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#4353 TreeNode events afterExpand and afterCollapse not published properly anonymous defect high Dijit
#2200 TreeLoadingControllerV3: expandToLevel doesn't work properly when synchronous bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#2191 TreeDocIconExtension: errors when rebuilding tree bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1360 TreeDisableWrapExtension is very slow (IE) ilia defect high 0.9 Widgets
#2715 TreeContextMenuV3 and TreeContextMenu cause parse errors when used in an xhtml document bill defect high Widgets
#2369 TreeContextMenu inside LinkPane breaks after calling refresh on the LinkPane bill defect high Widgets
#3364 Tree: use cursor as indicator that tree is loading, rather than changing expando icon bill defect high 1.1 Dijit
#8545 Tree: unwanted grid lines with showRoot=false when root's children are leaf nodes (tundra, soria, nihilo) defect low future Dijit
#8491 Tree: unexpected error message when empty items provided defect high tbd Dijit
#1312 Tree: tree wobbles on dnd ilia defect lowest Dojox
#9226 Tree: reverting underlying datastore doesn't refresh tree bill feature high future Dijit
#1880 Tree: node content isn't selected on the 1st node edit on the page ilia defect high future Dojox
#11533 Tree: focusing of last treenode set by path bill defect high 1.7 Dijit
#10334 Tree: focus gets lost entering hidden root node tree (webkit) bill defect high tbd Dijit
#16329 Tree: drop between has strange placement for TreeStoreModel w/multiple childrenAttrs bill defect low 1.9 Dijit
#4300 Tree: dijit._TreeNode does not call "_afterExpand" and "_afterCollapse" methods defect high future Dijit
#8306 Tree: destroy() does not cancel request bill defect low 1.10 Dijit
#1986 Tree: context menu causes multiple selection ilia defect high 0.9 Widgets
#6268 Tree: _onItemDelete bill defect low 1.3 Dijit
#1273 Tree: Node edit should complete on other operations dylan defect high future Dojox
#1311 Tree: Make SortChildren extension to keep nodes sorted ilia enhancement low 0.9 Dijit
#1629 Tree: Drag and Drop to destination tree node messes up node order. ilia defect high Dojox
#1439 Tree: Bugfix keyboard stuff when node changes tree ilia defect high 0.9 Dojox
#8286 Tree onClick - conditionally call focusNode() enhancement high future Dijit
#1038 Tree node rendering problems after moving a node (Drag-n-Drop). ilia defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1004 Tree creation error in 0.3.1 ilia defect high 0.9 Widgets
#10100 Tree code minor simplification task low 1.6 Dijit
#6515 Tree DnD performance degrades in IE6 Eugene Lazutkin defect high future Dijit
#5786 Tree DnD doesn't work with ItemFileWriteStore/nested items defect high Dijit
#2774 Trac replaces reporter email with 'guest' on new tickets Dustin Machi defect high Operations
#2702 Topics created by TreeV3 are not destroyed bill defect high 1.1 Dijit
#5324 Tooltips embedded in templates don't work (aroundNode not found errors when moving mouse anywhere) defect high 1.3 Dijit
#1321 Tooltips Followed By Fisheye Seemed to Mess Up Both cal defect high 0.9 Widgets
#4253 TooltipDialog: no caret (FF2) bill defect high 1.1 Dijit
#7872 Tooltip: will not follow node defect high 2.0 Dijit
#12350 Tooltip: when rendered 'above' an anchor, mis-renders on IE7 defect high future Dijit - LnF
#16549 Tooltip: text appears vertically second time tooltip shown with MS ゴシック font-family (webkit) bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#6968 Tooltip: enhancement to follow mouse dylan enhancement low future Dijit
#10570 Tooltip: element cursor changes to pointer when tooltip appears (FF/mac) defect high tbd Dijit
#9003 Tooltip: destroyRecursive doesn't destroy Tooltip anonymous defect high tbd Dijit
#2676 Tooltip external file CSS issue bill defect high Widgets
#10567 Tooltip connector missing in high contrast mode Becky Gibson defect high tbd Accessibility
#2187 ToolbarDialog could handle the widget liucougar enhancement high 0.9 Dijit
#1574 ToolbarButtons in a ToolbarButtonGroup do not respond to events. liucougar defect high Widgets
#8988 Toolbar: tab key cycles through every toolbar item (chrome) Becky Gibson defect high tbd Accessibility
#2409 Toolbar setEnabled(X,X, true) does not prevent the default action liucougar defect high 0.9 Dijit
#2825 Toggler: port to dijit bill task high 0.9beta Dijit
#12412 ToggleButton: onChange arguments could be more useful anonymous enhancement high tbd Dijit - Form
#13947 TitlePane: closing then opening makes text in !ValidationTextBox disappear (IE6, IE7) defect high 2.0 Dijit
#13640 TitlePane: cannot scroll contained <div> by dragging scrollbar handle defect high tbd Dijit
#5178 TitlePane should use a different attachPoint for setting css defect high Dijit
#5817 Title on editor drop downs bill task high future Dijit - LnF
#16913 TimeTextBox loses/removes milliseconds barbossusus defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#9107 TimeTextBox fails for some timezones using Firefox on nonWindows Douglas Hays defect high 1.7 Dijit - Form
