling button (and user will have to disable it in onsubmit event)?

#14596 Reference guide updates to use AMD loader Documentation 1.15 defect normal Jan 11, 2012


reference guide is still mainly written for old Dojo loader. Are there any plans for updating documentation according to the new AMD loader?

One simple example where is only < 1.7 example: http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/dijit/form/Button#programmatic-example

Or for instance this example has both examples. For 1.7 and < 1.7: http://livedocs.dojotoolkit.org/dojo/parser#loading-the-parser

I have CLA and would be happy to help you change the docs. I just need some info from developers what is the plan with current reference guide and what can be done to improve docs for new users and not to dissapoint old users with new examples.

Kris Zyp (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#16279 dojox.json.schema.validate incorrectly reports NULL as valid when object specified Dojox 1.15 defect Nov 1, 2012

In the following example, a required object property is validated when only NULL is present:

require(['dojo', 'dojox/json/schema'], function(){

    var s = {properties:{foo:
    /* Should these not both fail validation?*/
    console.log(dojox.json.schema.validate({foo:null}, s)); // valid is true
    console.log(dojox.json.schema.validate({foo:{}}, s)); // valid is false


#16284 dojox.json.schema.validate schema type may be constructors Dojox 1.15 enhancement Nov 2, 2012

This is a continuation of the patch submitted for #16279.

This enhances the behavior of dojox.json.schema.validate, it remains compatible with existing tests.

This revision allows the schema.type parameter to be a constructor function. The tested object will pass validation if it is an instance of schema.type.


require(['dojo', 'dojox/json/schema'], function(dojo, djs){

/* Sample schema, note the use of Date in the inner 'type' param */

var s = {properties:{foo:
    properties:{bar:{type:['null', Date]}, } 

/* Sample data */
var tests = [
    {expect: false, test: {foo:null} },
    {expect: false, test: {foo:{bar:'foo'}} },
    {expect: false, test: {foo:{bar:{}}} },
    {expect: true,  test: {foo:{bar:new Date()}} },
    {expect: true,  test: {foo:{bar:null}} }

for(var i in tests){
    var res = djs.validate(tests[i].test, s);
    console.log({expected:tests[i].expect, got:res.valid});
var alt = {properties:{foo:
    properties:{bar:{type:Date, optional:true}, } 

for(var i in tests){
    var res = djs.validate(tests[i].test, alt);
    console.log({expected:tests[i].expect, got:res.valid});

This revision also tests if the schema.type is null or empty string. For these cases, validation fails with an 'invalid schema' feedback.

#17054 Stateful retains callback of removed handle Core 1.15 defect Apr 19, 2013

The watch handle retains the observer callback. If the callback is a hitched callback, the scope will also be retained, ie any Stateful that lives longer than it's observer will keep it's observers in memory even though the observers removed it's watch handles.

I have made to example pages. They both have an observer with a 50M long string to make it easier to spot when the observer can't be released.

Example with dojo Stateful http://www.dentaku.com/demo/dojo183/statefulretain/stateful-dojo.html

Example with custom Stateful http://www.dentaku.com/demo/dojo183/statefulretain/stateful-custom.html

Proposed fix is to null the callback and reset the handle remove function:

handle.unwatch = handle.remove = function(){
	var index = array.indexOf(propertyCallbacks, callback);
	if(index > -1){
		propertyCallbacks.splice(index, 1);
	// FIX:
	// no need to ref callback in closure, let's bind an empty functionn
	// as we already removed it from the callbacks
	callback = null;
	handle.unwatch = handle.remove = function(){};
	handle = null;

#17567 dojo/store/Cache remove() method discards original XHR response of Master Store Data 1.15 defect Nov 14, 2013

I'm using dGrid with Observable Cached JsonRest? store. I would like to have access to original XHR response of Master Store (JsonRest?) when I call store.remove() method - to read HTTP response headers. I would like to pass some additional data from server to browser - like number of total items available after calling store.remove() method.

But it is impossible, see https://github.com/dojo/dojo/blob/master/store/Cache.js at line 49.

remove() is returning result of method cachingStore.remove(id, directives) and masterStore response (original XHR response) is not passed - is lost forever.

