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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#8329 Consider expanding dojo.provide/getObject calls in build layer for speed Rawld Gill defect low future BuildSystem
#8336 firebug lite popup issues Mike Wilcox defect low future General
#8345 Dialog: add an option so that it can't be closed by "normal means" liucougar feature low 1.9 Dijit
#8357 need to re-enable hook points for custom pseudos and provide infrastructure for aggregate filter pseudos dylan enhancement low future Query
#8371 dojox.gfx mouseover/setShape bug in IE VML Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.13 DojoX GFX
#8383 maven release mechanism Greg Wilkins enhancement low future BuildSystem
#8385 Datagrid cell definition should have sortable attribute Bryan Forbes enhancement low future DojoX Grid
#8395 Suggest refactoring of optmize= parameters to Rawld Gill enhancement low 2.0 BuildSystem
#8424 _Templated: bug with <ol>, <li> and <fieldset> (IE7) defect low 2.0 Dijit
#8451 NodeList trigger event capabilities Kris Zyp enhancement low tbd Core
#8458 dojox.gfx does not work in AIR Eugene Lazutkin defect low future DojoX GFX
#8465 Auto-register custom modules prefixes for xdomain builds inside of dojo.xd.js Rawld Gill defect low 1.7 BuildSystem
#8496 shave some bytes from James Burke task low 1.5.2 IO
#8500 Minimize FloatingPane using soria Jared Jurkiewicz defect low 1.3 DojoX Widgets
#8525 should create a form if one isn't passed but POST is required Bryan Forbes defect low 1.13 IO
#8534; handler may be multiply called Shane O'Sullivan defect low 1.9 Storage/Flash
#8545 Tree: unwanted grid lines with showRoot=false when root's children are leaf nodes (tundra, soria, nihilo) defect low future Dijit
#8564 dojo minification yields different results on different machines James Burke enhancement low 1.3 BuildSystem
#8578 Create a means of logging the results of doh test runs to a central location Sam Foster task low future TestFramework
#8584 add a start parameter to dijit.scrollIntoView enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#8628 Typo in code example for dojo.publish bill defect low 1.3 Events
#8631 dojo.query does not like the = character dylan defect low future Query
#8647 dojox.gfx.surface misplaced in IE Eugene Lazutkin defect low tbd DojoX GFX
#8673 dojo.fadeIn and dojo.fadeOut does not work at Opera browser anonymous defect low tbd Core
#8679 Dialog's "_position" should utilize position fixed enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#8680 Tooltip: allow scrollable content enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#8694 Dijit do not work with Opera 10 defect low future Dijit
#8695 let the markup explicitly specify terminal dojoType nodes bill enhancement low 1.9 Parser
#8723 dojox.dtl: style is not preserved liucougar defect low future DojoX DTL
#8733 Patch LazyLoadJSIStore Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement low tbd DojoX Data
#8738 dojo.publish could convert to array enhancement low 1.7 Core
#8745 [meta] dijit doctype switching test support Douglas Hays task low 1.4 Dijit
#8756 dojo.number.format returning an incorrect value or large exponentials Adam Peller defect low future Core
#8781 [dojox.image] LightboxNano can be reduced some cb1kenobi enhancement low 1.3 Dojox
#8804 Scrollbars always on in editor Douglas Hays defect low 1.3 Editor
#8817 Template sites/applications for dojoc Sam Foster enhancement low 1.9 General
#8822 [patch][cla]Dialog: popups loaded by code in a dialog do not handle keypresses Nathan Toone defect low 1.4 Dijit
#8840 [patch][cla] dojox.dtl: in IE, tabIndex parsing error liucougar defect low future DojoX DTL
#8841 [patch][ccla] : bad trailing coma Jared Jurkiewicz defect low 1.3 DojoX Data
#8848 dojox.grid - setting autoheight to a negative number (instead of a string) doesn't work Nathan Toone defect low 1.3 DojoX Grid
#8857 Extend dojox.embed with VLC Media Plug-in support Tom Trenka enhancement low future Dojox
#8871 dojox.form.SelectStackWidget onchange not firing in IE Nathan Toone defect low 1.3 DojoX Form
#8912 [patch] [cla] serious memory leak in dojox.dtl in IE liucougar defect low future DojoX DTL
#8936 test failures in JsonRPC-EchoTest (Safari/win) Dustin Machi defect low tbd RPC
#8938 dojo.query unit test failures on opera Kris Zyp defect low 1.9 Query
#8953 [patch] [cla] RTL broken in quirks mode (IE) bill defect low 1.11 HTML
#8971 [patch] [cla] tree.js typo? setWaitState() bill defect low 1.4 Accessibility
#8985 Use full range of alpha characters in ShrinkSafe Adam Peller enhancement low future ShrinkSafe
#8999 Delete Report #83 from Trac anonymous task low 1.3 Operations
#9008 expandProvide and xdomain builds do not work Rawld Gill defect low future BuildSystem
#9019 dojox.grid column resizers should probably be ew-resize instead of e-resize and w-resize Nathan Toone defect low 1.4 DojoX Grid
