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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#6444 BorderContainer: test_BorderContainer_complex.html hangs on Safari 3.1 Adam Peller defect high 1.2 Dijit
#6457 ProgressBar: support bookends bill task high 1.5 Dijit - LnF
#6458 Editor: support cut/paste buttons on FF3 liucougar defect high 1.2 Editor
#6467 Slider: option to highlight current data marker Douglas Hays enhancement high 1.5 Dijit - LnF
#6497 FilteringSelect tests fail in Opera defect high Dijit - Form
#6515 Tree DnD performance degrades in IE6 Eugene Lazutkin defect high future Dijit
#6526 support for JSONP with static callback Bryan Forbes enhancement high 1.11 IO
#6532 Financial charts Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future Charting
#6543 Indented CSS, better readable dante enhancement high tbd themes
#6570 Calendar: use arrow icons for next/previous year? bill task high tbd Dijit - LnF
#6582 land editor refactor to remove iframes in most situations alex task low future Editor
#6583 port alwayshowtoolbar plugin to the refactor-ed Editor task high future Editor
#6587 chart.destory() leaves labels behind. Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.2 Charting
#6591 Grid colSpan does not work in row 0 sorvell defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#6598 WebKit (Safari) crashes when using FlashStorage bradneuberg defect high Storage/Flash
#6621 Dialog: in high-contrast mode the underlay completely blocks out the screen (FF2) Becky Gibson defect high 1.3 Accessibility
#6629 Editor insertImage plugin considers valid URL invalid liucougar enhancement high 1.2 Editor
#6631 Combo Boxes disappear in IE 6.0 when dialog opens defect low Dijit
#6633 callback function not getting called when no match found for criteria in select query with use of dojox.sql.DECRYPT Shane O'Sullivan defect low 1.9 Storage/Flash
#6666 create a11y review post-commit hook Dustin Machi defect low future Operations
#6676 grid autoWidth based on content Nathan Toone enhancement high future DojoX Grid
#6689 DOJO 1.0 IE6.0 Performance Issues with Many Dialogs Instantiated on Page Load defect high 1.2 Dijit
#6730 Add extension point to Grid editing to intercept edits Bryan Forbes enhancement high future DojoX Grid
#6733 Editor: can only enter a single char on last line (Safari 3.1/mac) liucougar defect high 1.2 Editor
#6739 IE6 and IE7 - Widgets lose this.domNode (null) when instanciated in dojo.addonLoad() defect high Dijit
#6740 Old Firefox releases and dojo 1.1.1 (and probably below) anonymous defect high General
#6756 JSON Procedure Call with named parameters Dustin Machi defect high RPC
#6760 reduce the # of images used by dojox.fx.Shadow dylan defect high future Dojox
#6781 [patch][needs cla] BorderContainer: added showHideRegion feature dante enhancement high future Dijit
#6784 Setting location.href or iframe.src destroys all ContentPanes in IE defect blocker Dijit
#6787 ComboBox: popup appears at wrong offset (FF2) bill defect high 1.2 Dijit - Form
#6795 Images drawn differently in Firefox and IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect high future DojoX GFX
#6799 dojo.coords(): wrong x/y when ancestor has border and style.overflow != visible (FF2) sjmiles defect high HTML
#6832 [patch][cla] dojox.collections.Set Contribution/Implementation Tom Trenka enhancement low future Dojox
#6841 [patch] [cla] Image Carousel Widget jfcunat enhancement high future Dojox
#6860 A string containing "dojo.provide" causes the build system to throw an "illegal character" error James Burke defect high BuildSystem
#6885 Build fails when "dojo.requireLocalization" arguments aren't a string constant because i18nUtil.js executes eval instruction to get string value alex defect high BuildSystem
#6889 dialog: input type=file as only element in dialog does not work with keyboard in IE Becky Gibson defect high 1.2 Accessibility
#6890 Dialogs / Menus flash when closing on FF Linux defect high Dijit
#6896 dijit._editor.getChildrenHtml() does not work on IE. liucougar defect high future Editor
#6897 backbutton with iframes breaks cometd connection Greg Wilkins defect high future DojoX Cometd
#6914 cannot see any DOJO application running in Firefox 3.0 Beta dylan defect high 1.2 General
#6924 Form and form widgets: please provide method(s) to get/set serialized values enhancement high 1.6 Dijit
#6929 Dojo Offline sometimes create invalid database names for Gears dylan defect high future Offline
#6951 grid's horizontal scrolling broken in opera nathan defect high DojoX Grid
#6959 [patch][cla] simplified doh testing Tom Trenka enhancement low future TestFramework
#6967 Keep custom attributes when rendering widgets wolfram defect high 1.3 Dijit
#6968 Tooltip: enhancement to follow mouse dylan enhancement low future Dijit
#6970 use better Flickr streams in tests/demos dante task low future General
#6971 dojo.rpc Events. Dustin Machi enhancement high 1.2 RPC
#6985 TabContainer : can't change tab using keyboard using Safari defect high Dijit
#6993 Document twisted server on wiki dylan task high future DojoX Cometd
