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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#674 IFrameIO transport : data is undefined for text/plain mimetime James Burke defect high General
#687 Combo Box scrolling behavior is irratic alex defect high Widgets
#689 inner window in Floating Pane does not move appropriately anonymous defect high General
#703 add FormBind and RoundedCorners demos Dustin Machi enhancement high Website
#709 dj_eval b0rken for JSON response evaluation anonymous defect high Core
#711 With PopMenu2, the currently selected text is lost cal defect high Widgets
#717 BackgroundIframe Crashes IE under HTTPS anonymous defect high Core
#735 add "slide in selection demo" to demos/ dir and demo web page itorrey task high General
#748 Main web site demos with IE hang anonymous defect high Website
#787 DOJO demos hang under IE6, XPSP2 anonymous defect blocker Website
#788 DOJO demos hang under IE6, XPSP2 anonymous defect blocker Website
#795 DropdownDatePicker and it's name anonymous defect high Widgets
#804 dojo.version is not updated to 0.3.0 anonymous defect high Core
#840 dojo.logging.Logger minor correction to allow logging in browser :) anonymous defect high Core
#888 toggler window #3 renders incorrectly bill defect high Widgets
#999 Tooltip is great but when used in https site, make the message "show non secure items" appear wich is really bad for our website. anonymous defect high Widgets
#1074 ComboBox - incorrect type-ahead / incorrect list Douglas Hays defect high Widgets
#1097 Setting <body onload="function"> prevents dojo from loading anonymous defect high Core
#1230 Menu2 PopupManager.registerAllWindows causes memory leaks bill defect high Widgets
#1247 Accordioncontainer broke by efects tk defect high Website
#1263 Tests should include scripted example dylan enhancement low TestFramework
#1392 Mixed content error in hostenv_browser.js anonymous defect high Core
#1409 Menu2 makes arrow keys unusable for other controls bill defect high Widgets
#1454 revision 5651 prevents scrollbars on contentpanes bill defect high Widgets
#1515 Dojo fails to load in Mozilla for XML pages with <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="..xsl" ?> dylan defect high General
#1700 destroying an Editor2 instance produce the error "ReferenceError: blurfp is not defined" liucougar defect high Editor
#1703 Revision 6257 - TreeV3 Editor Fatal error liucougar defect high Editor
#1809 Dojo combobox does not show the select button on FF when loading dynamically a dojo dialog Douglas Hays defect high General
#1811 ComboBox - 0x0px down arrow when ComboBox starts hidden in FF 1.5 Douglas Hays defect high Widgets
#1812 Localization for time picker Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high General
#1982 on IE, problems resizing ModalFloatingPane liucougar defect high General
#2012 editor2 does not work properly inside content pane liucougar defect blocker Editor
#2019 IE hangs when dojo and struts-html taglib is used on one JSP anonymous defect high General
#2157 MenuBar doesn't collapse liucougar defect high Widgets
#2339 PopupMenu2 doesn't collapse when mouse click outside menu. liucougar defect high Widgets
#2783 [CLA] dojo.number.parse fails for negative numbers in IE Adam Peller defect high Core
#2849 M2: 09: Number tests 'parse' fails on IE 6 Adam Peller defect high General
#2865 Editor2: test failures for Editor2InsideDialog liucougar defect high Editor
#2888 addOnLoad problem with cross-domain alex defect high Loader
#3678 Editor Widget Fails in TabContainer liucougar defect blocker Editor
#4305 dojo.html.getClass failing in FF when passed SVG node...(old bug?) sjmiles defect high HTML
#125 Could not insert custom parameters for Post methods while having form elements anonymous defect high Core
#148 HTMLSlideShow (or Event code) fails to propagate delay properly anonymous defect blocker General
#150 using formNode and content in behaves incorrectly anonymous defect high Core
#156 trivial documentation errors anonymous defect lowest Doc parser
#158 Checkbox values being submitted whether or not they're checked anonymous defect high General
#181 fisheye widget cuts off images in IE (during expansion) Cal defect high Widgets
#197 http status doesn't exist when server is down anonymous defect high General
#242 Can't get just browser event easily anonymous defect high BuildTools
