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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#604 sortable table anonymous defect high General
#605 how to support chinese language anonymous defect high General
#606 Tree locking problem ilia defect high Widgets
#607 widget.wizard doesn't accept style (width/height) parameters bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#608 IE 100% CPU due to BackgroundIframe (was: HtmlTooltip causes IE to run amok with onResized events) bill defect high General
#609 Tree is not shown at all in konqueror when controller is set ilia defect high Widgets
#610 io.bind should support all HTTP Methods for REST API's alex defect high 0.9 IO
#611 ShrinkSafe breaks prototype.js alex defect high 0.9 BuildTools
#612 Richtext editor inside a FloatingPane dylan defect high Core
#613 request: dojoAttachPoint should have currentPoint method alex enhancement high 0.9 Dijit
#614 Widgets hardcode src in the path url anonymous defect high Widgets
#615 Error on bootstrap1 anonymous defect high Widgets
#616 Modify ContentPane link processing to skip #anchor-style links anonymous defect high Widgets
#617 [patch][cla] Drag multiple objects programmatically and decouple event calls Bryan Forbes enhancement high General
#618 bug .. mumme defect high General
#619 Passing an array for a widget in an attribute includes leading whitespace Tom Trenka defect high Core
#620 tooltip does not show up, when it is inside a scrolling div anonymous defect high General
#621 Dialog.js has a bug determining the correct height of the document anonymous defect high Widgets
#622 LayoutContainer has syntaxerror in trunk anonymous defect high Widgets
#623 firebug support breaks safari Dustin Machi defect high General
#624 LayoutContainer doesn't work in programmaticaly in latest trunk anonymous defect high Widgets
#625 dojo.uri.Uri not playing well with djConfig.baseRelativePath jkuhnert defect high 0.9 Core
#626 wipeIn/wipeOut for width dante enhancement high 1.0 lfx
#627 Bootstrap refactoring to reduce bloat and separate package loading James Burke defect high Core
#628"none" not being respected in html generation ilia defect high Widgets
#629 Editor: Does not wrap when long line with no spaces is entered liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#630 disabled checkbox widget can be modified alex defect high Widgets
#631 Split Page widget Virtual Sizer doesn't work on java applet element in IE 6.0 koranteng defect high 0.9 Widgets
#632 TreeNode 'setFolder'-method ilia defect low Widgets
#633 TreeNode 'removeNode'-method ilia defect high Widgets
#634 Removing last node from Tree alex defect high Core
#635 Create dojo.addOnUnload method alex task high Core
#636 2 different date formats (validation - formatting) Adam Peller defect high General
#637 Fisheye Widget - doesn't work after container moved tk defect low 0.9 Dojox
#638 Adding child to tree using RPC control causes double-addition ilia defect blocker Widgets
#639 [patch][cla] Sequnce control module Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.9 Dojox
#640 (wrong month due to improper use of parseInt) - Bug in changeset 3595 Tom Trenka defect high General
#641 FisheyeList bug on IE anonymous defect high Widgets
#642 Typo in svg.js setDimensions anonymous defect high Core
#643 FishEyeList doesn't support programmatic creation anonymous defect high Widgets
#644 DatePicker can't change the day week starts dylan enhancement high Widgets
#645 Sortable Table does not handle date format correct Tom Trenka defect high 0.9 Widgets
#646 Widget-destruction-process calls selectTab mumme defect high Widgets
#647 Create a "faux" XmlHttp Response object to be returned with the result of an IFRAME bind Tom Trenka enhancement high IO
#648 getBoxObjectFor returns a read only variable bill defect high General
#649 Rich text editor bold tab do not work in MVC framework anonymous defect high Widgets
#650 How to make rich text editor, only formatable, and not editable alex enhancement blocker Widgets
#651 Context Menu Crashes Firefox bill defect high General
#652 external href in ContentPane anonymous defect high General
#653 Drag-and-drop (DND) error when interacting with form elements sjmiles defect high General
#654 Cloned element on Dnd displays below Dialog Eugene Lazutkin defect high 0.9 DnD