#6996 Document perl server on wiki dylan task high future DojoX Cometd
#7018 [dojox] FlickrRestStore regression or SlideShow onLoad issue in IE7 dante defect low future Dojox
#7021 dojox.grid.DataGrid refresh is not a function anonymous defect high 1.2 General
#7022 dojox.form.PasswordValidator overwrite old value with empty value nathan defect high 1.2 DojoX Form
#7040 add dojo._base._stubs for tiny core build appropriate to mobile devices, etc. anonymous enhancement high 1.2 Core
#7044 DnD: use dojo.dnd.move as a foundation for dojo.dnd Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.2 DnD
#7048 Dojo VML generation requires attached node if calling Shape.setFill Eugene Lazutkin defect high future DojoX GFX
#7053 Use new Function() instead of eval() for dojo.fromJson (and possibly other eval situations) Kris Zyp enhancement high future General
#7066 [patch][cla][needs review] Updated cometd-twisted readme and install process dylan enhancement high future DojoX Cometd
#7083 Allowing AJAX calls to supercede / abort / cancel previous calls within a given class anonymous enhancement high 1.2 Core
#7093 dojox.offline widget says it is offline when gears is not installed even when online dylan defect high future Offline
#7102 Allow DnD containers to be referenced another way than solely by the jsId Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#7109 dojox.widget.FilePicker: don't hard-code _FileInfoPane enhancement high 1.9 DojoX Widgets
#7134 The button page in the book isn't readable Dustin Machi defect high tbd Website
#7174 TabContainer: caret bleeds through after switching pane (IE) defect high 1.5 Dijit
#7175 BeanStore Kris Zyp enhancement high future DojoX Data
#7207 Rhino: setTimeout / clearTimeout implementation is dangerous dylan defect high future General
#7210 Moveable drag fails if rapidly move over iframe Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd DnD
#7230 Grid: add advanced keyboard support Bryan Forbes defect high 1.9 Accessibility
#7239 [dojox.form] Duplicate widgets? Mike Wilcox defect high 1.2 DojoX Form
#7252 5 New Themes for Dijit nonken enhancement low future themes
#7257 JsonRestStore support for lazy properties/sparsely populated objects Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.2 DojoX Data
#7262 Request for dojo.browser module anonymous enhancement high tbd General
#7264 Blowfish: sign extension bit issue (UTF encoding) Tom Trenka defect low 2.0 Dojox
#7280 Error: Bundle not found: loading in dijit , locale=en' when calling method: [nsIDOMEventListener::handleEvent]" nsresult: "0x8057001c (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_JS_OBJECT)" location: "<unknown>" data: no] Adam Peller defect high 1.3 Dijit
#7283 Upgrade Firebug Lite to 1.2 Mike Wilcox enhancement high future Core
#7289 dojox.charting.Chart2D : The VML rendering of polylines is not as smooth as SVG rendering Eugene Lazutkin defect low future Charting
#7290 FF3 eval() badly borken, and some bizzareness anonymous defect high future Core
#7291 -- server-side PHP Notice invalidates jsonp results Neil Roberts defect high future Dojox
#7314 [patch][cla] DataTabContainer widget dante enhancement low future DojoX Widgets
#7317 dijit.form.DateTextBox sometimes doesn't render in FF2 Douglas Hays defect high future Dijit - Form
#7321 Declaration: BorderLayout inside Declaration blank in dynamically created tab in IE defect high 1.5 Dijit
#7332 ValidationTextBox: change icon placement nonken enhancement high future Dijit - LnF
#7334 StackContainer: does not call addChild for panes in markup bill defect high tbd Dijit
#7341 Dragging a rectangle or rounded rectangle makes the shape flash / blink or go blank, in IE Eugene Lazutkin defect low future DojoX GFX
#7352 need alias for dojox.widget's that have moved to dojox.form Nathan Toone defect lowest tbd DojoX Widgets
#7364 [proposal] using fam fam fam icon set for artwork instead what we have atm. nonken enhancement high future themes
#7369 QueryReadStore.php returns full result list on query for "" wolfram defect high future DojoX Data
#7370 Shrinksafe: -o flag does not work Adam Peller defect high 1.2 ShrinkSafe
#7379 [patch][cla] first, last methods on NodeList dante enhancement low future Dojox
#7381 call set() for every attribute on initialization, include those with falsy values bill task high 2.0 Dijit
#7382 [cla][patch] Menu generator (use an array of object as menu descripton) dante enhancement high future DojoX Widgets
#7387 dojo.query reorders form elements -> dojo.xhrPost mangles order of submission James Burke defect high 1.2 Query
#7400 [patch][no-cla] Fix base64 trailing padding removal Tom Trenka defect high tbd Dojox
#7418 dojo.behavior: add shorthand apply({}) api anonymous enhancement high tbd Core
#7430 using 'with' statements + jsLint Kris Zyp enhancement high tbd Dojox
#7432 Button: doesn't respect value of submit button in FF2 and FF3 defect high 1.2 Dijit - Form
#7449 setViewportDimension Contribution dante enhancement high future Core
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