#5706 ThumbnailPicker Should Have Public Interface To Show Desired Thumb Shane O'Sullivan enhancement high future Dojox
#7910 There is no way to get dnd objects when used wia dojotype attribute Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd DnD
#1916 There are some glitches with the Flash configuration screen in Dojo Storage bradneuberg defect low 1.2 Storage/Flash
#2060 Theme w/ new style tj task high Website
#2062 Theme dojo blog tj defect high Website
#2059 Theme Api Reference application tj task high Website
#17282 The performace of function "newItem" of "dojo/data/ItemFileWriteStore.js" downgrades since dojo 1.1 wangfcdl defect undecided tbd Data
#14490 The package name cannot start with "tests" for DOH test. Rawld Gill defect high tbd Loader
#16709 The on() method is not properly working on dojox mobile editable widget ( e.g. : List and IconContainer and maybe some others) Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided 1.9.1 DojoX Mobile
#14413 The entire page always resizes quite a while when loading background picture(on mobile device) ykami defect high tbd DojoX Mobile
#12774 The editor should support an api to set default font and font size enhancement low future Editor
#1175 The upload using the formNode with return type "text/javascript" gives IFrameTransportError" with JSON data. James Burke defect high 0.9 IO
#18194 The day will be moved to next week after press down arrow key in DateTextBox defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#15514 The colour contrast ratio for a disabled dijit.form.Button falls below minimum defined in WCAG 2.0 AA checkpoint 1.4.3 bill defect undecided 1.11 Accessibility
#7134 The button page in the book isn't readable Dustin Machi defect high tbd Website
#11446 The DataGrid can't display all the data items when the itmes is more than 42000. Bryan Forbes defect blocker 1.6 DojoX Grid
#11670 Textarea: readOnly dijit Textarea - Color Banding Visible (soria) anonymous defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#7742 Textarea: has delayed keyboard input in Firefox 3.0.x, not Firefox 2.0.0.x Douglas Hays defect high 1.3 Dijit - Form
#16081 Textarea: Border not visible in high contrast mode with FF15 mikeb defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#4921 Textarea: Be able to specify a minimum height enhancement high 1.1 Dijit - Form
#6360 Textarea rendering problem within a dialog Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form
#12394 TextBox: sometimes no hover effect (chrome 9) defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#11227 TextArea: cols shortchanged on IE bill defect high 1.5 Dijit - Form
#6324 TextArea: can only enter a single char on last line (Safari 3.1/mac/romaji IME) bill defect high 1.2 Dijit - Form
#15427 Text is disappearing on dijit TextBox in IE7 and claro theme ldavis defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#9223 Text is being selected in addition to cells in dojox.grid Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#10421 Text area inside a inlineeditbox with editor disappears in Chrome defect high tbd Dijit
#8196 Tests for the ColorPicker using DOH dante enhancement high 1.4 DojoX Widgets
#15332 Templates for insertTable and modifyTable hardcoded strings instead of html documents in dijit.Editor Table plugin enhancement undecided tbd Editor
#1105 Template vars dont parse arrays bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#8817 Template sites/applications for dojoc Sam Foster enhancement low 1.9 General
#11945 Telling deferred.errback from deferred.cancel Mark Wubben defect high tbd Core
#2827 Table: implement driven lazy loading table bill task high 1.0 Dijit
#10778 TabController right-click menu "Close All" feature enhancement high 1.6 Dijit
#1460 TabContainers loaded in Content panes appears broken on Opera 9 mumme defect high 1.0 Dijit
#15475 TabContainer: tab labels 20px tall even when no children (IE7) defect undecided tbd Dijit
#13411 TabContainer: renders with huge (51000px) width when inside table (IE) defect low future Dijit
#11866 TabContainer: odd behavior in canceling in-flight XHRs bill defect high 1.9 Dijit
#5130 TabContainer: no focus box on the tab pane. defect high 1.1 Dijit
#16439 TabContainer: memory leak JayZ(zhouxiang) defect undecided tbd Dijit
#8246 TabContainer: labels not visible in soria in RTL mode (IE6) defect high future Dijit
#11874 TabContainer: doesn't render correctly in chrome 6 windows defect high tbd Dijit
#7174 TabContainer: caret bleeds through after switching pane (IE) defect high 1.5 Dijit
#10552 TabContainer: add visible attribute to tabs enhancement high future Dijit
#15496 TabContainer: ScrollingTabControllerMenuButton freezes in Firefox 4 - 14b8 bill defect undecided future Dijit
#10495 TabContainer render too wide when use relative width defect high 1.4 Dijit
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