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#18936 dijit/popup scrollbar IE defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#17528 disabled dojox/form/CheckedMultiSelect still can be checked on items. enhancement undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#18001 dnd/Mover fails to position auto-wrapped inline elements on first move defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#18905 dojo build (buildscripts/ --bin java fails when certain regex in js source files defect high 1.14 BuildSystem
#19006 dojo build - bower - tinymce - exclude defect undecided tbd BuildSystem
#19095 dojo-loader doesn't fire "error" event for syntax-errors in modules mikeb defect major Accessibility
#13992 dojo.aspect.around with context option Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.15 Events
#18460 dojo.config.extraLocale gets mutated in dojo >= 1.7.0 defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#17480 dojo.css contains bidi-unfriendly rules defect undecided 1.15 Internationalization
#16757 : _getWeekOfYear - iso8601 - week number Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15 Date
#17710 dojo.dnd.Moveable stops event bubbling in IE10 Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#17397 dojo.queryToObject parser error defect undecided 1.15 Core
#17771 dojo/Stateful retains callback after removal on Chrome defect undecided 1.14 Core
#18349 dojo/date/locale :: format trips over gregorian Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15 Date
#17322 dojo/date/locale spec version doesn't match shipped LDML files defect high 1.15 Date
#17932 dojo/dnd/Source receive wrong 'onDraggingOut()' 'onDraggingOver()' function calls defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#18763 dojo/dom-geometry.position(node, true) wrong on zoomed android device defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#18444 dojo/dom-style::get() doesn't return thicknesses as number Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#17440 dojo/has!condition sometimes executes before dojoConfig processed defect undecided 1.15 Core
#16406 dojo/on fails on delegated objects Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.15 Events
#17588 dojo/on sometimes interferes with other sites' scripts when using embedded dojo defect undecided 1.15 Events
#18516 dojo/query!lite: query(#foo) returns <input name=foo> on IE8/quirks mode Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Query
#17807 dojo/request node provider does not retrieve username/password from `auth` part of url defect blocker 1.14 IO
#18639 dojo/request/iframe Submits Invalid Data Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.14 IO
#18249 dojo/request/iframe doesn't submit all post data Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 IO
#15863 dojo/request/iframe not working as expected with response header: 'Content-Disposition: attachment' Bryan Forbes defect low 1.15 IO
#18424 dojo/request/node doesn't support proxies Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.14 IO
#16773 dojo/request/node request: timer not handled on cancel() Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 IO
#16322 dojo/store/JsonRest add function does PUT with null in url Kris Zyp enhancement undecided 1.15 Data
#18584 dojo/text: doesn't support r.js (requirejs builder) defect undecided 1.14 Core
#19096 dojo/touch press and release events are not working on chrome browser & windows server 2012, 2016, windows 10 dylan defect major Events
#18786 dojox DataGrid - click cell causes jump - IE Evan defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Grid
#17991 dojox.calendar store management is not working anymore defect undecided 1.15 Dojox
#19029 dojox.charting.widget.Chart fails to load series in declarative examples (including tests) defect undecided tbd Charting
#19011"months", "abbr") returns error defect undecided tbd General
#17263 dojox.form.Rating disabled and readonly have no effect defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#18913 dojox.form.Uploader sends formData properties which have no value defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Form
#9954 dojox.layout.ContentPane parseOnLoad with cross domain Sam Foster defect high 1.15 DojoX Layout
#18933 dojox.layout.TableContainer creates inpropriate label for invalid non-form controls defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Layout
#18212 incorrect ARIA implementation Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Mobile
#18876 dojox.mvc.Repeat doesn't handle relative widget class names. Ed Chatelain defect undecided 1.14 DojoX MVC
#12879 dojox.rpc modules need proper wrapping for 1.6 builds Kris Zyp defect high 1.15 Dojox
#11519 dojox.uuid.generateTimeBasedUuid() issue on Mac OS Adam Peller defect high 1.15 Dojox
#18781 dojox.validate.isUrl doesn't validate IDN URLs correctly dylan defect undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18487 expression too permissive Adam Peller defect undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18676 dojox.validation.url is not correct when with fragments Adam Peller defect undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18760 dojox.xml.DomParser.parse handle parsing errors Adam Peller enhancement undecided 1.14 Dojox
#18785 dojox/charting/action2d/MouseIndicator stops tracking changes with mouseOver: true when mouse leaves chart defect low 1.14 Charting
#16887 dojox/date/timezone broken for DST Adam Peller defect high 1.15 Date
#18935 dojox/date/timezone consider DST in format dylan defect undecided 1.14 Dojox
#17457 dojox/form/BusyButton - _onClick bug defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#16606 dojox/form/CheckedMultiSelect does not allow for programatically clearing value dante defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#19023 dojox/form/PasswordValidator - PasswordValidator wont keep child node's dom classes defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Form
#18744 dojox/gfx canvasWithEvents broken on MS Edge Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.14 DojoX GFX
#17324 dojox/layout/ContentPane doesn't clear ._contentSetter._code defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Layout
#17812 dojox/math median defect undecided 1.14 Dojox
#19041 dojox/mobile/ComboBox doesn't work on ios defect undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#18916 dojox/mobile/ScrollableView doesn't work on Edge on Windows 10 Mobile defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#16957 dom-construct::empty also empties child nodes Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 2.0 HTML
#18442 dom-prop doesn't call dojo/_base/connect::disconnect() when property that is assigned to function is replaced Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#18593 iOS Selection on short forms causes cursor to jump to end of line Patrick Ruzand defect low 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#8303 implement onOverEvent/onOutEvent using mouse.enter, mouse.leave Eugene Lazutkin task high 1.15 DnD
#15385 listInputItem need some relative position in ListInput.css dante enhancement undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#17140 make dojo/documentReady! module feature undecided 1.15 Core
#19045 missing documentation for dojox/date/persian defect undecided tbd Documentation
#18099 observable caching store Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.15 Data
#17494 on.emit raises TypeError in button option supplied dylan defect undecided 1.15 Events
#18457 on.selector throws an error for event handlers registered on document Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Events
#16431 onEnd() fires before animation finished Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 fx
#19093 onHeaderCellDblClick(e) is not working in enhancedgrid with version 1.10 Evan defect major DojoX Grid
#17802 popup fails to close when dragging Moveable Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#18775 preventDefault() does not update the defaultPrevented property on touch devices dylan defect undecided 1.14 Events
#18723 robot tests won't run on Edge or Chrome >= 45 bill defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#17427 router.startup with default route doesn't set hash on Android defect undecided 1.15 Core
#13964 scrollbar activates DnD Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.15 DnD
#18947 select all method on dojox.form.CheckedMultiSelect enhancement low 1.14 DojoX Form
#18388 shift detection on Button click event is broken in 1.10.2 defect undecided 1.15 Dijit - Form
#18734 sometimes can't end list by hitting return twice defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18549 stopParser not working in templated widgets bill defect undecided 1.14 Parser
#18324 timezone.js lazyloading timezones files - backward zone file issue defect undecided 1.15 Dojox
#18887 toggle function for dom-attr enhancement undecided 1.14 Core
#19017 uglifyjs build is not stable defect undecided tbd BuildSystem
#18318 update total-attribute for observable query results feature undecided 1.15 Data
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