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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#304 RemotePane.js Patch/Fix for Class anonymous defect high Widgets
#305 doesn't allow hostnames that start with numbers david defect high General
#306 Dojo Needs a date.add function anonymous defect high General
#307 Widgets not displaying in Safari alex defect high Core
#308 Spelling Mistake of 'length' Method anonymous defect high General
#309 FisheyeList Widget Under a Dialog Does Not Go Under anonymous defect high Widgets
#310 dojo can't figure out where it lives when using dojo.js.compressed.js david defect high General
#311 Add editor build profile david defect high BuildTools
#312 FireFox + Tree + anonymous defect high Widgets
#313 Add another parameter to to specify how to show element sjmiles enhancement high General
#314 Form Elements Inside Dialog Widgets anonymous defect high Widgets
#315 hasChildNodes() Returns true Too Many Times anonymous defect high General
#316 Add ability to have a generic "behavior" function that gets notified via the parser dylan enhancement high General
#317 [meta] dojo.text utility parsers; reST, markdown, wiki markup, ... Tom Trenka enhancement high future Dojox
#318 drag'n'drop bug anonymous defect high Widgets
#319 ContentPane needs to require "*" anonymous defect high General
#320 Type in widget/Tree.js anonymous defect high Widgets
#321 AnimationSequence objects may incorrectly share state anonymous defect high General
#322 improve coordinates calculations with svg widgets Tom Trenka enhancement high 0.9 General
#323 [patch][need cla] drag and drop support for SVG widgets Tom Trenka enhancement low 0.9 General
#324 [patch][need cla] Using Dojo in a XUL page fails to locate last script element alex defect high General
#325 Using Dojo in a XUL page fails to write hidden <iframe> alex defect high General
#326 [patch] add/removeChild implementation on tabPane is incomplete bill defect high Widgets
#327 drop down button displays menu in wrong place when page scrolled anonymous defect high General
#328 combobox /javascript error when pushing caret (IE) anonymous defect high Widgets
#329 Menu2 missing konquerer specific code anonymous defect high Widgets
#330 remote combobox broken anonymous defect high Widgets
#331 fix some links pointing to bug tracker and svn alex defect high Website
#332 CiviDatePicker broken alex defect high Widgets
#333 DebugConsole prints wierd errors on IE anonymous defect high Widgets
#334 resizing with ResizeHandle sometimes doesn't work bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#335 wipe effect doesn't work for floating panes Bryan Forbes defect high lfx
#336 lots of errors in style tests sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 Core
#337 taskbar items display problem in IE bill defect high Widgets
#338 splitpane doesn't support programmatic creation anonymous defect high Widgets
#339 Window Manager-like features anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#340 RPC package anonymous enhancement high Core
#341 layout container refactoring/enhancments anonymous enhancement high General
#342 DebugConsole anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#343 How to include css file on Widget Editor anonymous defect high General
#344 Rich Text Editor accepts any HTML or Scripts from clipboard, paste Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.7 Editor
#345 how to use onload on a widget (like editor) anonymous defect high Widgets
#346 Parse.js IE 5.5 problem dylan defect high Widgets
#347 widget.byId from a named frame liucougar enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#348 dojo.lang.find is not consistently polymorphic skinner defect high Core
#349 ContentPane etc. doesn't call destroyWidgets() anonymous defect high Widgets
#350 dddd anonymous enhancement high General
#351 DnD: Make it easy to create arbitrary DOM node when dragging Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 0.9 DnD
#352 Add form node filtering support to bind io form enhancement high General
#353 [patch][cla] event.connect breaks with undefined first argument sjmiles defect high 0.9 Core
