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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#15069 EnhancedGrid filter plugin display issues with HTML5 doctype Evan defect closed undecided tbd
#15190 Acme query engine doesn't work correctly with HTML5 tags in IE < 9 Kris Zyp defect closed undecided 1.8
#15728 ValidationTextBox: HTML5 pattern attribute causes double tooltip in Firefox Douglas Hays defect closed undecided 1.8.1
#17056 [dojox/app] HTML5 pushState/ popState oddities Ed Chatelain defect closed undecided 1.9.1
#18192 dojo/dom-construct::toDom does not handle HTML5 tags in Internet Explorer defect closed undecided tbd
#11465 Wrap HTML5 classList API Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 1.7
#11490 Support HTML5's custom data-* prefix for non-standardized attributes dante enhancement closed high 1.6
#11506 add an html5 dataset setter/getter Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 2.0
#11511 support html5 data-dojo-config param for djConfig dante defect closed high 1.6
#11581 HTML5 Features for Multi-file upload Mike Wilcox enhancement closed high 1.6
#11741 convert dijit testcases to HTML5 style Douglas Hays task closed high 1.6
#11791 dojox.html.format.prettyPrint removes html5 custom-data attributes Jared Jurkiewicz defect closed high 1.6
#11808 [patch] Fix dojo._toDom() to support HTML5 tags IE6-8 Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 1.10
#11829 Declaration: support HTML5 friendly syntax bill enhancement closed high 1.6
#11957 dojox.grid._Grid: hidden attribute cannot be set to true on columns when instantiated via HTML in HTML5 Bryan Forbes defect closed high tbd
#12411 [patch] dojox.form.uploader.plugins.HTML5 : form field name is hard-coded to "uploadedfiles" Kenneth G. Franqueiro defect closed high 1.6.1
#12423 dojo.parser.instantiate does not read the new HTML5 custom data attributes bill defect closed high 1.7
#12476 make html5 fastpath option parse standard attributes directly on DOMNode, outside of data-dojo-props bill enhancement closed high 1.7
#12680 Uploader HTML5 plugin fails due to IFrame plugin Mike Wilcox defect closed high 1.7
#12820 can't parse HTML5 data-dojo-props on sub-nodes Adam Peller defect closed high 1.11
#13111 Dojo HTML5 Data-Attribute Support description typos itorrey defect closed high 1.7
#13169 should use new HTML5 async attribute to be consistently async across browsers Kris Zyp defect closed high 1.7
#13237 dijit.form.Form ignores novalidate HTML5 attribute bill defect closed high 1.7
#13568 When using the Editor with FindReplace plugin in a form tag with the HTML5 doctype, form values from the dialogs raise HTML5 form validation errors when trying to submit Jared Jurkiewicz defect closed high 1.7
#13663 dojo.selector.acme loading is not compatible with HTML5 offline cache on iOS Rawld Gill defect closed high 1.7
#13731 dojo.dnd needs html5 attributes Eugene Lazutkin enhancement closed high 1.13
#13958 Add HTML5 history support to dojo.hash dylan enhancement assigned high 1.15
#14475 Create missing HTML5 input widgets ykami defect closed high 1.8
#16188 HTML5 (data-*) compliance of all attributes Adrian Vasiliu enhancement closed high 1.9
#13449 dojox.form.Manager - observer is not valid HTML5 attribute dylan defect closed low 1.9
#15008 HTML5 validation fails after instatiation of widgets defect closed low 2.0
#15368 dojox.form.uploader.plugins.HTML5: formfieldname is always uploadedFiles[] Irfan Ahmed defect closed low 1.9
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