Solution? Is it possible to include original XHR response of master store in response (promise) of cached store?

#17702 [regression] dojo.publish fails when args are passed in function arguments array Events 1.15 defect Jan 22, 2014

This regression was introduced in 1.8 when the implementation of dojo.publish was delegated to dojo/topic.

The problem can be seen in the following test case:

   dojo.subscribe("topic", function(arg) {
   (function() {
      dojo.publish("topic", arguments);

The console output is ["hello"] instead of "hello" which is what it would be if a real array were passed to dojo.publish.

The issue stems from the implementation of dojo.publish in dojo/_base/connect.js, where Array.concat() is used to build the argument values passed to topic/publish. The problem is that Array.concat() behaves differently for real arrays vs. function argument arrays. In the case of the former, the array elements are added to the target array. In the case of the latter, the arguments array itself is added to the target array.

One solution to this problem would change the implementation of publish in connect.js from

return hub.publish.apply(hub, [topic].concat(args));


return hub.publish.apply(hub, [topic].concat(Array.prototype.slice.call(args, 0)));

#17784 Duplicated data with auto-generated IDs Data 1.15 defect Mar 11, 2014


A problem occurs when I try to commit data with auto-generated IDs into the store. The first data is duplicated after the 2nd commit etc.

         Memory) {
return {
	beforeActivate: function() {
		var model = new EditStoreRefListController({ store: new Memory({ data: { items: [{ foo: 'value1a', bar: 'value1b' }] } }) });
		model.queryStore(function() { return true; });
		console.log(model.model.length);	// 1: ok
		console.log(model.store.data.length);	// 1: ok

		model.model.push(new Stateful({ foo: 'value2a', bar: 'value2b' }));
		console.log(model.model.length);	// 2: ok
		console.log(model.store.data.length);	// 1: ok

		console.log(model.model.length);	// 2: ok
		console.log(model.store.data.length);	// 3: KO

In this example, the object { foo: 'value1a', bar: 'value1b' } is duplicated because the auto-generated ID hasn't be pushed into the model by dojo (it appears only in the store).

According to me, there are 2 options:

  • Make compulsory to have an "ID" property defined in order to call "commit" (exception otherwise)
  • Push the generated ID back into the model after generation into the store

The current behavior isn't logic: Dojo seems to have an "auto ID generation" feature but it doesn't work well.

#18255 Setting custom keyPath on indexedDB broken DojoX Data 1.15 defect Sep 6, 2014

Hi, I would like to set the keyPath in dojox/store/db/indexedDB.js to something other than "id".

It appears to be able to be set using the storeConfig eg line 150

var idProperty = storeConfig.idProperty || 'id';
var idbStore = db.createObjectStore(storeName, {
  keyPath: idProperty,
  autoIncrement: storeConfig[idProperty] && storeConfig[idProperty].autoIncrement || false

However to do so would need to a dbConfig constructed as follows

var dbConfig = {
name: "App-DB",
version: 1, 
stores: {
  mydb: {
    idProperty: "_id",
    aField: {}

which breaks the subsequent index creation as it is not expecting the idProperty string in the mydb object only field objects.

Seems either the place the idProperty is passed is wrong or the loop over index fields needs to be smarter to omit the idProperty parameter.

#16515 dojo/Stateful breaks postscript() inheritance Core 1.15 defect Dec 28, 2012

Because each dojo module can only have one postscript() method dojo/Stateful breaks the postscript inheritance chain by not calling this.inherited(arguments).

The dojo/Stateful postscript method should read like:

    postscript: function(/*Object?*/ params){
      // Automatic setting of params during construction
      if (params){ this.set(params); }

#9511 ctrl-punctuation normalization broken Events 1.15 defect normal Jul 7, 2009

See enterKeyHandling.html for test case.

CTRL-equals on FF3.5 will produce evt(charOrCode="=", ctrlKey=true), as expected, but on IE6 it will produce an unexpected evt(charOrCode="+", ctrlKey=true),

CTRL-minus on FF3.5 will produce an unexpected evt(charOrCode=",").

Safari 4 is stranger, it produces two onkeypress events. For CTRL-equals it will produce an event with charOrCode="+" and another with charOrCode="=".

