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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#504 Fix the build/packaging system (esp external packages) jkuhnert enhancement high 0.9 BuildTools
#505 I can't undo change when the newValue is not correct.(dojo.widget.InlineEditBox) tk enhancement high Widgets
#506 FloatingPane css bug anonymous defect low Widgets
#507 CSS race condition anonymous defect high General
#508 SplitPane.removeChild fails anonymous defect high Widgets
#509 "Unexpected indentation." in Roadmap dylan defect high Roadmap
#510 ContentPane._executeScript uses global loop-variable anonymous defect high Widgets
#511 Toolbar.js needs some cleanup bill? enhancement high Widgets
#512 [patch][need cla] make encodeForm use per-type serialization functions James Burke enhancement high 0.9 General
#513 dojo.require assumes too easily that a module is already loaded James Burke defect high Core
#514 not using timeoutSeconds/onTimeout for all applicable transports James Burke defect high 0.9 General
#515 dojo fails on certain sessionids within uris anonymous defect high Core
#516 Accordion test fails in IE6 while clicking "in vertical mode" anonymous defect high Widgets
#517 dojo.undo.browser not able to detect back button for first page anonymous defect high General
#518 Unable to change widget ID on the fly anonymous defect high Widgets
#519 parses month incorrectly. anonymous defect high General
#520 dojo.widget.Parse dependant on sort order in for(var item in object) anonymous defect high Core
#521 event system should support multi-connection similar to YUI's array syntax alex enhancement high Core
#522 additional dojo.dom utility methods/patch anonymous enhancement high General
#523 ToolbarItem fails to handle 'selected' attribute in markup-based construction liucougar defect high Widgets
#524 IframeIO transport is buggy on IE with 'multipart' request and 'text/xml' mimetype anonymous enhancement high Core
#525 dojo.string.endsWith not working anonymous defect high Core
#526 Requesting dojo.event.connect always set up "this" anonymous enhancement high Core
#527 Requesting dojo.event.connect set up currentTarget in IE sjmiles enhancement high Core
#528 back/forward io.bind() browser history? anonymous defect high General
#529 wrong node for dojo.dom.getAncestors(node, null, true) anonymous defect high General
#530 dojo.dom.innerXML does not work for IE anonymous defect high General
#531 bad implementation of dojo.svg.setCoords anonymous defect high Core
#532 Editor not working with IE / High Security Level (ActiveX disabled) alex defect blocker Widgets
#533 dojo.collections.DictionaryIterator doesn't support iteration over one item anonymous defect high General
#534 Make dojo.lang.forEach work on objects too sjmiles enhancement high Core
#535 improvement for SortableTable / sortusing Tom Trenka defect high General
#536 Make[set|get]ObjectCookie() work with nested objects sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 IO
#537 Menu2 not always working in IE alex defect high Widgets
#538 dojo.require(After)If bails out when condition is false anonymous defect high Core
#539 Cleanup of events for dynamically created widgets anonymous defect high General
#540 Add context parameter to dojo.evalObjPath() (like dojo.lang.setObjPathValue() has it) sjmiles enhancement high Core
#541 dojo.event.topic: add method to delete a topic alex enhancement high Core
#542 TreeDragAndDrop only allows TreeNodes to be dragged on ilia defect high Widgets
#543 XHTML comliant code in the Text Editor Widget anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#544 dojo.event.connect works differently in IE6.0 and Firefox1.5.0.1 anonymous defect high Widgets
#545 ContentPane.js bill defect high Widgets
#546 combination effects Bryan Forbes enhancement high General
#547 TreeNode childIconSrc requests url() ilia defect high Widgets
#548 Mixed-Content warning in IE from BackgroundIFrame over HTTPS bill defect high Widgets
#549 MSIE freezes when trying to load test_FloatingPane.html Bill defect high TestFramework
#550 Mixed Content Bug in dojo/src/storage/Browser.js dylan defect high Core
#551 New method: Tom Trenka defect high Core
#552 TreeRPCController doCreateChild serializes too little ilia defect high Widgets
#553 Feature Request: HtmlTooltipTemplate.css would be better not to define a max-width Dustin Machi enhancement low Widgets
#554 [patch]compressor renaming in function scope is order-dependant jkuhnert defect high BuildTools
