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#4334 dojo 0.9: dojo.fx.wipeIn() and dojo.fx.wipeIn() cross browser issues Bryan Forbes defect high fx
#5203 doh.runner incompatible with debugAtAllCosts: true dylan defect high future TestFramework
#9243 doh.robot.typeKeys and doh.robot.KeyPress seems not support backslash key haysmark defect low future TestFramework
#12301 docscripts makeCix.php fails to produce output Neil Roberts defect high tbd Doc parser
#13839 doc of dojo/dom-style needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#13837 doc of dojo/dom-prop needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#13836 doc of dojo/dom-construct needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#13835 doc of dojo/dom-class needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#13833 doc of dojo/dom-attr needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#13840 doc of dojo/dom needs update defect high tbd Documentation
#5162 doStartEdit functionality must return a return value from canEdit or cell stays in editor mode sorvell defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#1309 doClone in RPC should get cloned nodes from server, like createChild ilia defect high 0.9 Widgets
#2251 do not run require commands if it is commented out by // when debugAtAllCosts=true liucougar defect high 0.9 General
#423 dnd float attribute should get wiped in FloatingPane bill defect high 1.0 Widgets
#744 dj_eval not evaluating in the global window context in IE James Burke defect high 1.0 General
#7756 djConfig.requires does not work with custom base builds that do not have dojo._base.browser Rawld Gill defect high future Loader
#4328 djConfig support for dojo.require url versioning anonymous enhancement high future General
#17052 distribute nano amd loader as dojo.min.js Colin Snover enhancement high 1.10 General
#16448 disable expanding tree onClick of plus sign feature undecided tbd Dijit
#4896 dijit/tests/test_InlineEditBox crashes WebKit-r26759 bill defect high 1.0 Dijit
#17343 dijit/form/Select dropdown remains open when Select in OpenLayers dialog Denis Rykov defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#17318 dijit/Menu does not work with dijit/Editor bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17147 dijit/Dialog doesn't resize when the content changes bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18857 dijit/Destroyable.destroy() breaks inheritance chain bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18286 dijit/Destroyable exception if no method destroy/destroyRecursive/remove is available fbest defect undecided tbd Dijit
#8921 dijit.onWidget idea enhancement lowest future Dijit
#11682 dijit.form.TimeTextBox does not display time for all themes. enhancement high tbd Dijit - Form
#15245 dijit.form.Textarea + SimpleTextarea and cols attribute = incorrect behaviour Douglas Hays defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#10013 dijit.form.TextBox delayed onChange Douglas Hays enhancement high future Dijit - Form
#13546 dijit.form.Select - Tab closes drop down menu but not move focus to next tab stop. defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#13915 dijit.form.FilteringSelect queryExpr=*${0}* does not work Douglas Hays defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#4743 dijit.form.FilteringSelect doesn't work in IE6 with Japanese characters Adam Peller defect high Dijit - Form
#7317 dijit.form.DateTextBox sometimes doesn't render in FF2 Douglas Hays defect high future Dijit - Form
#10811 dijit.form.DateTextBox issues on Windows 7 Chrome bill defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#4881 dijit.form.DateTextBox and 'ddMMyy' pattern Adam Peller defect high 1.1 Date
#11809 dijit.form.CheckBox in cell in datagrid Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#5170 dijit.form.Button: icon alignment on the right defect high Dijit - Form
#9689 dijit.findWidgets() returns "undefined" widgets defect high tbd Dijit
#8896 dijit.byId("myid")._underlay no longer works in 1.3 defect high tbd Dijit
#6896 dijit._editor.getChildrenHtml() does not work on IE. liucougar defect high future Editor
#9970 dijit._TemplatedWidget enhancement low 2.0 Dijit
#16102 dijit._HasDropDown _onKey: charCode always '0', isChar always 'false', charOrCode missing Paul Christopher defect undecided tbd Dijit
#11618 dijit._CssStateMixin should check for existence of nodes before tracking mouse state anonymous defect high tbd Dijit
#9994 dijit._Container refactoring task high 2.0 Dijit
#10071 dijit._Container add firstChild() and lastChild() methods enhancement high tbd Dijit
#4122 dijit.WidgetSet: support array interface bill enhancement high 2.0 Dijit
#18874 dijit.Tree: faulty return value of function getNodesByItem for unknown items defect undecided tbd Dijit
#14552 dijit.Tree's ForestStoreModel's onSetItem needs be changed defect high tbd Dijit
#10593 dijit.Tooltip open() fails if no DOMNode passed in defect high tbd Dijit