I'm not sure we need to support ctrl-punctuation, but there is code in events.js to support it:

// For IE and Safari: some ctrl-key combinations (mostly w/punctuation) do not emit a char code in IE
// we map those virtual key codes to ascii here
// not valid for all (non-US) keyboards, so maybe we shouldn't bother
_punctMap: { 

So, we should either get rid of the bugs, or get rid of the code.

#16280 dojox/socket clean up API names IO 1.15 task Nov 1, 2012

dojox/socket is a constructor, so it's confusing to write:

require(['dojox/socket'], function(Socket){
var socket = new Socket();

Likewise, there is a dojox/socket::LongPoll?. In spite of the capital, it is a function not a constructor.

#6765 JSON Procedure Call: error handling RPC 1.15 enhancement normal May 15, 2008

Error object contains only HTTP error. Example:

       var myObject = new dojo.rpc.JsonService("/definition.smd");
       var myDeferred = myObject.add(121,5});

Exception thrown deliberately in PHP file (token is not defined).

if (
!== Request::get()->getRpcParams('token')
) :
throw new Exception('RPC Server: Invalid token', 3006);


  message : Unable to load /rpcServer.php status:400
  fileName : https://www.somewebsite.org/js/dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js
  lineNumber : 475
  stack : Error("Unable to load /rpcServer.php status:400")@:0
([object Error])@https://www.somewebsite.org/js/dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js:475
([object Error])@https://www.somewebsite.org/js/dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js:678
([object Error])@https://www.somewebsite.org/js/dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js:710
([object Object])@https://www.somewebsite.org/js/dojo/_base/_loader/bootstrap.js:975

  name : Error

Expected: Have access to exception data including optional field data as specified in JSON-RPC over HTTP.

 responseText : {"result":null,"error":{"code":-32600,"message":"Invailid request.","data":"RPC Server: Invalid token"},"id":null}

Resolution: In RpcService?.js on line 83 entire object data should be passed and not only property message congaing only HTTP message. Current code:

deferredRequestHandler.errback(new Error(data.message));

Suggested change:

deferredRequestHandler.errback(new Error(data));

In this manner developer would have chance to fine tune error handling.

#10066 dojo.query("tag > :not(tag)") returns empty results Query 1.15 defect normal Oct 9, 2009

On dojo/tests/_base/query.html, from firebug:

dojo.query("div > :not(p)", dojo.byId("t4"))

This should find the nested div but it doesn't.

It returns an empty list. Similarly for "div > :not(div)" should find the <p> inside the <div> but it doesn't.

mikeb (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#15749 JAWS announces "blank" when reaching the end of a dijit.layout.TabContainer Accessibility 1.15 defect Jul 24, 2012

JAWS13 is announcing "blank" at the end of a TabContainer?. An easy way to reproduce is to use the first example from:


Have JAWS read text using the "say next line" command (usually the down arrow) until you reach the last tab in the container. The next invocation of "say next line" reads the phrase "blank".

nic (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#7079 [patch] [cla] gfx demo, mandelbrot set DojoX GFX 1.15 enhancement normal Jun 28, 2008

another cpu expensive gfx demo :)
Nicola Rizzo (nicola.rizzo at gmail.com)

Adam Peller (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#16476 reference-guide/1.8/dojo/i18n.html - the example doesn't work Documentation 1.15 defect Dec 15, 2012

The request module "dojo/i18n!../../_static/dijit/nls/common.js" is not available on the server.

Patrick Ruzand (14 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#15221 Create a high-quality cross-device theme DojoX Mobile 1.15 enhancement Apr 20, 2012

Currently, all the Dojo mobile themes, except for the sample Custom theme try to match the device UX and LaF. We need a high quality default theme that works consistently across all devices to give clients that do their own branded LaF a good starting point for building their own branded mobile themes.

#15910 dojox/mobile/common should be required by dojox/mobile/Opener and dojox/mobile/SearchBox DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Aug 30, 2012

A number of dojox.mobile modules behave correctly only if dojox/mobile/common has been previously loaded. In most cases, "common" is guaranteed to be loaded before the module which needs it. But there are a few exceptions, where the module does not require "common" directly nor indirectly. Thus, in such cases these modules misbehave due to dojox/mobile/common not being loaded, or being loaded too late. These situations tend to become more frequent with the new auto-require mechanism starting with Dojo 1.8, but it would be the same if the modules used in markup would be required explicitly in the same order as their declarative usage in markup.