#9020 dojox.grid: Add support for setting certain cells to not be draggable Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.4 DojoX Grid
#9027 dojox.grid: Grid needs to support "plugins" enhancement low future DojoX Grid
#9029 LightboxNano wrapping - display: block cb1kenobi defect low 1.4 Dojox
#9035 build: scope params cannot be set in profile dante defect low future BuildSystem
#9037 optimize=comments still shrinksafe's dojo.js Rawld Gill task low 2.0 BuildTools
#9045 Weird condition in query.js file (dojo/base) julienlegall defect low future Query
#9048 Constructor list for dojox.grid has "See create() for details." under DataGrid, but there is no "create()" method. defect low tbd Documentation
#9063 [meta] fix long-line formatting. Shouldn't be more than 80 chars. dante defect low tbd General
#9064 dojox chart2 in <div> with % height in IE 7/8 doesn't work Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.13 Charting
#9072 DropDownButton should provide listeners to notify before the dropDown is shown or hidden. enhancement low 1.4 Dijit - Form
#9077 ItemFileReadStore should have an option to assume a flat data store Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement low 1.4 Data
#9087 Add themed icons for when moving dojox.Grid columns nonken enhancement low 1.7 themes
#9101 onDelete - deletedItem parameter is useless Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement low future Data
#9104 Adding a "dohBase" argument to the DOH test runner alex enhancement low 1.4 TestFramework
#9112 Arrows for ComboBox, FilteringSelect don't work in Opera and Konqueror Douglas Hays defect low 1.5 Dijit - Form
#9132 Ability to select months instead of days in DateTextBox with MM/yyyy format enhancement low tbd Dijit - Form
#9136 Add in an isFBLite property Mike Wilcox enhancement low future Core
#9138 FilteringSelect does not support options with values that contain commas dylan defect low 1.7 Dijit - Form
#9141 AccordionContainer: layout glitch during animation bill defect low 1.6 Dijit
#9159 DOH - add ability to reload individual tests dante enhancement low future TestFramework
#9180 1.3 dijit.Dialog / dijit._underlay uses references to self-created DialogUnderlay bill defect low 1.4 Dijit
#9188 Build application's source files without building dojo source everytime. Rawld Gill enhancement low 2.0 BuildSystem
#9191 dojo.query - optionally return results in correct DOM order dylan enhancement low future Query
#9195 fails in IE with modal dialogs Shane O'Sullivan defect low 1.9 Storage/Flash
#9196 dijit._editor.plugins.LinkDialog adds unneeded closing img tag bill defect low 1.4 Editor
#9243 doh.robot.typeKeys and doh.robot.KeyPress seems not support backslash key haysmark defect low future TestFramework
#9251 DTL: Extending a block inside a for loop doesn't work Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#9254 [patch] [cla] TitlePane: should offer a non-collapsable version, for consistent styling bill enhancement low 1.4 Dijit
#9255 DTL extends doesnt work with objects Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#9273 dojox.form.TimeSpinner.js not working and needs to be depreciated Dustin Machi defect low 1.4 DojoX Form
#9282 robot: make interacting with file dialogs easier haysmark enhancement low future TestFramework
#9284 Support printing styles with dijit enhancement low future Dijit
#9292 DTL problem with nested widgets inside Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#9295 Keyboard shortcuts for Grid don't work in Safari Bryan Forbes defect low tbd DojoX Grid
#9316 Include a new parameter in grid formatter Bryan Forbes enhancement low tbd DojoX Grid
#9325 IE8: grid lines missing in RTL evan defect low 1.5 DojoX Grid
#9356 Move dojox.form._HasDropDown to dijit Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.4 Dijit
#9364 Enhancement: support self-degrading scripts dante enhancement low future General
#9382 DTL: Error when a block is inside an IF that refers to an undefined variable Neil Roberts defect low future DojoX DTL
#9386 Treegrid: unable to edit child rows in Treegrid Evan defect low 2.0 DojoX Grid
#9395 layer file in nonexistent directory breaks build Rawld Gill defect low 1.7 BuildSystem
#9406 Modify NodeList.adopt() to be more in line with the rest of NodeList methods. Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.13 Core
#9413 Tree: nodes initially show + expando icon even when no children bill defect low 2.0 Dijit
#9434 Unnecessary code in xhr.js? James Burke defect low 1.4 Core
#9435 Small error in dojo.fx.combine documentation dante defect low 1.4 General
#9436 Typo in a sample SMD file. Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.4 RPC
#9494 Generalize the map in dojo.string.substitute Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.6 Core
#9497 dojo.query of [attr$='suffix'] returns non-matching hidden fields dylan defect low 1.8 Query
#9503 error in example from dojo.fx.Toggler api documentation dante defect low 1.4 Documentation
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