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#2865 Editor2: test failures for Editor2InsideDialog liucougar defect high Editor
#2333 Editor2 htmlEditing toggle problem - IE6 on PC. liucougar defect high Editor
#1755 Editor2 generated content liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#1301 Editor2 designMode="On" fails in hidden Editor2 Componente Firefox alex defect high 1.1 Editor
#219 Editor save button, color picker deficiencies alex defect high 1.1 Editor
#6703 Editor doesn't resize correctly inside layout widgets anonymous defect high 1.2 General
#1374 Editor does not maintain entered values accross browser history liucougar defect high 0.9 Widgets
#10418 Editor doen't focus on image at Chrome and Safari(window) defect high tbd Editor
#14027 Editor brings IE8 to crash defect blocker tbd Editor
#17612 Editor bold button disabled in IE9+ Ed Chatelain defect undecided tbd Editor
#3678 Editor Widget Fails in TabContainer liucougar defect blocker Editor
#1194 Editor Loses Paragraph liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#2011 Editor 2 destroy method -- does not remove iframe liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#14393 Editor - Double click link defect high Editor
#7919 Editable Grid refresh does not work on checkboxes Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#7779 Edit mode should end when clicking anywhere on the page that isn't the cell being edited Bryan Forbes defect high 1.6 DojoX Grid
#14872 EDG hijack focus when used with FilteringSelect in IE7/8 Evan defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#1693 DropdownDatePicker: typing in illegal format causes runtime exception (IE) Adam Peller defect high 0.9 Widgets
#2539 DropdownDatePicker test page renders invalid initial value as NAN Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#2591 DropdownDatePicker problem with startDate tk defect high Widgets
#795 DropdownDatePicker and it's name anonymous defect high Widgets
#18019 DropDownMenu fails on OSX Chrome 35.0.1916.114 bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#7511 DropDownButton should be able to respond to mouseOver events defect high tbd Dijit - LnF
#17299 DropDownButton drop down does not close in Internet Explorer 10 defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#4653 Drags can be ended by clicking the right mouse button Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD
#6341 Dragging of floatingpane don´t work dante defect high 1.2 DojoX Widgets
#18961 Dojox/mobile/scrollableview scroll issue defect undecided tbd General
#17640 Dojox.widget.Dialog not parsing HTML 5 Camera tools defect undecided tbd DojoX Widgets
#18805 Dojox Socket Reconnect options dylan defect undecided 1.11 Dojox
#10782 Dojox DTL Add "Else" for the IfChanged tag Neil Roberts enhancement high tbd DojoX DTL
#17570 Dojox Charting selectable legend does not work correclty. defect undecided tbd DojoX Drawing
#10635 DojoX Drawing, Default Drawing Mike Wilcox enhancement high tbd Dojox
#5305 Dojo1.0 Grid widget BiDi support issues anonymous defect high 1.1 General
#6956 Dojo renders tinyMCE disabled when embedded in a TabContainer defect blocker Dijit
#1515 Dojo fails to load in Mozilla for XML pages with <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="..xsl" ?> dylan defect high General
#7420 Dojo dnd firefox 3 bugs anonymous defect high tbd General
#1809 Dojo combobox does not show the select button on FF when loading dynamically a dojo dialog Douglas Hays defect high General
#5779 Dojo charting problem in IE6 Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.2 Charting
#1637 Dojo chart widget enhancements Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.9 gfx (svg+vml)
#5449 Dojo Chart not rendering Axis legend in the right position Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.1 Charting
#13228 Dojo 1.6.x xhr problem with Safari 5.x Bryan Forbes defect blocker tbd IO
#7803 Dojo 1.2 regression - widgets added programmatically to ContentPane are not destroyed defect blocker tbd Dijit
#6170 Dojo 1.0, Title pane, 2D charts, Tundra.css and IE6.0 bill defect high 1.3 Dijit
#18199 Does not load resource file for internationalization when running in Cordova project on Windows 8 platform. defect undecided 1.11 Internationalization
#17949 Dock.js in "arcgis_js_v39_sdk" has an compile error in line 9 dylan defect high 1.10 General
#17606 Do not stop propagation of mousedown event defect undecided tbd DnD
#16805 Dnd: replace event.stop with preventDefault in the dojo/dnd/Selector onMouseDown function Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided tbd DnD
#2156 Dnd doesn't work with table and table row psowden defect high 0.9 DnD
