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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5184 [patch]RTL TitlePane icon not reflected Adam Peller defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5195 IE6: background test gradient shifted right; big white space in upper left defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5208 regarding "Netvibes/pageflakes DnD" Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#5251 ComboBox/FilteringSelect flicker w/drop down width enhancement low 1.1 Dijit - Form
#5255 cant select text of dnd item with handle (IE) Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.13 DnD
#5260 ContentPane: loading message and icon not reflected in rtl Adam Peller defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5287 Bluring from FilteringSelect not trigger required condition defect low Dijit - Form
#5291 Typo in dojo LICENSE files anonymous defect low General
#5293 Dialog: cannot modify the title property easily enhancement low 1.2 Dijit
#5322 Widgets render taller in IE (ComboBox,TextArea,TitlePane) Douglas Hays defect low 1.1 Dijit - Form
#5331 remove redundant tree icons nonken defect low 1.5 Dijit
#5344 Add dnd Target Support to Textarea Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#5354 Accordion: transition abnormal Adam Peller defect low 1.3 Dijit
#5376 Add support for isXmlHttpRequest() in the Zend Framework dante enhancement low 1.1.1 RPC
#5381 test file labels appear on wrong side in RTL mode bill defect low 1.6 Dijit
#5387 Consuming SOAP Web Services Tom Trenka enhancement low 1.9 Dojox
#5402 dojo/css! plugin Kris Zyp enhancement low 1.13 Loader
#5443 span vs div in dijit._Calendar Adam Peller defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5444 Class label mismatch between dijit._Calendar and tundra defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5455 [dojox] FloatingPane: add constraintocontainer moveable option dante enhancement low 1.9 Dojox
#5456 HTML comments in templates are not removed when template strings are interned. Rawld Gill enhancement low 1.9 BuildTools
#5462 Remove either the onBegin or beforeBegin event for _Animation dante enhancement low fx
#5471 factor out _Calendar.isSelected() Adam Peller enhancement low future Dijit
#5475 Eliminate ways of circumventing the Color constructor ptwobrussell enhancement low 1.7 Core
#5486 Missing DnD API : delete, move programmatically Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.13 DnD
#5494 InlineEditBox: fails to appear inline for absolutely positioned node bill defect low 1.8 Dijit
#5500 out-of-the-box twistd magnet demo is broken dante defect low 1.2 General
#5509 popups/dnd placement off by a scrollbar width in themeTesterQuirk (IE6/7) Adam Peller defect low 1.3.2 HTML
#5524 change implementation of menu item right click bill defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5529 "rss feed" link at bottom of bug pages brings up download dialog guest defect low future Operations
#5563 Add AUTHORS file at root of dojo folder anonymous task low General
#5574 Dojo should use DOMContentLoaded with WebKit >= 525 James Burke enhancement low 1.3 General
#5583 dojox.stats Robert Coup enhancement low Dojox
#5584 [patch] [no cla??] Basics Stats Module With Population Statistics and Regression Robert Coup enhancement low future Dojox
#5605 Implement or document "i18n best practices" for mail demo defect low future Dijit
#5614 form: API inconsistant James Burke defect low 1.1 IO
#5619 IE: mail demo headers are missing in BiDi Adam Peller defect low 1.1 Dijit
#5653 InlineEditBox: blur of editor switches to view mode defect low 2.0 Dijit
#5686 support ioArgs argument to ContentPane bill enhancement low 1.3 Dijit
#5687 DnD clean up Eugene Lazutkin task low 1.7 DnD
#5745 Get Position with dojo.coords give wrong value with IE anonymous defect low HTML
#5770 Add updateXXX() methods Eugene Lazutkin task low 1.13 DojoX GFX
#5800 Allow segmented builds for memory constrained devices Rawld Gill enhancement low 1.8 BuildSystem
#5807 Create a resources on how to theme and provide PSDs for themeing widgets itorrey defect low future themes
#5859 [patch][cla] dnd patch for nested targets Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.13 DnD
#5903 BorderContainer splitter minimum goes beyond border width bill defect low 1.9 Dijit
#5925 Firebug Lite layout is broken if it is initially hidden Mike Wilcox defect low future Core
#5939 extract a dijit._DataBound mixin, refactor data-bound widgets to use it Jared Jurkiewicz task low future Dijit
#5950 [patch][cla] dojox.dtl : extending widgetInTemplate support Neil Roberts enhancement low future DojoX DTL
#5955 back button support acting really strange in IE6 Ben Lowery defect low 1.8 Core
