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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9291 Logging to console too quickly with XD build doesn't allow introspection anonymous defect high tbd General
#9364 Enhancement: support self-degrading scripts dante enhancement low future General
#9399 Alias forEach as each anonymous enhancement high 1.4 General
#9431 Simplify creating a node list from a node anonymous enhancement high tbd General
#9574 Add more jQuery idioms anonymous enhancement low tbd General
#9906 Dojo Custom Logger Mike Wilcox enhancement high future General
#10026 dojo.NodeList.attr() return value for nonexistent attributes anonymous defect high tbd General
#10031 NodeList.wrap() accepts invalid html anonymous defect high tbd General
#10074 NodeList-traverse why first() and last() return NodeList? anonymous enhancement low tbd General
#10123 getDates function anonymous defect high tbd General
#10337 Opera 10: dojo adds <br/> James Burke defect low tbd General
#11224 [cla][patch] CodeGlass: add flash click/copy-paste code dante defect high 1.7 General
#11268 Enable Firebug Lite for Mobile Safari Mike Wilcox enhancement high tbd General
#11288 [patch][ccla]dojo.toJson does not strip control characters as per JSON Spec Kris Zyp defect high tbd General
#11298 Error when using TitlePane FF anonymous defect high tbd General
#11316 Characters are not displayed and the widget doesn't render correctly anonymous defect high tbd General
#11584 Support for packages Kris Zyp defect high 1.8 General
#11688 Tab entry freezes anonymous defect high tbd General
#11908 [patch][ccla] dojo.hash sometimes fires on its own hash changes Rob Retchless defect high tbd General
#12437 dojo.objectToQuery and arrays anonymous defect high tbd General
#12441 use "use strict" pragma in Dojo modules enhancement high 1.9 General
#12449 API & Module Ownership Kitson Kelly task low 2.0 General
#12608 debugAtAllCosts broken/unsupported defect high tbd General
#12786 [SDK] Missing file extensions (*.txt) defect high tbd General
#12872 Invalid Content within JSON files defect high tbd General
#13298 Restrict has("...") to return booleans Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.8 General
#13467 dojo.forEach() doesn't match native behaviour with empty first argument defect high tbd General
#14869 Chrome bug v17 on date.setHours - and Calendar/CalendarLite defect undecided tbd General
#15173 dojo/cookie and NaN defect undecided tbd General
#15670 Add ability to install dojo via composer and dylan enhancement undecided 1.10 General
#15843 dojo/ready is never called when the dojo firebug extension is enabled defect undecided tbd General
#15904 An optional "priority" parameter to topic.subscribe() enhancement undecided tbd General
#16817 [IE7 and HTTPS] IE7 throws a Security Information: This page contains both secure and nonsecure items defect undecided tbd General
#17052 distribute nano amd loader as dojo.min.js Colin Snover enhancement high 1.10 General
#17460 [patch][ccla]dojo/promise/all does not cancel contained promises Kris Zyp enhancement undecided 2.0 General
#17856 [patch][cla] Stateful enhancements Kris Zyp enhancement low 2.0 General
#18832 Hiding active widget in ContentPane of TooltipDialog might close the dialog in chrome and safari defect undecided tbd General
#959 Regression: dojo.html.getElementsByClass returns nothing if parentNode is not part of the DOM dylan defect high 0.9 HTML
#961 prependclass: test first whether the class isn't yet active Bryan Forbes enhancement high 0.9 HTML
#1625 [patch][cla] Allow parameter in: dojo.html.getScroll(node) sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 HTML
#1972 dojo.html.removeClass() doesn't work properly when allowPartialMatches is true Bryan Forbes defect high 0.9 HTML
#2252 dojo.html.copyStyle throws an exception Bryan Forbes defect high HTML
#2392 Using XMLDOM CLSID in CreateDocument causes errors with XSLT parameters alex defect high 1.0 HTML
#2455 Add a dojo.html.toggleClass function Bryan Forbes defect high HTML
#2494 dojo.html.getContentBox(dojo.body()) returns wrong size on IE7 sjmiles defect high 1.2 HTML
#2510 getBoxSizing does not work consistently for certain HTML elements sjmiles defect high HTML
#2588 dojo.html.isDisplayed doesn't work on IE Bryan Forbes defect high HTML
#2703 FilteringTable doesn't display non HTML data with HTML escape codes for special characters Tom Trenka defect high HTML
#2764 dojo.html.isShowing() should use computed style Bryan Forbes defect high HTML
#3016 dojo.marginBox(), dojo.contentBox() doesn't always return size sjmiles defect high 0.9beta HTML