#6898 DnD: Firefox 2 specific DnD problem. Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD
#6302 DnD selection issues on IE (Both IE 6 and IE 7) Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD
#11126 DnD interferes with scroll anonymous defect high tbd General
#6395 DnD css still looks bad alex enhancement high 1.2 DnD
#2168 DnD broken for tables psowden defect high DnD
#7984 Dijit: ESC cancels out of edit, cancel dialogs, etc. and do nothing in std form controls defect high tbd Dijit - LnF
#10751 Dijit tree not working in IE 6.0 defect high tbd Dijit
#17242 Dijit requesting already inlined templates after build defect undecided tbd BuildSystem
#15099 Dijit and Event Bubbling with dojo/on defect undecided tbd Dijit
#2786 Dijit Title Pane looses height on multiple click expansion bill defect high 0.9beta Dijit
#17779 Dijit Dialog show/hide does not always return a promise (Reversion?) spaquette defect undecided 1.10 Dijit
#16698 Differences between mirror on github and tarballs task undecided tbd General
#9056 DialogUnderlay hidden when a Dialog is still shown defect high tbd Dijit
#14696 Dialog: when moving a dialog out of right border of its parent window, it will stretch the parent window. enhancement undecided tbd Dijit
#16384 Dialog: use native keydown event rather than synthetic dojo/_base/connect._keypress bill task undecided 1.9 Dijit
#10257 Dialog: underlay disappear during consecutive hide and show defect high 1.5 Dijit
#9779 Dialog: should use position:fixed instead of position:absolute enhancement low tbd Dijit
#11924 Dialog: first open with href content doesn't auto resize defect high tbd Dijit
#9780 Dialog: disable main window scrolling when showing Dialog enhancement high future Dijit
#9670 Dialog: closing should be cancellable enhancement low future Dijit
#12479 Dialog: clicking underlay then pressing tab focuses objects behind dialog defect high 1.6.2 Dijit
#890 Dialog widget does not block tab and other keyobard events anonymous enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#3488 Dialog should have hover state on close Icon bill defect low 1.0 Dijit - LnF
#6036 Dialog rendering problem dante defect high 1.1 DojoX Widgets
#4470 Dialog is not centered after resizing the window enhancement high 1.2 Dijit
#4530 Dialog is "dancing" while dragging it in Firefox defect high Dijit
#5141 Dialog hide() and then uninitialize() produces js error defect high 1.0.1 Dijit
#10714 Dialog error: null bgIframe on page unload bill defect high 1.4.2 Dijit
#12772 Dialog deletes Form Elements defect high tbd Dijit
#15699 Dialog can't be closed by Pressing "Esc" if user clicks the blank area of the dialog defect undecided tbd General
#3830 Dialog _duration = 0 not working in some browsers anonymous defect high 1.1 General
#13895 Dialog Placement in DOM defect high tbd Dijit
#17088 Destroying a dialog on hide throws exception bill defect undecided tbd Dijit
#1355 DemoNavigator.js has wrong case for dojo.require of dojo.lang.common anonymous defect high General
#2725 Demo doesn't work under Safari anonymous defect high General
#8386 Deleting from AndOrWriteStore does not update dijit.Tree appropriately Jared Jurkiewicz defect high tbd DojoX Data
#9040 Declarative dialog dom positionning problem with input hidden defect high tbd Dijit
#14542 Dead links for build system defect high tbd Documentation
#13907 DateTextBox: text unselectable unless openOnClick=false bill defect high tbd Dijit
#9894 DateTextBox: faulty behavior opening dijit calendar after a date has been selected defect high 1.4 Dijit - Form
#5466 DateTextBox numeric 4-digit year option Adam Peller enhancement high 1.1 Dijit - Form
#7860 DateTextBox in version 1.2RC2 not working properly on FF3 Douglas Hays defect high future Dijit - Form
#18407 DateTextBox broken in dojo 1.10 defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#2179 DatePicker doesn't get right date for january 2007 from december 2006 bill defect high Widgets
#17981 Date control closes automatically defect undecided 1.8.11 DojoX Widgets
#13120 DataStore test failure Jared Jurkiewicz defect high tbd Data
#14431 DataGrid header not aligned with data rows in rtl mode using firefox Evan defect high 1.6.2 DojoX Grid
#9625 DataGrid does not render on an inactive tab Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#14432 DataGrid column resizing in rtl mode and IE Evan defect high 1.6.2 DojoX Grid
#9098 DataGrid Performance Issue in IE7 - dojo-release-1.3.0 Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#13982 DataGrid - wrong calculation of page height Evan defect high 1.7 DojoX Grid
#15596 Data Grids cannot contain editable Dijits from 1.8.0 beta1 Evan defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
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