#3778 dijit.TitlePane - No enabled attribute or function bill enhancement high Dijit
#13207 dijit.PopupMenuBarItem bug in, apache 1.3.3 defect low tbd Dijit
#4558 dijit.MenuItem including a hardcoded reference to the theme enhancement low Dijit
#17348 dijit.MenuBar reverts selected look and feel after window/tab regains focus defect undecided tbd Dijit
#9051 dijit.Editor: JavaScript error in Opera and Automated test failed liucougar defect high tbd Editor
#10140 dijit.Editor should style the cursor for the iframe body so that it always looks like a text selection Jared Jurkiewicz defect high tbd Editor
#8295 dijit.Editor breaks forms under IE7 liucougar defect high future Editor
#11736 dijit.Editor IE8: Scrollbars appear when selecting an image defect high future Editor
#9204 dijit.Dialog._size uses marginBox instead of contentBox and cause problems with scroller defect high tbd Dijit
#10233 dijit.Dialog puts title attribute on the title div not the whole Dialog defect high tbd Dijit
#8731 dijit.Dialog drag icon disappears after drag in FF3 defect high tbd Dijit
#17329 dijit.Dialog blocking tinyMCE dialogs (tinyMCE 4 Editor inside dijit.Dialog) enhancement undecided tbd Dijit
#13523 dijit.Dialog - allow for some before close validation enhancement high 1.7 Dijit
#15114 dijit.ContentPane and IE7: Pane shows horizontal scrollbar althoug there is no need for that defect undecided tbd Dijit
#11894 dijit rich text editor not announced correctly by Jaws 12 on Firefox. Becky defect high 1.6 Accessibility
#3607 dijit Editor doesn't show any further inputs if bullets are overwritten Jared Jurkiewicz defect high future Editor
#10999 dijit - Form inside a Dialog - dojo.byId return null with IE7 defect high tbd Dijit
#6889 dialog: input type=file as only element in dialog does not work with keyboard in IE Becky Gibson defect high 1.2 Accessibility
#17657 dialog fails to appear and js error ie8 ie9 quirksmode when dialog height greater than viewport defect undecided tbd Dijit
#13429 deviceTheme - CSS import can be unsafe ykami defect high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#4384 destroyRendering on an open FilteringSelect leaves the "popdown" visible haysmark defect low 1.3 Dijit - Form
#18893 deprecated KeyboardEvent methods (Chrome) defect undecided tbd Dijit
#780 deprecate Editor liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#7743 deleted items remain in cache, new items not added Kris Zyp defect high 1.3 DojoX Data
#1408 declarative events and attributes for treenodes bill enhancement high 0.9 Dijit
#13102 debugAtAllCosts nolonger forces xdomain. Rawld Gill enhancement high 1.7 Loader
#12608 debugAtAllCosts broken/unsupported defect high tbd General
#481 debugAtAllCosts & IE & run from file system gives exceptions on page load anonymous defect lowest 0.9 General
#3056 datetime picker anonymous enhancement high Dijit
#15807 data-dojo-event vs. data-dojo-method Kitson Kelly task undecided 2.0 Parser
#8206 custom widget splitter + layout problems defect high tbd Dijit
#4696 ctrl-tab/ctrl-shift tab does not work to change tabs in IE7 davidb defect high 1.1 Accessibility
#2569 creating InlineEditBox using 'first' position doesn't hide original text properly bill defect high Widgets
#2478 createWidget only accepts widgets in the /widget/ namespace sub packages throw deprecation erros anonymous defect high General
#1343 createWidget Bug? bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#5882 create hook for ioArgs which is called just before IO operation is dispatched to the wire anonymous enhancement high 1.1 General
#6666 create a11y review post-commit hook Dustin Machi defect low future Operations
#5072 content is shown before tabs are loaded enhancement high 1.0.1 Dijit
#11994 consolidate loader.gif graphics dante defect high tbd Dojox
#10699 console Problem in IE8 anonymous defect high tbd Core
#3303 consider NOT setting focus to first item when menu is opened Becky Gibson enhancement high 1.3 Accessibility
#4266 concat handles NodeList specially (FF) alex defect high 1.0 Core
#1530 comment make template interpret wrong bill defect high 1.0 Widgets
#11064 clicking disabled widgets focuses them (webkit) defect high future Dijit
#972 clean up ant build.xml scripting fun jkuhnert enhancement high 0.9 General
#11956 claro regression: nested BC/CP padding issue Julie Santilli defect high tbd Dijit - LnF
#628"none" not being respected in html generation ilia defect high Widgets
#2272 checkChildrenForFile test for disabled alex defect high IO
#6587 chart.destory() leaves labels behind. Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.2 Charting
#2582 chart widget: range declaration ignored (dojo-0.4.2rc2-ajax) Tom Trenka defect high Charting
#2444 change signal onDisplayChanged to onValueChange in richtext widget liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
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