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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9534 [meta] Eliminating stray commas, cleanup, typo fixes. Eugene Lazutkin task low future General
#9536 Progressbar with maximum=0 fails in IE bill defect low 1.7 Dijit
#9544 Problem with gears storage in Firefox 3.5 Shane O'Sullivan defect low future Storage/Flash
#9549 DOH doesn't start tests automatically when dojo is not present. Eugene Lazutkin defect low future TestFramework
#9560 [patch][cla] dojo.removeClass w/o class name should remove all classes Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.4 Core
#9565 Allow to view source code from documentation nonken enhancement low 1.8 Documentation
#9567 BorderContainer doesn't renders properly when instantiated from inside of other widget template defect low 1.4 Dijit
#9574 Add more jQuery idioms anonymous enhancement low tbd General
#9577 addClass/removeClass add array support Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.4 Core
#9578 dojox.layout.ContentPane / dojo.html._ContentSetter parse fails when modules loaded async (AMD) bill defect low 1.8 DojoX Layout
#9591 Provide option to remove debugger statements Adam Peller enhancement low future ShrinkSafe
#9618 [patch][cla] Enhancement: Add support for xhrGet (and ItemFileReadStore) to fail silently Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.4 Core
#9619 InlineEditBox: save button not enabled when value changed via mouse bill defect low 1.4 Dijit
#9623 [patch] [cla] Cache issue with dojox.dtl._Templated ben hockey defect low 1.8 DojoX DTL
#9630 Opera: script handling executes twice dante defect low 1.4 Dojox
#9631 BorderContainer: make splitters responded to hover events Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.4 Dijit - LnF
#9641 Split dojo/_base/html.js Eugene Lazutkin task low 1.7 HTML
#9642 NodeList - unsupported dojo.create() example Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.4 Documentation
#9656 NodeList-dom: add find() method Kris Zyp enhancement low 1.13 Query
#9667 add/remove columns to the grid dynamically Bryan Forbes enhancement low future DojoX Grid
#9670 Dialog: closing should be cancellable enhancement low future Dijit
#9682 ShrinkSafe obfuscates _ character when it shouldn't Richard Backhouse defect low future ShrinkSafe
#9696 Widget won't run on IE7 with "object does not support this property or method error" while it runs correctly at other browser Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#9697 CSS Only Build Option Rawld Gill enhancement low 1.13 BuildTools
#9698 webkitMobile=true with profile=standardCustomBase build causes "d is not defined" runtime error dylan defect low 1.7 BuildSystem
#9708 [patch/cla] dijit.getEnclosingWidget using dojo.query task low tbd Dijit
#9711 Can not make custom build. virsir defect low future BuildTools
#9714 FilteringSelect does not recognize an option suffixed with '*' to be selected onChange or onBlur Douglas Hays defect low 1.1 Dijit - Form
#9716 [patch] [cla] DTL variables in attribute nodes not replaced when empty carpie defect low future DojoX DTL
#9721 Digit registry - minor api inconsitency defect low tbd Dijit
#9742 NumberTextBoxes not being found with dijit.findWidgets() or dijit.getChildren() defect low tbd Dijit - Form
#9743 Menu: appears in wrong position when attached to an node inside of an iframe bill enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#9773 Shrinksafe incompatible with latest versions of Rhino Richard Backhouse task low future ShrinkSafe
#9779 Dialog: should use position:fixed instead of position:absolute enhancement low tbd Dijit
#9806 dojo.NodeList missing removeAttr dante defect low 1.4 Core
#9813 Bad refresh of grid when resizing window Bryan Forbes defect low tbd DojoX Grid
#9822 dojo.attr(li, "value") returns number on IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect low future HTML
#9828 Variable named 'yield' causes problems in shrinksafe Richard Backhouse defect low future ShrinkSafe
#9830 Error when creating dojo build Goran Miskovic enhancement low future BuildTools
#9841 [regression] DTL doh test failure in test_tag_ifequal on FF3.5/mac Neil Roberts defect low 1.7 DojoX DTL
#9863 [patch] [cla] beginnings of a v8 hostenv enhancement low 1.7 Core
#9867 hostenv for Seed Bryan Forbes enhancement low future Core
#9869 Tree: option to temporarily disable UI updates enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#9871 dojox.drawing inline docs break doc parsing Mike Wilcox defect low 1.9 Documentation
#9882 Grid Selection needs a method for simply setting the currently selected row(s) Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.4 DojoX Grid
#9889 Menu: need to be able to determine if an item or subitem was clicked _before_ onClose enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#9905 Make the type of debugger configurable via djConfig cb1kenobi enhancement low future Core