#555 Add ########## to anonymous defect high General
#556 collections.Set.union function loops infinitely anonymous defect high General
#557 IE 6 refuses to load page if dojo is loaded in HEAD and a BASE tag exists before that. Tom Trenka defect high Core
#558 Fix documentation for src/string/extras.js (patch included) anonymous enhancement high Doc parser
#559 TreeNode disables too much ilia defect high Widgets
#560 Dojo builds should not re-define the root Dojo object if included twice James Burke enhancement high Core
#561 SortableTable render() and parseData() semantics [email protected] defect high General
#562 dojo.lang.getType() - gets*() compatible type anonymous enhancement high Core
#563 LayoutPane cannot size itself based on it's content koranteng enhancement high 1.0 Dijit
#564 [patch][need cla] regression: default value for combobox bill enhancement high Widgets
#565 bug & fix - custom templatePath attribute not processed properly by DomWidget.js (current trunk version 3375) alex defect high Widgets
#566 [patch] Part widget suggestion morris enhancement high Widgets
#567 ContentPane::splitAndFixPaths causes "unterminated parenthetical" [email protected] defect high Widgets
#568 - an array for a parameter in content object should send multiple name-value pairs for the parameter alex defect high Core
#569 TreeLoadingController needs a way to change parameter "action" to something else anonymous enhancement low Widgets
#570 Advanced SortableTable (ReportGrid) Tom Trenka enhancement high Widgets
#571 IframeIO does not work with Opera 8.52 alex defect high Core
#572 trac improvement: setup modules with default modules owners under component field Dustin Machi enhancement high General
#573 SlideShow widget doesn’t loop when there are only two slides in Safari dylan defect high Widgets
#574 evaluates length.getAttribute - is not a function anonymous defect high Core
#575 [CLA] [fix provided] IE's responseXML (which gets called by does not really return xml doc when mimetype = "text/xml" and content-type != "text/xml" alex defect low 0.9 Core
#576 Rich Text Editor wrongly specifies fontFace for fontName liucougar defect high Doc parser
#577 IframeIO transport does not handle mimetype text/html well James Burke defect high Core
#578 events weird behavior alex defect high Core
#579 <br> tag out of nowhere Dustin Machi defect high Widgets
#580 tree: moving sub-node to higher lever throws error, draggable is not detached from cursor anonymous defect high Widgets
#581 tree: strictFolders mode, action create on non-folders with no result anonymous defect high Widgets
#582 disalbe/enable button methods request bill enhancement high Widgets
#583 Tree doesn't work correctly with immediately closed <div> tags anonymous defect high General
#584 problem generating compress dojo.js alex defect high General
#585 (copy and paste typo bug) anonymous defect high Core
#586 Allow advice before/after ContentPane sets node.innerHTML bill enhancement high Widgets
#587 ResizeHandle should handle raw dom nodes not just Widgets bill enhancement high Widgets
#588 time zones don't currently support daylight savings time Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Core
#589 dojo.event.topic.subscribe BEFORE makeWidgets ilia defect high 0.9 Events
#590 Grid problem ilia defect high General
#591 DND accept problem ilia defect high 0.9 DnD
#592 Allow ComboBox to accept JSON and normal JS responses [email protected] defect high General
#593 InternetExplorer script error on a shadow parameter when using the popup parameter of AjaxDirectLink or AjaxSubmit anonymous defect high General
#594 On pageload, RTEditor cannot get focus until one of the toolbar items is clicked liucougar defect high Editor
#595 Line:289 Unexpected call to method or property access sjmiles defect blocker Core
#596 Safari: using dojo.event.connect to cause form submit does not work anonymous defect high General
#597 Add "expanded" and "collapsed" to Tree to know when animations are done ilia enhancement high Widgets
#598 MenuSeparator2 Does Not Work with CreateWidget anonymous defect high Widgets
#599 TimePicker: implement haysmark task high 1.0 Dijit
#600 unordered lists using dojo.dnd don't have the right appearance during drag if in a FloatPane anonymous defect low 0.9 Widgets
#601 context menu improvements bill defect high 1.2.1 Dijit
#602 context menu improvements anonymous defect high Widgets
#603 sortable table anonymous defect high General
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