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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1021 ComboBox + dojo.validate = need unified interface for form based widgets dante defect high Dojox
#1033 test ticket by dmachi, ignore anonymous defect high General
#1047 kitchen sink still needs dojo.require anonymous defect high General
#1048 Version 0.3 not on the general download site ttrenka,dmachi defect high Website
#1059 RichText can't be dragged alex defect high Dijit
#1070 dojo.rpc.JsonService#parseResults checks value of result instead of presence of result [patch] anonymous defect high General
#1087 - Transport not defaulted to djConfig ioSendTransport param or kwArgs sendTransport param anonymous defect high Core
#1093 Javascript error when image in Editor2 widget is repeatedly clicked for IE anonymous defect high Widgets
#1095 typo in buildUtil.js anonymous defect high BuildTools
#1099 FormBind failing to extend with function [init] anonymous defect high Core
#1100 FormBind failing to extend with function [init] anonymous defect high Core
#1104 test Dustin Machi defect high rpc
#1112 extra space character at the end of dojo namespace mapping for widgets anonymous defect high General
#1126 addOnLoad does NOT provide functionality of body onload anonymous defect high General
#1132 ComboBox Demo problem anonymous defect high General
#1135 CSS for PopupMenu seems to be broken anonymous defect high General
#1189 [cla] TaskBarItem improvement dante enhancement high Dojox
#1199 Copy to clipboard / cell selection does not work in SortableTable bill defect high Widgets
#1209 Tooltips not displaying correctly on IE 6.0 anonymous defect high General
#1220 onClose event is not invoked when I close a "dynamically created" Tab (both in IE & Mozzila) anonymous defect high Core
#1228 modal support in FloatingPane liucougar defect high General
#1248 add background loading ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1253 Enable/Disable specific tab in a tabcontainer Adam Peller enhancement high Dijit
#1255 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1256 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1261 SortableTable parses column argument in wrong order anonymous defect high General
#1264 RichText replaceEditorContent bug affecting Firefox bill defect high Widgets
#1283 Button Dependency Loading anonymous defect high General
#1308 dojo.registerModulePath delegates to deprecated function anonymous defect high General
#1312 Tree: tree wobbles on dnd ilia defect lowest Dojox
#1323 hostenv_rhino.js: dojo.hostenv.loadUri and readText don't handle URLs Adam Peller defect high BuildTools
#1326 dojo.Namespace constructor uses depricated dojo.setModulePrefix dylan defect high General
#1333 SortableTable fails to honor selected="true" when parsing from table bill defect high Widgets
#1334 Fix for Jython when run as a task from a base directory other than buildscripts alex enhancement high BuildTools
#1344 Get "Access is denied" in IE when call dojo.event.connect from inside IFrame in a different domain alex defect high Events
#1351 Remove test case document workaround anonymous defect high General
#1355 DemoNavigator.js has wrong case for dojo.require of dojo.lang.common anonymous defect high General
#1357 performance profiling build option jkuhnert enhancement high TestFramework
#1377 dojo.rpc.JsonService sends malformed requests under Opera. Dustin Machi defect high RPC
#1385 New function Adam Peller enhancement high Date
#1397 typo in browser_debug.js anonymous defect high General
#1399 Fix off-by-one error in Adam Peller defect high Date
#1400 Fix for hours in Adam Peller defect high Data
#1401 Fixes, additions, tests for Adam Peller defect high Date
#1404 problem with event.disconnect alex defect high Events
#1413 Allow 360/100/100 input for dojo.gfx.color.hsv2rgb Tom Trenka enhancement high General
#1426 Only the first tab in the AccordionPane shows up; every other tab is invisible. bill defect high Widgets
#1427 Fix for array param case in dojo.gfx.color.hsv2rgb Tom Trenka defect high General
#1431 I cant use Dojo on a local server, localhost. anonymous defect blocker General
#1455 ComboBox/Select no easy way to set limit or ignoreLimit bill enhancement high Widgets