#354 Dojo Jot Wiki is filled with spam alex defect high Doc parser
#355 Requiring dojo.widget.RichText after page load overwrites entire page anonymous defect high Widgets
#356 font size adjustment would be an essential addition to the Dojo Editor liucougar enhancement high Widgets
#357 Relax relative URL requirement for dojo.hostenv.loadPath(...) alex enhancement high Core
#358 Distribute a Weblets-compatible JAR jkuhnert enhancement high 0.9 General
#359 dojo.lang.find problems with polymorphism and arrays skinner defect lowest Core
#360 JUM -- support for setUp() tearDown() jkuhnert enhancement low 0.9 TestFramework
#361 JUM -- sandboxes for unit tests jkuhnert enhancement low 0.9 TestFramework
#362 JUM -- automatically run all tests, in a brower jkuhnert enhancement low 0.9 TestFramework
#363 Rename jum? Maybe dojo.unit? anonymous enhancement low 1.0 TestFramework
#364 tab working incorrect on combobox widget anonymous defect high Widgets
#365 dojo.html.getEventTarget acts differently in Safari sjmiles defect high General
#366 IOBrowser missing string.extras anonymous defect high General
#367 ContentPane/LinkPane - scripts not processed bill defect high Widgets
#368 more generic Togglers bill enhancement high Widgets
#369 TabPane firing show/hide several times during selection action alex defect high Widgets
#370 DND does not work when dragging onto a panel with another under lying dragtarget psowden defect high 0.9 DnD
#371 PropertySetter widgets Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement high 1.0 Dojox
#372 Wike Site messed up anonymous defect blocker General
#373 async onDrop Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#374 Dialog - correct background sizing for short pages. bill enhancement low Widgets
#375 dojo.json.evalJson never returns the eval results? anonymous defect high Core
#376 Textarea Rich Text Editor doesn't work in Safari alex defect high 0.9 Editor
#377 Rich Text Editing with a textarea field doesn't work in Safari alex defect high 0.9 Dijit - Form
#378 EditorTree node widgets created from HTML have inconsistent state ilia defect high Widgets
#379 [patch] Alternative io transport and script loading allowing cross-domain use of Dojo package James Burke enhancement high Core
#380 loading fisheye freezes firefox in editor build anonymous defect high General
#381 Enhance to execute embedded and linked script files alex enhancement high General
#382 Problems with anonymous defect high General
#383 瑞丰专业注册香港公司权威机构 香港公司注册 defect high General
#384 瑞丰香港特区专业注册香港公司权威机构 香港公司注册 defect high General
#385 香港特区专业注册香港公司瑞丰权威机构 香港公司注册 enhancement high General
#386 香港特区专业注册香港公司瑞丰权威机构 香港公司注册 defect high General
#387 香港特区瑞丰权威机构专业注册香港公司 香港公司注册 defect high General
#388 dojo.lang.isArrayLike() fails on undefined and null anonymous defect high General
#389 Menu2 in wrong position inside TabSet anonymous defect high Widgets
#390 EditorTreeNode childIconSrc not controllable through HTML ilia defect high Widgets
#391 SplitPanePanels sometimes have undesired scrollbars bill defect high Widgets
#392 Editor: bullets writing position liucougar defect low 0.9 Editor
#393 Don't evaluate 404 error pages in hostenv_browser anonymous defect high General
#394 DnD detection of left mouse button busted on IE anonymous defect high Core
#395 [patch][cla] Dojo Compressor should support JScript conditional compilation jkuhnert enhancement high 1.0 BuildTools
#396 RichText saveName doesn't work in IE6 liucougar defect high 0.9 Editor
#397 TabPane does not work in Mac OSX Safari browser anonymous defect high Widgets
#398 dojo.lang.shallowCopy has an unnessary if statement anonymous defect lowest General
#399 anonymous defect lowest General
#400 dojo.logging.Logger.logType has unnecessary if statement anonymous defect lowest General
#401 seems to be a typo, "".toLowerCase() anonymous defect high General
#402 Demo's not working with IE 5.5 kitchen sink 0.2.2 anonymous defect high BuildTools
#403 Images in Button2 do not render if placed on div with style=display: none dylan defect high Widgets
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