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#19034 Weird behaviour when for pie charts and highlighting. dylan defect undecided 1.13.1 Dojox
#11060 Editor font size smaller than page when browser set to small font size (FF) bill defect high 1.14 Editor
#15506 Issues with using Backspace and Shift+Enter with the EnterKeyHandler plugin defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17379 dijit/Editor does not work in Chrome extension due to Content Security Policy script-src defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17533 cursor moved in editor when typing defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17842 Toolbar of RichText editor has different behavior in Chrome and Firefox defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18354 dijit/_editor/plugins/FontChoice is not supprting sans-serif font in Internet Explorer defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18389 dijit/Editor (versions 1.7 to 1.10) w/right justified text causes scrollbar in IE11, Edge bill defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18390 Inserting space in dijit/Editor (versions 1.7 to 1.10) causes layout and functional issues in IE, Edge defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18445 (Chrome) Editor - Words are still underline/strikethrough when unselect underline/strikethrough defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18446 (Chrome) Editor - Wrong highlighted underline/bold/iltalic button defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18447 (IE9,10,11) Editor - Can not open LinkDialog if have no selected text defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18734 sometimes can't end list by hitting return twice defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18813 Justify disabled in dijit/Editor if editing same text in multiple browsers defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18854 IE11 RichText with EnterKeyHandling on DIV or P creates extraneous new lines on Backspace/Enter bill defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18875 No way to get correct value of dijit/Editor defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18890 Applying * { max-width:100%; } causes IE to render many objects with "rezise handles" and making them not editable defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18997 Editor - Missing strikethrough text after normalize style defect undecided tbd Editor
#6385 add hierarchy and globbing to dojo/topic's publish/subscribe dylan enhancement low 2.0 Events
#13992 dojo.aspect.around with context option Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.15 Events
#16406 dojo/on fails on delegated objects Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.15 Events
#17215 [patch] dojox/gesture/tap et al. do not change focus defect undecided 1.15 Events
#17494 on.emit raises TypeError in button option supplied dylan defect undecided 1.15 Events
#17588 dojo/on sometimes interferes with other sites' scripts when using embedded dojo defect undecided 1.15 Events
#17790 Element resize event binding not working in IE 9 and 10 using dojo/on defect undecided 1.15 Events
#18420 DOM emit and synthetic emit inconsistency in dojo/on Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Events
#18457 on.selector throws an error for event handlers registered on document Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Events
#18775 preventDefault() does not update the defaultPrevented property on touch devices dylan defect undecided 1.14 Events
#19004 [Win10 touchscreen laptop]The same action in different browsers brings different sequence of dojo events. dylan defect undecided tbd Events
#19096 dojo/touch press and release events are not working on chrome browser & windows server 2012, 2016, windows 10 dylan defect major Events
#16585 [meta] don't use deprecated methods, features task undecided 1.15 General
#18806 Issue with DnD in IE in containers with scrollbar defect undecided 1.14 General
#18812 cldr/nls i18n file content keys like in gregorian could be alphabetized enhancement undecided 1.14 General
#19003 Error undefined running custom onLoad code: This deferred has already been resolved dojo 1.12 defect undecided tbd General
#19011"months", "abbr") returns error defect undecided tbd General
#19012 Localization Issue in Pagination. defect undecided tbd General
#19013 Localization Issue with French Language. defect undecided tbd General
#19014 Localization date Issue in German Language defect undecided tbd General
#19015 Localization of Date Issue in French Language defect undecided tbd General
#19020 EcmaScript 6 support defect undecided tbd General
#19022 Does Dojo provide Heatmap charts? defect undecided tbd General
#19026 Build error using SVG filters and CSS defect undecided tbd General
#19052 _convertToCss in NormalizeStyle.js is not converting 'face' attribute of <font> tag properly defect undecided tbd General
#16957 dom-construct::empty also empties child nodes Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 2.0 HTML
#18442 dom-prop doesn't call dojo/_base/connect::disconnect() when property that is assigned to function is replaced Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#18444 dojo/dom-style::get() doesn't return thicknesses as number Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#18763 dojo/dom-geometry.position(node, true) wrong on zoomed android device defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#18770 Firebug gives warning for dom-attr: "Use of getAttributeNode() is deprecated. Use getAttribute() instead." defect undecided 1.14 HTML
#15863 dojo/request/iframe not working as expected with response header: 'Content-Disposition: attachment' Bryan Forbes defect low 1.15 IO
#16566 Every XHR GETs and others include bogus "Content-Type" header Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 IO
#16773 dojo/request/node request: timer not handled on cancel() Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 IO
#17807 dojo/request node provider does not retrieve username/password from `auth` part of url defect blocker 1.14 IO
#18249 dojo/request/iframe doesn't submit all post data Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 IO
#18256 IE 8/9 - error while checking existence image with extension JPG at a certain path (status 200 of 404) using "handle" dylan defect undecided 1.15 IO
#18424 dojo/request/node doesn't support proxies Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.14 IO
#18639 dojo/request/iframe Submits Invalid Data Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.14 IO
#17179 Russian (ru) dateTimeFormat-short modified defect undecided 1.15 Internationalization
#17292 Incorrect date formats for en-ca defect undecided 1.15 Internationalization
#17480 dojo.css contains bidi-unfriendly rules defect undecided 1.15 Internationalization
#18460 dojo.config.extraLocale gets mutated in dojo >= 1.7.0 defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18483 CLDR System Broken for Locales using parentLocale Adam Peller defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18766 CurrencyFormat for nl locale is incorrect defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18811 dateFormatItem-MMdd is not defined in base gregorian i18n module but is in others defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#18885 Wrong currency format for sk-sk defect high 1.14 Internationalization
#19043 Recent CLDR 30 updates dylan defect high 1.10.10 Internationalization
#17700 IE crashes if popup gets closed while loading required dojo-modules Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.15 Loader
#18277 Dojo 1.10 breaks node cluster module defect undecided 1.15 Loader
#18675 Under NodeJS, Loader Does not fire error logic Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.14 Loader
#18774 Linting errors in dojo.js Rawld Gill defect high 1.14 Loader
#19040 Can't call require.toUrl() if loader is built with 'dojo-inject-api'==0 dylan defect undecided tbd Loader
#19083 Add "foreign-loader" has conditional in dojo..js dylan enhancement major Loader
#18945 -> offline dylan defect high 1.14 Operations
#18549 stopParser not working in templated widgets bill defect undecided 1.14 Parser
#18891 Allow comments in templates enhancement undecided 1.14 Parser
#18503 Selector engine css3 breaks results from query prevAll Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Query
#18516 dojo/query!lite: query(#foo) returns <input name=foo> on IE8/quirks mode Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Query
#16786 Update dojo/rpc code to use newer APIs dylan enhancement low 1.15 RPC
#18917 Back-porting dojo core and compatibility issues with legacy OS's SSD driver enhancement undecided future Storage/Flash
#14279 [meta] convert test files to AMD dylan task high 2.0 Testing
#18432 [meta] Fix broken tests for CI dylan task undecided 1.14 Testing
#18928 JSON.php path is wrong dylan defect undecided 1.14 Testing
#15034 baseFx.anim not emitting "end" event Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 fx
#16431 onEnd() fires before animation finished Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 fx
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