#5986 [cla][patch][test] Suggested: password widget dante enhancement low 1.1 DojoX Form
#5999 Bookmark handling Ben Lowery enhancement low 1.8 Core
#6008 [patch] [cla] function to parse any kind of date (string, object, etc) wolfram enhancement low future Dojox
#6029 Font Name in Editor doesn't show state for Arial, others not on list Adam Peller enhancement low future Editor
#6056 Dojox.widget.Rating support for required="true" wolfram defect low future Dojox
#6058 Creating dojo.dnd.Moveable on divs with scroll bars Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.13 DnD
#6087 TextArea: does not display disabled state bill defect low 1.2 Dijit - LnF
#6093 Consider removing pointer part of tooltip dialog in editor toolbar bill enhancement low future Dijit
#6105 Compressor breaks "FOR EACH" loops Richard Backhouse defect low future ShrinkSafe
#6116 RTL VerticalSlider wiggles by 1px when the handle is clicked, using IE Douglas Hays defect low 1.2 Dijit - Form
#6117 wrap certain constructs in tables for browser bidi quirks defect low future Dijit
#6164 FF3B4 deprecated getBoxObjectFor sjmiles defect low 1.2 HTML
#6172 Upgrade packer to v3.0 James Burke defect low 1.4 BuildTools
#6212 Cannot define ItemFileWriteStore._saveCustom with dojo/method SCRIPT tag dylan defect low future Data
#6249 [patch][cla] I need doh.assertNotEqual to test if value != null for example dylan enhancement low 1.2 TestFramework
#6254 AccordionContainer: disappears in FF if add onMouseOver handler to title bar Adam Peller defect low 1.3.2 Dijit
#6268 Tree: _onItemDelete bill defect low 1.3 Dijit
#6285 low level drag and drop as easy as scriptaculous Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future DnD
#6296 Add support for dojo.continueEvent() enhancement low 1.9 Events
#6303 test_animateClass fails for dojox.fx in IE7 dante defect low future Dojox
#6319 Make dojox.form.DropDownSelect not throw deprecated messages on setValue() calls nathan defect low 1.2 DojoX Form
#6346 Tree DnD: drop twice the same object results in obscure error message. bill defect low 1.13 Dijit
#6363 GFX performance Eugene Lazutkin task low 1.13 DojoX GFX
#6365 Abstract out a "Drop Down" widget mixin Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.2 Dijit
#6375 [demos] remove the chat demo from dijit/ dante task low 1.2 Dijit
#6379 Create a _FormSelectWidget shared class Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.2 Dijit - Form
#6410 [dojox.widget] ColorPicker should track onMouseDown, onMouseMove dante enhancement low 1.13 DojoX Widgets
#6411 Consider better options for preventing addOnUnload functions from being called James Burke defect low 1.13 Core
#6413 with getters/setters Kris Zyp enhancement low future Data
#6420 Form: getValues() ignores radio sets with no radio selected Douglas Hays defect low 1.3 Dijit - Form
#6495 [patch][cla] dojox.form.DateTextBox: fisheye not working in Safari dante defect low 1.3 DojoX Form
#6498 Animated 'y' value labels for dojox.charts guest enhancement low future Charting
#6510 Dojo + jabsorb demo file alex enhancement low 1.2 RPC
#6532 Financial charts Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low future Charting
#6582 land editor refactor to remove iframes in most situations alex task low future Editor
#6616 [enhancement] Optimized build options James Burke enhancement low 1.7.1 BuildTools
#6626 Add template caching to dojox.dtl.ext-dojo.NodeList Neil Roberts enhancement low future DojoX DTL
#6631 Combo Boxes disappear in IE 6.0 when dialog opens defect low Dijit
#6633 callback function not getting called when no match found for criteria in select query with use of dojox.sql.DECRYPT Shane O'Sullivan defect low 1.9 Storage/Flash
#6666 create a11y review post-commit hook Dustin Machi defect low future Operations
#6694 Provide the easy way to replace the avatar and extend its functionality. Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low 1.13 DnD
#6719 Implement a visual indicator of currently visible area in regards to global limits rnucera enhancement low future Charting
#6773 Menu: add timeout so submenu doesn't close if mouse touches parent node's sibling Douglas Hays enhancement low 1.4 Dijit
#6800 Missing date format option - days-format-narrow Adam Peller defect low 1.2 Date
#6811 TreeStoreModel error in error message defect low 1.2 Dijit
#6832 [patch][cla] dojox.collections.Set Contribution/Implementation Tom Trenka enhancement low future Dojox
#6834 Square brackets handled improperly in dojo attribute queries defect low 1.3 Query
#6848 should have a way to explicitly provide errors defect low future Core
#6880 Button: clicking on edges of button won't submit form Douglas Hays defect low future Dijit - Form
#6893 Kris Zyp enhancement low 1.2 IO
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