The two dojox/mobile modules which need dojox/mobile/common while not ensuring it is loaded (do not require "common" directly nor indirectly):

a) dojox/mobile/Opener uses the CSS class "dj_phone" which is conditionally added to doc.documentElement by dojox/mobile/common.

b) dojox/mobile/SearchBox uses the CSS class "dj_chrome" (via SearchBox?.css), which is conditionally added to doc.documentElement by dojox/mobile/common.

How to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached test_Missing_Common.html for instance in Chrome 21 on desktop (ensure the smallest window dimmension is larger than 500 px, since this case should trigger the addition of dj_tablet).
  2. The test displays a text saying whether the CSS classes dj_phone, dj_table, and dj_chrome are present. It displays the values as detected on dojo/ready, and the values after explicitly requiring dojox/mobile/common. You can see the two are different, the values being correct only after requiring dojox/mobile/common.


  • dojox/mobile/common is most often loaded before other dojox/mobile modules, because most apps require the dojox/mobile module (which requires it indirectly) and/or modules such as dojox/mobile/View and dojox/mobile/_base (which require dojox/mobile/common). This is why this bug hurts only rarely.
  • dojox/mobile/common also provides the "hide address bar" feature, which obviously can't work without this module being required directly or indirectly. Now, since this feature is activated via a data-dojo-config option, we cannot ensure the module is required simply by adding a dependency to some existing module. Here, the best we can do is to improve the documentation (but currently there isn't much documentation about it).
  • SearchBox is new in Dojo 1.8, so backporting the fix into 1.7.x is pointless. But Opener is already present in 1.7.x, so backporting the fix for it may be welcome.

#16075 [patch][cla] FixedSplitter's layout calculation is wrong when it has margins DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Sep 27, 2012

FixedSplitter cannot be centered using margin:0 auto; due to this problem.

(Reported by Ramratan)

#16195 High-level transition API is missing DojoX Mobile 1.14 enhancement Oct 18, 2012

ViewController manages visibility of nested views (and do some other tasks) when performing a view transition. This can be used from _ItemBase based classes. However, an API to utilize this feature programmatically is missing.

Related discussion: http://old.nabble.com/Mobile---performtransition-to-a-group-view-problem-td34239825.html

#16251 mobile/_StoreMixin should support "includeAllUpdates" DojoX Mobile 1.15 enhancement Oct 29, 2012

The 'observe' method of Store has the includeAllUpdates parameter that allows to monitor not only modification of the dataset but also modification of its items. By default this parameter is false.

_StoreMixin does not use includeAllUpdates when calling 'observe', items modification can't be monitored.

To let users choose what kind of update to monitor, a parameter ' includeAllUpdates' could be added to the _StoreMixin class.

#16332 dojox/mobile/ToolBarButton does not work as a real form button DojoX Mobile 1.15 defect Nov 13, 2012

When instantiating ToolBarButton with a <button> tag it is changed to a <span> so it is impossible to use as a button within a form. Either this needs to be fixed to work as a regular button, or the documentation needs to be updated to provide guidance.

#16518 [patch][cla] SpinWheel: Color gradient should be applied to a foreground element (.mblSpinWheelSlotTouch) and not to background element (.mblSpinWheel) DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Dec 29, 2012


Currently the color gradient is applied to the background element, which has the following effect:

Text colors other than black break the look and feel of the spin wheel.

This could be fixed by applying the gradient to a foreground element, i.e. the top most element, i.e. the touch scroll container (see attached patch). Result is:


I have just changed with GIMP the gradient of themes/common/compat/spinwheel-bg.png from "gray to white" to "gray to transparent".

I did not know how to achieve the same effect with CSS3. Apparently you have to switch to rgba syntax. Attached you can find some auto-generated CSS taken from http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/. There you can upload a PNG and get the CSS generated. However the result is much too big (compared to the original CSS3 version with the gradient "gray to white").