#9921 [patch] [cla] dojox.drawing breaks keyboard browser tab navigation dylan defect low 1.9 DojoX Drawing
#9922 IE6 stack overflow error with long chain of dojo.require's alex defect low tbd Loader
#9958 replaceChild optimization to have better IE performances bill enhancement low 2.0 Dijit
#9970 dijit._TemplatedWidget enhancement low 2.0 Dijit
#9985 dijit._Contained._getSibling() code reduction bill task low 1.4 Dijit
#9989 Tree code size reduction bill task low 1.4 Dijit
#9991 Unable to check if object is an instance of dojo.NodeList Eugene Lazutkin defect low future Core
#10002 Calendar: support selection of distant years enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#10005 inconsistent return value task low tbd Dijit
#10015 robot: improve mouse interaction with iframes haysmark enhancement low 1.4 TestFramework
#10017 acme accepts invalid syntax dylan defect low future Query
#10022 Do not pick up non-string literal dojo.require calls in the build system. Rawld Gill defect low 1.7 BuildSystem
#10074 NodeList-traverse why first() and last() return NodeList? anonymous enhancement low tbd General
#10100 Tree code minor simplification task low 1.6 Dijit
#10118 [patch][cla] timesince filter fails if delta < 60000 defect low 1.13 DojoX DTL
#10137 _Widget should have a method for creating "threads" bill enhancement low future Dijit
#10156 miscalced dojo root when working from source Rawld Gill defect low 1.8 Loader
#10164 grid.setStore broken when grid is embedded in Dialog Nathan Toone defect low future DojoX Grid
#10165 grid formatter is broken when grid is embedded within Dialog Nathan Toone defect low future DojoX Grid
#10179 dojo.attr breaks with "class" on IE8 anonymous defect low 1.3 HTML
#10199 DnD parsing on a DTL template doesn't work Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#10217 dojo.connectPublisher simplification dante defect low future Events
#10220 'create link' removes markup Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement low future Editor
#10235 fileuploader breaks when used in a page with moo tools Mike Wilcox defect low 1.4 DojoX Form
#10236 should be changed to hasAttributeValue or hasValue Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement low tbd Data
#10249 Consider non-source djConfig properties in the source dojo.js enhancement low future Loader
#10258 Variable evaluation inconsistencies with official DTL (if-tag) Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#10259 Firefox 3.6 - error when loading firebug.js Mike Wilcox defect low 1.4 General
#10260 someProperty search/replace gone wild in test files Kris Zyp defect low 1.9 DojoX Data
#10276 FilteringSelect: error on "more choices" when number of option equals pagesize Douglas Hays defect low 1.5 Dijit - Form
#10287 _xhrArg() meaningless parameter James Burke task low 1.4 Core
#10296 Menu: Destroying menu items with focus leaves widget in a bad state Adam Peller defect low future Dijit
#10320 changeContentTable test errors in Opera bill defect low 1.7.5 Query
#10335 number spinner value in grid cell invisible hungerburg defect low 1.6 themes
#10337 Opera 10: dojo adds <br/> James Burke defect low tbd General
#10344 FontChoice, FontSize, Format tests Jared Jurkiewicz task low future Editor
#10345 Bug IE dojo.attr with events (or doc omission) Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.4.1 Documentation
#10359 [patch][cla] Let dojox.editor.plugins.UploadImage introduce uploaderParams Mike Wilcox enhancement low future Editor
#10371 Single Value Decomposition function for dojo.math.matrix Tom Trenka enhancement low tbd Dojox
#10406 [patch] [cla] Add "required" validation to CheckedMultiSelect dante enhancement low 1.6 DojoX Form
#10410 Problem with keyboard shortcuts that involve "tab" on safari sjmiles defect low future Events
#10415 Make dijit.Editor use contentEditable in Firefox whenever it supports it bill task low 1.7.6 Editor
#10450 AccordionContainer: unwanted scrollbar appears in child after accordion resize bill defect low 1.6 Dijit
#10511 [patch]Allow doh runner.js to register module paths when used from rhino/ haysmark enhancement low tbd TestFramework
#10537 Editor has some problem to set custom contentsPreFilters at Chrome Jared Jurkiewicz defect low 1.5 Editor
#10547 Dialog: scrolling problem with popups bill defect low 1.6 Dijit
#10555 BorderContainer layout doesn't work in DIV blocks defect low tbd Dijit
#10560 unable to access/load dojox.dtl._DomTemplated from CDN Neil Roberts defect low tbd DojoX DTL
#10579 dojox.layout.RadioGroup Issues dante defect low 1.6 DojoX Layout
#10580 dojox.layout.RadioGroup Issues dante defect low tbd DojoX Layout
#10586 TabContainer: support first-character navigation of drop-down tab list enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#10592 dojo.config.require files required after dojo base but before modules in a dojo build Rawld Gill defect low 1.7 BuildSystem
#10596 Add support to Menu / MenuBar enhancement low future Dijit
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