#1481 background for dialog is not display properly bill defect high Widgets
#1490 SortableTable 'sorted-column' should take precedence over 'alternateRowClass' bill defect high Widgets
#1492 hungarian nls for the datepicker [CLA] tk enhancement high Widgets
#1519 Fisheye rollover effect doesn't work properly when browser window maximised from "restored" state tk defect high Dojox
#1582 jslinker incorrectly handles for loop init without 'var' satish defect high BuildTools
#1599 FisheyeList calling show throws error in IE bill defect high Dojox
#1627 dojo.html.BackgroundIframe causes security message to pop in IE in a secure environment. anonymous enhancement high General
#1629 Tree: Drag and Drop to destination tree node messes up node order. ilia defect high Dojox
#1645 "file doesn't exist" errors in Safari loading DropdownDatePicker demo Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#1687 Tree: dnd can break in IE quirks mode ilia defect high Dojox
#1698 Fix keyboard control (is the idea ok ?) ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1710 FATAL exception raised: ReferenceError: blurfp isnot defined for RichText widget bill defect high Editor
#1717 namespace test_more_widgets failure anonymous defect high General
#1723 code to trace method entry/exit anonymous enhancement high General
#1772 wizard widget esc key handler dante enhancement high Dojox
#1788 dojo.crypto: huge functionality gaps Tom Trenka enhancement high Crypto
#1796 Problem with innerHTML bill defect blocker Widgets
#1808 highlight does not work with konqueror Bryan Forbes defect high lfx
#1844 An issue with json-rpc error server response. Dustin Machi defect high RPC
#1845 TitlePane, after calling wipeIn, expanding inside content will overflow containerNode div anonymous defect high General
#1856 DatePicker month select problems bill defect high Widgets
#1862 'checked' and 'disabled' attributes no longer work in custom widgets anonymous defect high General
#1863 substituteParams using dojo.raise when should be using just return match psowden defect high String
#1869 dojo.debug.Firebug uses dojo.lang.toArray but doesn't require dojo.lang.array anonymous defect high General
#1890 ShrinkSafe appears to break this javascript file. alex defect high BuildTools
#1903 SplitContainer rendering is broken when using widgetsInTemplate bill defect high Widgets
#1911 Inconsistent getMarginBox , setContentBox, etc... behavior across browsers! Bryan Forbes defect high HTML
#1925 Problem using widgetsInTemplate with LayoutContainer anonymous defect high General
#1934 Syntax error in compressed dojo.js file; current download version 0.4 jkuhnert defect high General
#1960 Selecting "js" file in api docs results in 404 owen defect high Doc parser
#1992 First ToolbarContainer found on a page fails to render. bill defect high Widgets
#2000 SplitContainer and iframes bill defect high Widgets
#2005 Error with dropdowndatepicker in IE6 bill defect high Widgets
#2008 Timeout handling when loading modules ? James Burke enhancement high General
#2017 ModalFloatingPane not sized properly initially anonymous defect high General
#2018 Disabling dialog content bill enhancement low Widgets
#2026 InlineEditBox nested in FloatingPane won't save/cancel after dragging FloatingPane bill defect high Widgets
#2038 Fix spelling of destory in dojo/src/dom.js amit defect high General
#2042 FilteringTable: field.sortFunction must be meta.sortFunction Tom Trenka defect high Widgets
#2049 ucFirst in Textbox.js not UTF friendly - patch Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#2050 TitlePane with inner pane set to open="false" does not expand bill defect high Widgets
#2051 Articulate main purposes of the web site andrew task high Website
#2052 Determine exactly what pages will be on the new web site andrew task high Website
#2053 Style tweaking on web site redesign tj task high Website
#2054 Get RSS feed from Blog to redesigned web site front page Dustin Machi task high Website
#2055 Make list of examples for the new web site "demos" area owen task high Website
#2057 Sort out links to the book andrew task high Website
#2059 Theme Api Reference application tj task high Website
#2060 Theme w/ new style tj task high Website
#2061 Theme wiki tj task high Website
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