#16648 dojox.mobile Store based list should expose an itemClick event DojoX Mobile 1.14 enhancement Jan 31, 2013

When using a dojox.mobile list like EdgeToEdgeStoreList it's not very easy to listen to a click on a generated list item.

You have to do some workarounds like setting an onClick property on a data object or use a subclass of ListItem.

If the list is exposing an "itemClick" event it would more natural. It could be added to RoundRectList or maybe into _StoreListMixin if it's only useful to store lists.

In ListItem, see (very simple) patch proposal.

#16669 Declarative view with selected=true not hidden when requesting to display a programmatic view using an hashtag DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Feb 4, 2013

I've attached an example to explain the problem: it contains a declarative view (id=decl) and a programmatic view (id=prog). The declarative view has the attribute selected to true.

If displaying the stacking.html page (http://server:port/path/stacking.html), everything works as expected.

If displaying the programmatic view using URL http://server:port/path/stacking.html#prog, BOTH view are displayed (and a vertical scrollbar appears on the right side).

#16875 Threshold property in dojox/mobile/_ItemBase DojoX Mobile 1.14 enhancement Mar 18, 2013

During touch/mouse interactions on mobile items (list items, toolbar buttons), if the finger is moved than 4 pixels the item will not be activated. This fixed threshold is sometimes too small and should be customizable, through a new "threshold" property.

#16916 OpenLayers widget creation broken in Dojo 1.8 Dojox 1.15 defect Mar 27, 2013

In Dojo 1.8 creating an openLayers map in a programmatic way as a child of another widget (i.e. a border container) is not working any more.

The code below work in Dojo 1.7 but breaks as soon as you upgrade to 1.8.

this.tracking.map = new Map({ 	 
    baseLayerType : dojox.geo.openlayers.BaseLayerType.OSM, 	 
    style : "width : 100%, height: 100%", 	 
    region : "center" 	 

The only way we managed to make it work is to create an empty div tag in the page and place the map inside that div which defeats the purpose of creating widgets programmatic.

What we are doing now is add a div to the border container and then create the map like this:

  • in the jsp we added:
<div data-dojo-id="mapContentPane"
     data-dojo-props="splitter:true, region: 'center'">
     <div id="map" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;"></div>
  • and then in javascript:
this.tracking.map = new Map({}, "map");

This appears to have been broken when ticket #15525 was fixed. If we reverse the change in that ticket everything starts working in 1.8 as well.

#16965 [patch][cla] Displacement with TabBar on Android DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Apr 3, 2013

It is thought that the dojox.mobile.TabBar? seems a bit longer than 100% of the screen, made the screen displacement sometimes when users move left or right on the screen ... (see attached screenshot).

It has been reported with Android 2.3.7 and 4.1 on both the stock browser and chrome for Android, and can also be reproduced using the Android 4.1.2 emulator using the stock browser.

Note that with dojo 1.9, a workaround is to set fill to "never" on the TabBar?.

#18161 dojox/mobile doh tests failures on IE10 DojoX Mobile 1.15 defect Jul 9, 2014

15 doh tests are failing: Heading, Button, TabBar?: The failures are due to "~1px" differences of sizes.

Note to self: testing the exact (or even with a delta) size of our widgets for each browser is a wrong approach since each new browser version may slightly change the position/sizing. Instead, the tests should ensure it has a size and position, but nothing more.

#16795 [patch] dojox/mobile/parser DojoX Mobile 1.15 enhancement Mar 5, 2013


mixin = mixin || {};

options = options || {};

if avoiding useless assignment (4 extra bytes sorry):

mixin || (mixin = {});
options || (options = {});

Also IMHO:

lang.mixin(params, _eval.call(options.propsThis, '({'+(n.getAttribute("data-dojo-props")||"")+'})'));
lang.mixin(params, options.defaults);
lang.mixin(params, mixin); 

Could be rewritten to mixni with multiple sources:


saving 2 extra calls and making code shorter

Rawld Gill (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Severity Created
#17177 Build system fails silently for hidden trailing comma error. BuildSystem 1.14 defect May 21, 2013

Dojo 1.9 release, closure compiler. When building an application, the target .js file is not created minified when there is this error, found only when you redirect the build's error output to a file thusly:

...\build --profile some.profile.js 1>std.txt 2>err.txt

app.js.uncompressed.js:13194: ERROR - Parse error. IE8 (and below) will parse trailing commas in array and object literals incorrectly. If you are targeting newer versions of JS, set the appropriate language_in option.

label: "Clear"

app.js.uncompressed.js:13199: ERROR - Parse error. IE8 (and below) will parse trailing commas in array and object literals incorrectly. If you are targeting newer versions of JS, set the appropriate language_in option.