#655 event object should have pageX/pageY anonymous enhancement high Core
#656 error 12029 anonymous defect high General
#657 support conditional logic in templates Neil Roberts enhancement high 1.0 Dojox
#658 layout pane programmatic creation broken on Safari bill defect high Widgets
#659 event.disconnect on a plain function doent work alex defect low Core
#660 Bad positioning of popups in Editor widget dylan defect low Widgets
#661 Dictionary.getKeySet() fails when dictionary has only 1 item Tom Trenka defect high General
#662 RichText.js can throw error if lastChild is a text node anonymous defect high General
#663 dojo demo checkboxes latency bill defect low Widgets
#664 dojo.debug enhancements jkuhnert enhancement high Core
#665 SplitContainer has unexpected results when SizeMin is 0 (or smaller than the text) Adam Peller defect high 1.1 Dijit
#666 "file","submit","reset","button" not sent with form James Burke defect high 1.0 IO
#667 dojo publish and subscribe functions alex enhancement high Core
#668 cssText doesn't work in Opera, simple workaround needed mumme defect high Widgets
#669 Rhino compression patch alex enhancement high BuildTools
#670 [patch] [cla] support applets as children of widgets bill defect high 1.3 Dojox
#671 Clicking on a disabled button throws a javascript error. anonymous defect high Core
#672 IFrameIO transport does not seem to work in Safari (the test does not return anything in Safari) James Burke defect high General
#673 dojo ant test task anonymous enhancement high TestFramework
#674 IFrameIO transport : data is undefined for text/plain mimetime James Burke defect high General
#675 disabled combobox can be modified neil defect high Widgets
#676 Can't see the contents in the dojo Editor within javascript. dylan defect high Doc parser
#677 JsonService should provide different content-type --- Single line fix anonymous defect high General
#678 ComboBox widget: Safari loses focus of textInput during scroll mumme defect high Widgets
#679 TabContainer / spurious scrollbar (FF) bill defect high Widgets
#680 names in multipart requests should not be encoded Tom Trenka defect high 1.2 Dojox
#681 can't add my own attribute to a treeNode anonymous defect high Widgets
#682 DnD dosnt work properly when constrained to a node (patch attached - CLA is on file - file dnd/HtmlDragAndDrop.js). bill defect high Core
#683 FloatingPane inside a FloatingPane: dragging doesn't work bill defect high Widgets
#684 dragging: arrow not over drag object psowden defect high DnD
#685 [patch] Fixes for data/Item.js skinner defect high General
#686 build system should respect per-file copyright notices alex defect high BuildTools
#687 Combo Box scrolling behavior is irratic alex defect high Widgets
#688 dojo.lfx.propertyAnimation properties should have the start value be optional Bryan Forbes defect high 0.9 General
#689 inner window in Floating Pane does not move appropriately anonymous defect high General
#690 Color.toHex returning incorrect value anonymous defect high General
#691 ContentPane does not accept other widgets as content anonymous defect high Widgets
#692 [patch][cla] ComboBox form name missing dylan defect high Widgets
#693 Issue with dojo.event.connect ordering of method calls alex defect high General
#694 Mouse move error in tests/event/test_rate_limited_events.html alex defect high 0.9 Events
#695 dojo.event.connect doesn't accept the following parameters: 'around', object, methodName, function alex enhancement high 1.0 Events
#696 Dynamical package loading in Opera depends on "Content-Type" for *.js files anonymous defect low General
#697 closeable tabs that get cancled (ie, not closed after clicking X) become useless anonymous defect high Widgets
#698 DropdownDatePicker overlaid by browsers' form history selector anonymous defect high Widgets
#699 test_BrowserIO.timeout.html not working in Opera anonymous defect high General
#700 Error on Opera 9 with Dojo Storage bradneuberg defect high Storage/Flash
#701 widget infrastructure: make args and frag class variables bill task high 0.9beta Dijit
#702 Button in hidden tab not displayed correctly (firefox) bill defect high Widgets
#703 add FormBind and RoundedCorners demos Dustin Machi enhancement high Website
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