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#18574 JAWS 16 with IE 11 cannot type in input user field on TooltipDialog mikeb defect undecided 1.14 Accessibility
#18698 JAWS screen reader announces combobox options twice defect undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#13162 JSON extended schema problem Kris Zyp defect high 1.15 Dojox
#18928 JSON.php path is wrong dylan defect undecided 1.14 Testing
#18813 Justify disabled in dijit/Editor if editing same text in multiple browsers defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17102 Leak in dojox/widget/_CalendarBase dante defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Widgets
#16506 Library files are not validating against util/Checkstyle. 14301 Errors. defect undecided 1.15 CheckStyle
#18774 Linting errors in dojo.js Rawld Gill defect high 1.14 Loader
#19012 Localization Issue in Pagination. defect undecided tbd General
#19013 Localization Issue with French Language. defect undecided tbd General
#19014 Localization date Issue in German Language defect undecided tbd General
#19015 Localization of Date Issue in French Language defect undecided tbd General
#17722 Menu item stays selected after action completed defect undecided 1.15 Dijit
#18899 Missing method on DocumentFragment in IE(11) dylan defect undecided 1.14 Core
#10490 Month names are not localized properly in dojox.Calendar widget for Japanese locale Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.15 DojoX Widgets
#18576 Moveable eats click events on touchscreen Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 DnD
#17488 Moveable widget doesn't get focus on move defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#18875 No way to get correct value of dijit/Editor defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18882 NumberTextBox does not properly handle percent type defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18930 NumberTextBox does not select number text when focused using TAB key defect high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18681 On iOS9, ListItem can be taped before transition finish Patrick Ruzand defect low 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#19046 Open Dropdown Menu of Scrolling Tab Container position is wrong when resizing defect undecided tbd Dijit
#13172 PasswordValidator unit test broken dante defect high 1.15 DojoX Form
#18896 Placeholder preventing focus on text box (Mobile only) defect undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#19103 Please apply patch to support new rhino mikeb enhancement major Accessibility
#18979 Possible star mapping build regression dylan defect high 1.14 BuildSystem
#15282 Problem with date format ddMMMyyyy Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15 Date
#18306 Problem with onclicks in a TooltipDialog (Android/Chrome only) defect undecided 1.15 Dijit
#17464 RadioGroup: "page is undefined" defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Layout
#15513 RangeSlider: value change from array to number block script dante defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#19043 Recent CLDR 30 updates dylan defect high 1.10.10 Internationalization
#19047 Regression after fixing #18061 "Make theme color cycles consistent across chart plots" defect high 1.13.1 Charting
#17179 Russian (ru) dateTimeFormat-short modified defect undecided 1.15 Internationalization
#18751 Scatter plot doesn't handle nulls correctly. Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 Charting
#18864 ScrollableView input file upload Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#18503 Selector engine css3 breaks results from query prevAll Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.14 Query
#18624 Some chart axis minor ticks are not displayed Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.14 Charting
#18523 Test for hrefTarget in is incorrect and fails Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.14 DojoX Mobile
#17144 The build system does not resolve an amd plugin used directly as a layer dependency. Rawld Gill enhancement high 1.15 BuildSystem
#17842 Toolbar of RichText editor has different behavior in Chrome and Firefox defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#19002 Tooltip position defect undecided tbd Dijit
#9982 Tooltip: display error when font size large bill defect high 1.15 Dijit
#18671 Tooltip: doesn't come along with the textbox when window resizing defect undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#13356 Tree: problems dropping from another source connected to the same store defect low 1.15 Dijit
#17359 Unable to change value of "dijit.form.HorizontalSlider" element using arrow keys, when JAWS is running mikeb defect undecided 1.15 Accessibility
#19100 Uncaught DOMException: Failed to read the 'cssRules' property from 'CSSStyleSheet': Cannot access rules defect major DojoX Mobile
#19101 Uncaught TypeError: e.contains is not a function when hovering over HorizontalSlider defect major Core
#11226 Uncaught exception in dijit/focus.js if current focus on input with "display: none" defect high 1.15 Dijit
#18675 Under NodeJS, Loader Does not fire error logic Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.14 Loader
#15921 Update Dojo cheat sheet dylan defect high 1.15 Documentation