2 error(s), 0 warning(s)

The two trailing comma "errors" are not reported as errors in the build report file, nor in the command window error/warnings summary.

All the other files are built, but the target file (app.js) has just two lines (the two leading forward slashes for each line are not displayed below):

>>built @ sourceMappingURL=app.js.map

The uncompressed version that is created is correct and has the proper content.

The build-report.txt file showed this summary:

Process finished normally

errors: 0 warnings: 53 build time: 151.695 seconds

When removing the two trailing commas in 1) a new Button({...}) property list and 2) a domStyle(...) array, the correct target file (app.js) was "built" with proper content.

Although this was marked an error, it bubbled up as nothing or possibly a warning, yet the target file was not created properly.

It's good to catch these type errors early on, so it seems they should remain errors (although maybe tolerated by most browsers), but should bubble up in the build-report.txt file as an error, identifying the error(s) in the build-report.txt file with the same level of detail. [Side note: seems like other syntax errors that are in the report file do not provide enough info to resolve the problem, so resorting to the 1>std.txt 2>err.txt is the only way to investigate and resolve the problem. Is that the intent? If so, perhaps it should be documented?]

#14210 Remove unused build scripts BuildSystem 1.15 defect normal Nov 3, 2011

After the build restructuring, there are some files that are not used anymore.

Specifically I noticed that build.js is not used and can be removed. Suspects are any other files that refer to buildUtil.js. Since this file was removed, any files referring to it could potentially be removed.

find dojo-release-1.7.0-src/util -name "*.js" | xargs -n1 grep -l "buildUtil.js"

#15260 dojo/i18n module does not allow excluding bundles... BuildSystem 1.15 enhancement Apr 25, 2012

Example: we do not support but a subset of the locales supported by CLDR (~20) and currently our app uses an alternate means of NLS for *our* modules. We do not need the full CLDR directory yet if its removed and a module reports that it supports some locale thats been deleted... i18n module will die at the require() for that missing module

I cant help but think there is some missing magic bullet for this that just isnt well documented but... we havent found it.

We currently have patched i18n.js (see attached patch) so that the bundle generator will ONLY return bundles that not only have NLS bundles for that locale BUT are in our locales array used at build time...

We also still cannot find a way to get i18n.js to load from our layer (its required to be left on our server despite being in our built files)

By "delete from source root" you mean modify the NLS file's definition of locales supported?

Ultimately what we are trying to do (and this is how it worked in 1.6) is if a module supports "wx-yz" and we do not... we want "wx-yz" to fall back to "root" - How we achieved this in 1.6 was we deleted the CLDR folder because that 1+Mb of NLS entries for many locales that we never supported were not needed. The flattened builds took care of anything we did support.

However, (and you may have fixed this with one of your latest check-ins) it 1.7.x this behavior would kill the loading process and hang on the 404's for the CLDR nls files. And the reason this happened would be because a generic locale was hit that a CLDR module supported "zh" or "en" but our flattened bundles were "zh-cn" or "us-en" so the loader would try to pull in an "en" only flattened bundle.

If that still sounds like what the Transform would be a good fit for... I am certainly interested in hearing more :)

#15350 Dojo build and simplified CommonJS wrapping BuildSystem 2.0 enhancement May 11, 2012

Refering to the discussion on the interest mailing list http://dojo-toolkit.33424.n3.nabble.com/Dojo-build-and-simplified-CommonJS-wrapping-td3972049.html:

Using "simplified CommonJS wrapping" for loading modules seems to not work properly when doing a build.

Could this be supported in future? In my eyes, this way of requiring modules is much more readable and elegant.

#16811 use build-process to inline images in supported browsers BuildSystem 2.0 enhancement Mar 7, 2013

the build-process could inline referenced background-images in the CSS-files using data/urls to avoid client-server-requests...


background-image: url("");

AFAIK it should be supported in all major browsers.