#3480 Slight failure when using dojo.html.getBoxSizing with Opera sjmiles defect lowest HTML
#3582 inconsistent? sjmiles defect high 1.0 HTML
#3732 dojo._destroyElement public? alex defect high 0.9 HTML
#3863 dojo._getBorderBox() unused... sjmiles defect high HTML
#3886 dojo.html and migration doc anonymous task high 1.2 HTML
#4356 return values guest defect low future HTML
#5561 dojo._docScroll return wrong left value in IE+BIDI environment when document's overflow set as hidden. sjmiles defect high 1.2 HTML
#6799 dojo.coords(): wrong x/y when ancestor has border and style.overflow != visible (FF2) sjmiles defect high HTML
#8446 Enhance dojo.create(). dante enhancement high 1.3 HTML
#8462 dojo.coords() x/y incorrect on FF2 if <html>/<body> have border sjmiles defect high tbd HTML
#8543 implied units of measurement for absolutely positioned elements in ie (but not ff or safari) Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.11 HTML
#9590 getMarginBox fails in multiple browsers sjmiles defect high 1.4 HTML
#9603 dojo.coords() 5-10 px off for FF2 sjmiles defect high 1.4 HTML
#9747 Use element.classList if available to speed up class manipulation Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.7 HTML
#9822 dojo.attr(li, "value") returns number on IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect low future HTML
#11567 1.5.0 breaks fadeIn in IE sjmiles defect high tbd HTML
#11614, 'display', 'inherit') fails in IE6 and IE7 sjmiles defect high 2.0 HTML
#11812 dojo.create fails to add all attributes of input type=hidden in IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd HTML
#12492 dojo.contentBox and dojo.marginBox return 0/negative if node hidden Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd HTML
#12507 dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::attr_reconnect fails on ie9 Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.11 HTML
#13323 dojo.(add|remove|toggle|has)Class doesn't handle newline delimiters Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd HTML
#13367 [regression] dojo.hasClass (dom/class.contains) crashed if passed DomNode is a Text node Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.7 HTML
#13522 Radio button created with dojo.create can't be selected in IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd HTML
#14116 dojo.replaceClass arguments are un-intuitive replace(new, old) vs replace(old, new) Eugene Lazutkin enhancement undecided 1.11 HTML
#14191 causes error for DOM node types that do not have a style property Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd HTML
#16478 sIEve reports memory leaks haysmark defect high 1.10 HTML
#34 gracefully handle the case where xmlhttprequest is not available in PCIE alex defect low 1.0 IO
#175 Support retrying bind calls alex enhancement high 0.9 IO
#176 Allow to specify successful HTTP codes alex enhancement high future IO
#487 dojo.bind charset auto detection James Burke defect high IO
#536 Make[set|get]ObjectCookie() work with nested objects sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 IO
#666 "file","submit","reset","button" not sent with form James Burke defect high 1.0 IO
#1149 notify when queued request is fired Bryan Forbes enhancement high future IO
#1175 The upload using the formNode with return type "text/javascript" gives IFrameTransportError" with JSON data. James Burke defect high 0.9 IO
#1353 [patch][cla] dojo.addOnLoad, Opera, script tags and AJAX James Burke enhancement high 0.9 IO
#2030 FormBind gives no feedback if the form's action url is a 404. alex defect high 1.0 IO
#2272 checkChildrenForFile test for disabled alex defect high IO
#2335 Usecase for new handler in James Burke enhancement high 1.0 IO
#2353 File upload when done inside a widget alex defect high 1.1 IO
#2467 Loading JSON/JavaScript content in IframeIO.js James Burke enhancement high 0.9 IO
#2503 FormBind encoding problem alex defect high future IO
#2604 fails if form contains a fileupload alex defect high IO
#2628 IframeIO uses wrong charset alex defect high IO
#2645 Send file via alex defect high IO
#3451 return value alex enhancement high IO
#3833 [patch][cla] allow Dojo to work in Firefox extensions Bryan Forbes enhancement high future IO
#5229 Support for alternate URL argument formatting Bryan Forbes enhancement high 1.11 IO
#6526 support for JSONP with static callback Bryan Forbes enhancement high 1.11 IO
#8467 dojo.xhr() is not atomic Bryan Forbes defect high future IO
#9686 ioCheck function does not use frameDoc James Burke defect high 1.4 IO
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