#271 dojo.require: strange infinite recursion bug when string is assigned to or anonymous defect high General
#300 Menu2Manager onClick does not work on IE anonymous defect high Widgets
#457 dojo.widget.Dialog: Work incorrect with the background layer anonymous defect high Widgets
#473 serious but easy-to-fix bug in Collections.js anonymous defect high Core
#528 back/forward io.bind() browser history? anonymous defect high General
#533 dojo.collections.DictionaryIterator doesn't support iteration over one item anonymous defect high General
#549 MSIE freezes when trying to load test_FloatingPane.html Bill defect high TestFramework
#602 context menu improvements anonymous defect high Widgets
#604 sortable table anonymous defect high General
#743 Floating Pane does not count in css positioning anonymous defect high Widgets
#751 There Is No Tests Directory In The 0.3.0 Standard Release anonymous defect high General
#752 There Is No Tests Directory In The 0.3.0 Standard Release anonymous defect high General
#812 IE SSL Warning when using "dojo.html.BackgroundIframe" on https anonymous defect blocker General
#946 dojo.dom.moveChildren might benefit from ... anonymous enhancement lowest Core
#980 CiviCrmDatePicker doesn't work on IE 6.0.2900 anonymous defect high Widgets
#1093 Javascript error when image in Editor2 widget is repeatedly clicked for IE anonymous defect high Widgets
#1100 FormBind failing to extend with function [init] anonymous defect high Core
#1135 CSS for PopupMenu seems to be broken anonymous defect high General
#1220 onClose event is not invoked when I close a "dynamically created" Tab (both in IE & Mozzila) anonymous defect high Core
#1255 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1256 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1333 SortableTable fails to honor selected="true" when parsing from table bill defect high Widgets
#1355 DemoNavigator.js has wrong case for dojo.require of dojo.lang.common anonymous defect high General
#1426 Only the first tab in the AccordionPane shows up; every other tab is invisible. bill defect high Widgets
#1455 ComboBox/Select no easy way to set limit or ignoreLimit bill enhancement high Widgets
#1627 dojo.html.BackgroundIframe causes security message to pop in IE in a secure environment. anonymous enhancement high General
#1710 FATAL exception raised: ReferenceError: blurfp isnot defined for RichText widget bill defect high Editor
#1788 dojo.crypto: huge functionality gaps Tom Trenka enhancement high Crypto
#2000 SplitContainer and iframes bill defect high Widgets
#2042 FilteringTable: field.sortFunction must be meta.sortFunction Tom Trenka defect high Widgets
#2168 DnD broken for tables psowden defect high DnD
#2179 DatePicker doesn't get right date for january 2007 from december 2006 bill defect high Widgets
#2333 Editor2 htmlEditing toggle problem - IE6 on PC. liucougar defect high Editor
#2376 [Patch]Missing i18n file for french locale Adam Peller defect high General
#2398 [cla] italian resource translations Adam Peller defect low Widgets
#2432 issue with progress bar bill defect high Widgets
#2465 When building dojo dependencies are still made for dojo.require lines commented out alex defect low BuildSystem
#2539 DropdownDatePicker test page renders invalid initial value as NAN Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#2567 src/lfx/html.js compresses to buggy code for dojo.lfx.html.wipeIn() Bryan Forbes defect high lfx
#2577 textarea does not resize properly in a FloatingPane dante defect high Dojox
#2591 DropdownDatePicker problem with startDate tk defect high Widgets
#2647 Build Process and commented templateCssPath alex defect high BuildSystem
#2668 No way to unset date in DatePicker tk defect high Widgets
#2681 IE7 security warning when using Tooltip via HTTPS bill defect high Widgets
#2725 Demo doesn't work under Safari anonymous defect high General
#2734 FilteringTable - event.connect - onSelect in Firefox alex defect blocker Events
#2879 broken unit test in FF: tests.i18n alex defect high IO
#3057 using VAR for same variable name within if..then..else clause produces incorrect results alex defect high General
#3280 Stray keyup event after menu closed via keyboard. bill defect high Dijit
#3394 href dialog never loads anything bill defect high Dijit
#3581 Shrinksafe does not handle forward references to variable names correctly James Burke defect high BuildTools
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