IE7 has a size limit. IE6 doesn't support it - this would require a browser switch.

#18650 Packaged version of Rhino broken when compiling indexeddbshim ShrinkSafe 1.14 defect Jul 22, 2015

When trying to build with the indexeddbshim package https://github.com/axemclion/IndexedDBShim the dojo build fails with the message:

OPTIMIZER FAILED: InternalError?: missing name after . operator

This is caused by the use of the delete as an object key. This doesn't occur with the latest version of Rhino.

Sebastien Brunot (2 matches)

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#16700 [patch][cla] Fixed bars support for all types of views DojoX Mobile 1.15 enhancement Feb 12, 2013

Currently, only ScrollableView support fixed bars positioned using a property "fixed" set to either "top" or "bottom". The included patch extends this support to all types of views (ScrollableView, View and SwapView), and provides a set of automated and manual tests to verify this support in different conditions (app / view bars, mix of those...).

To avoid regression in existing applications, this support is not enabled by default. To enable it, the dojo configuration property mblFixedBarsSupportForViews must be set to true. When the support is enabled and that at least one footer is defined (application and or view bottom fixed bar), the height of the views are automatically calculated and set in pixels each time the view is resized. To avoid this and manually set the view height using CSS, the view attribute resizeHeightEnabled can be set to the boolean value false.

This patch is provided with the IBM CCLA.

#18084 [patch][cla] _maskUtils does not properly create SVG mask when specifying left and right borders for the mask DojoX Mobile 1.15 defect Jun 11, 2014

Reproduced with Firefox 24.5.0 ESR on Mac OS X 10.9.

When displaying the included test page test_maskUtils.html on a non webkit browser that supports SVG, the mask is not correct.

See the attached screenshots: safari.tiff shows how the mask is correctly displayed in Safari, firefox.tiff shows how the mask is wrongly displayed in firefox.

The issue can be fixed by updating _maskUtils.js createRoundMask function as following:

// Fix for this ticket
if (l > 0) {
    d += " M0,0 h" + l + " v" + th + " h" + (-l) + " z";
if (r > 0) {
    d += " M" + (l + w) + ",0 h" + (r) + " v" + th + " h" + (-r) + " z";
// End of fix for this ticket
if (t > 0) {
    d += " M0,0 h" + tw + " v" + t + " h" + (-tw) + " z";
if (b > 0) {
    d += " M0," + (t + h) + " h" + tw + " v" + b + " h" + (-tw) + " z";

Sebastien Pereira (2 matches)

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#18271 ValuePickerDatePicker truncates the month name in finnish DojoX Mobile 1.15 defect Sep 17, 2014

In Change Time and Date dialog, several Finnish months are truncated in the date selector .

#18509 LongListMixin.resize throw exception after loading more pages DojoX Mobile 1.14 defect Feb 20, 2015

I have a test case for this issue as below.


  1. load the attached test_RoundRectStoreLongList.html.
  2. click "page1Items" jump to LongList? view
  3. click "loadPage2onlyForPage1" button to load more items
  4. scroll down to the list bottom
  5. click "back" button to home
  6. click "noneItem" jump to the LongList? View again


  1. As the snapshot, an while block for the list, I suppose there should be a thin line for empty item.
  2. As the snapshot, and error message "Uncaught TypeError?: Cannot read property 'domNode' of undefined" is at LongListMixin?.js line 133.

Env: I tested on 1.10.3, but seems no change for 1.10.4. The browser is Chrom 40.0.2214.111 (64-bit) on Mac.

I will upload the test case file and error snapshot soon.

Since this is a blocker issue, hope it will being fixed soon. :-(

David Leonardi (1 match)

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#11950 [patch] [cla] dojox.widget.ColorPicker Alpha Channel support DojoX Widgets 1.15 enhancement normal Nov 16, 2010

Attached is a diff from trunk [as it was a week ago]. It adds alpha channel support for the dojox colorpicker including new slider, ouput/input value as RGBA and full browser support [including, but not tested, ie6. ie7+ is tested].

Run the colorpicker test as usual, the one supporting this new feauture is the first one on the top.

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