#16786 Update dojo/rpc code to use newer APIs dylan enhancement low 1.15 RPC
#18376 Users go back a page when pressing backspace when the DateTextBox is open defect undecided 1.15 Dijit - Form
#18787 Vietnamese months in calendar dateTimes should be capitalized defect undecided 1.14 Date
#19034 Weird behaviour when for pie charts and highlighting. dylan defect undecided 1.13.1 Dojox
#18921 Wrong calculation of FilteringSelect width defect undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#18885 Wrong currency format for sk-sk defect high 1.14 Internationalization
#19004 [Win10 touchscreen laptop]The same action in different browsers brings different sequence of dojo events. dylan defect undecided tbd Events
#17410 [dojox/form/Uploader] use iframe can only upload file once defect undecided 1.15 Dojox
#17208 [dojox/mobile] [PATCH CLA] Provide different edit modes for editable lists enhancement undecided 1.15 DojoX Mobile
#18432 [meta] Fix broken tests for CI dylan task undecided 1.14 Testing
#14279 [meta] convert test files to AMD dylan task high 2.0 Testing
#16585 [meta] don't use deprecated methods, features task undecided 1.15 General
#18562 [partial patch][cla] NumberTextBox rounds even with constraints: {round: -1} defect undecided 1.14 Dijit - Form
#17413 [patch] FileInputAuto doesn't send the files defect undecided 1.15 DojoX Form
#17331 [patch] GanttChart Highlight in MultiTab Application Fix Eugene Lazutkin enhancement undecided 1.15 Charting
#17097 [patch] Make optimizeCss fetch file using AMD packages Rawld Gill feature undecided 1.15 BuildSystem
#15322 [patch] [cla] Moveable "jumps" the first time you try and move Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided 1.15 DnD
#17788 [patch] dijit/Menu not focusing on active with xhtml+xml defect undecided 1.15 Dijit
#17356 [patch] dojo/text wont load template again when the server is back defect undecided 1.15 Core
#17215 [patch] dojox/gesture/tap et al. do not change focus defect undecided 1.15 Events
#14044 [patch]Timezone shows IST time for "Asia/Dhaka" in place of "BDT" Adam Peller defect high 1.15 Dojox
#18206 [patch][cla?] FilteringSelect: disable auto-complete if the query starts with a wildcard defect undecided 1.15 Dijit - Form
#16753 [pr] dojox.string.sprintf relies on dojox global Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15 Dojox
#18239 [regression] Long TooltipDialogs get container scroll bill defect undecided 1.15 Dijit
#16521 _BidiSupport.postscript() should probably call this.inherited() Eugene Lazutkin task undecided 1.15 Charting
#18892 _MenuBase.passivePopupDelay causes click event to fire on non-popup menuitems defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#19052 _convertToCss in NormalizeStyle.js is not converting 'face' attribute of <font> tag properly defect undecided tbd General
#6385 add hierarchy and globbing to dojo/topic's publish/subscribe dylan enhancement low 2.0 Events
#18884 array.filter + scoping => performance problem in Firefox task undecided 1.14 Core
#15034 baseFx.anim not emitting "end" event Bryan Forbes defect undecided 1.15 fx
#18517 build.bat closure optimized dojo build returns zero exit code when there is one error Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.14 BuildSystem
#18945 -> offline dylan defect high 1.14 Operations
#18915 cannot detect right-click on dom element defect undecided 1.14 Core
#19102 change dojo/promise/all array verification defect major Core
#18812 cldr/nls i18n file content keys like in gregorian could be alphabetized enhancement undecided 1.14 General
#17533 cursor moved in editor when typing defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17895 date.stamp.fromISOString returns incorrect value around DST defect undecided 1.14 Date
#18811 dateFormatItem-MMdd is not defined in base gregorian i18n module but is in others defect undecided 1.14 Internationalization
#19098 defect 17765 fix Not working defect major Dijit
#18340 defect: dojo/date/locale::format() incorrect timezone name on "vz" format Adam Peller defect undecided 1.15 Date
#18425 dijit.form.Button memory leak in IE defect undecided 1.15 Dijit - Form
#17537 dijit.form.Select: error if keypress and less than two options defect undecided 1.15 Dijit - Form
#18801 dijit/Destroyable::own dies horribly if owning things without a cleanup method defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18259 dijit/Dialog#resize after show does not take viewport into consideration defect undecided 1.15 Dijit
#18737 dijit/Dialog: doesn't _position center if dialog.width > viewport.width yushengh defect undecided 1.14 Dijit
#18389 dijit/Editor (versions 1.7 to 1.10) w/right justified text causes scrollbar in IE11, Edge bill defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#17379 dijit/Editor does not work in Chrome extension due to Content Security Policy script-src defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18354 dijit/_editor/plugins/FontChoice is not supprting sans-serif font in Internet Explorer defect undecided 1.14 Editor
#18938 dijit/form/TimeTextBox slow in Chrome defect high 1.14 Dijit - Form
#17704 dijit/form/_AutoCompleterMixin.js , method _announceOption , use lang.getObject in case of complex property enhancement undecided 1.15 Dijit
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