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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#625 dojo.uri.Uri not playing well with djConfig.baseRelativePath jkuhnert defect high 0.9 Core
#614 Widgets hardcode src in the path url anonymous defect high Widgets
#613 request: dojoAttachPoint should have currentPoint method alex enhancement high 0.9 Dijit
#600 unordered lists using dojo.dnd don't have the right appearance during drag if in a FloatPane anonymous defect low 0.9 Widgets
#591 DND accept problem ilia defect high 0.9 DnD
#589 dojo.event.topic.subscribe BEFORE makeWidgets ilia defect high 0.9 Events
#588 time zones don't currently support daylight savings time Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Core
#584 problem generating compress dojo.js alex defect high General
#576 Rich Text Editor wrongly specifies fontFace for fontName liucougar defect high Doc parser
#570 Advanced SortableTable (ReportGrid) Tom Trenka enhancement high Widgets
#563 LayoutPane cannot size itself based on it's content koranteng enhancement high 1.0 Dijit
#557 IE 6 refuses to load page if dojo is loaded in HEAD and a BASE tag exists before that. Tom Trenka defect high Core
#543 XHTML comliant code in the Text Editor Widget anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#536 Make[set|get]ObjectCookie() work with nested objects sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 IO
#534 Make dojo.lang.forEach work on objects too sjmiles enhancement high Core
#522 additional dojo.dom utility methods/patch anonymous enhancement high General
#518 Unable to change widget ID on the fly anonymous defect high Widgets
#512 [patch][need cla] make encodeForm use per-type serialization functions James Burke enhancement high 0.9 General
#503 Incorrect content type in JsonService alex defect high Core
#491 Documentation is very confusing for events in one place anonymous defect high Doc parser
#487 dojo.bind charset auto detection James Burke defect high IO
#486 [patch][need cla] Add numeric formatting, like the way it does date formatting Adam Peller enhancement high General
#481 debugAtAllCosts & IE & run from file system gives exceptions on page load anonymous defect lowest 0.9 General
#480 SortableTable widget breaks cut and paste anonymous defect high Widgets
#463 SortableTable widget needs tooltip support per row Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#456 getElementsByClass fails on mozilla richedit content Bryan Forbes defect high 0.9 Widgets
#453 Building profile with dojo.provide(<variable>); alex defect high 0.9 BuildTools
#450 EditorTreeContextMenu - previously selected menu item highlighted in Netscape bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#436 getWidgetById fails in programmatic initialisation anonymous defect high General
#429 Form condition registry Nathan Toone enhancement high 1.3 Dojox
#425 FisheyeList zoom isn't smooth Bryan Forbes defect high 1.0 Widgets
#423 dnd float attribute should get wiped in FloatingPane bill defect high 1.0 Widgets
#411 Adding hide colums to SortableTable anonymous defect high Widgets
#395 [patch][cla] Dojo Compressor should support JScript conditional compilation jkuhnert enhancement high 1.0 BuildTools
#381 Enhance to execute embedded and linked script files alex enhancement high General
#373 async onDrop Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#363 Rename jum? Maybe dojo.unit? anonymous enhancement low 1.0 TestFramework
#358 Distribute a Weblets-compatible JAR jkuhnert enhancement high 0.9 General
#323 [patch][need cla] drag and drop support for SVG widgets Tom Trenka enhancement low 0.9 General
#322 improve coordinates calculations with svg widgets Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.9 General
#299 Allow topic subscribers to get an event pre-subscription alex enhancement high Events
#291 Simpledropdownbuttons is not rendering correctly when used inside a table cell bill defect high Widgets
#260 Some functions anonymous defect high General
#246 Offset for return animation after dragging failed anonymous defect low 1.0 General
#234 Rich Text Editor not reopening in Firefox anonymous defect high Widgets
#233 Dojo does not play well with TinyMCE editor alex defect high Core
#228 HtmlWidget.destroyWidget() not implemented by most widgets anonymous defect low Widgets
#213 Editor widget doesn't like starting off hidden... psowden defect high Widgets
#176 Allow to specify successful HTTP codes alex enhancement high future IO
#175 Support retrying bind calls alex enhancement high 0.9 IO
#164 should be redirected to Dustin Machi enhancement blocker Website
#153 [patch] fix for sjmiles defect high Core
#151 trivial release note errors anonymous defect lowest Doc parser
#140 Compressor doesn't handle variable replacement for eval() method anonymous defect high BuildTools
#139 richtexteditor dosent work in konqueror 3.4 anonymous defect lowest Widgets
#134 non dojo widget in dojo container widget is not rendered dylan defect high 0.9 Widgets
#115 Error loading namespace in form tag in IE anonymous defect high General
#113 Check for jum is naive jkuhnert defect high 0.9 TestFramework
#104 Should isUndefined be renamed to isDefined? alex defect low General
#102 dojo fails to load when document.domain is set alex defect high General
#101 Bind API refactor alex defect high General
#94 Remove dojo.widget._cssFiles in favor of using feature built into insertCssFile alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#86 Add import options to require alex enhancement high 1.0 Core
#85 Intern strings should parse out body content James Burke defect high future BuildTools
#75 Allow instantiation of widgets using new alex defect high 1.0 General
#74 use a more powerful templating system in widgets alex enhancement high 0.9 General
#69 back button handling doesn't work in IE when running from local fs alex defect high General
#56 dojo:type syntax broken in FF Alex defect high Widgets
#39 incorrect include paths in alex defect high Doc parser
#37 setting a property for a widget to false keeps it as a boolean [email protected] defect low Widgets
#34 gracefully handle the case where xmlhttprequest is not available in PCIE alex defect low 1.0 IO
#24 Safari can't serialize sub-documents that aren't from HTML, and API is non-standard across others alex defect high Core
#8 Provide verbose names for XMLHttpRequest states alex enhancement lowest Core
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