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#5842 Grid shifts when editors close, causing clicks to be interpreted on the wrong cell benschell defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#6017 Grid + DojoData model causes unnecessary call to fetch benschell defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#6046 Grid: key navigation is backwards for RTL benschell defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#6047 [patch][cla]When editing in the grid using the defualt Dijit Text box, the focus jumps randomly around the page benschell defect high 1.1.1 DojoX Grid
#6225 + grid editors does not work benschell defect blocker 1.1 DojoX Grid
#6389 [patch][cla] _removeItems() in DojoData needs to check for existence of data[i] benschell defect high 1.2 DojoX Grid
#6586 [patch][cla] Grid column size cannot be interactively changed in last nightly build benschell defect high 1.2 DojoX Grid
#6702 Cleanup for validation errors benschell defect high 1.2 General
#4487 DropDownTextBox unneeded bil task high 1.0 Dijit - Form
#173 moving the splitters in the split pane does off things with borders bill defect high Widgets
#204 dialog widget needs work bill defect high 0.9 General
#217 LayoutPane: invalid url causes cpu spin bill defect high Widgets
#224 Memory Leak in Slideshow Example bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#291 Simpledropdownbuttons is not rendering correctly when used inside a table cell bill defect high Widgets
#297 Ability to add dojo tags to widget templates. bill enhancement high Widgets
#298 Widget Manager and Z-Index bill defect high 0.9 Dijit
#326 [patch] add/removeChild implementation on tabPane is incomplete bill defect high Widgets
#334 resizing with ResizeHandle sometimes doesn't work bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#337 taskbar items display problem in IE bill defect high Widgets
#367 ContentPane/LinkPane - scripts not processed bill defect high Widgets
#368 more generic Togglers bill enhancement high Widgets
#374 Dialog - correct background sizing for short pages. bill enhancement low Widgets
#391 SplitPanePanels sometimes have undesired scrollbars bill defect high Widgets
#419 Optimizations for SplitPane bill enhancement high General
#423 dnd float attribute should get wiped in FloatingPane bill defect high 1.0 Widgets
#433 drag positioning is off for objects inside forms bill defect high General
#450 EditorTreeContextMenu - previously selected menu item highlighted in Netscape bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#452 Drag and drop misaligned when embedded in scrolled div bill defect high DnD
#460 combobox drop down list appears too low in safari bill defect high Widgets
#462 Provide a closing "X" control on TabPane tabs bill enhancement high Widgets
#470 Toolbar: Icon toolbar button can cause Firefox Throbber to start bill defect high 0.9 Dijit
#494 floating pane problems bill defect high Widgets
#545 ContentPane.js bill defect high Widgets
#548 Mixed-Content warning in IE from BackgroundIFrame over HTTPS bill defect high Widgets
#564 [patch][need cla] regression: default value for combobox bill enhancement high Widgets
#582 disalbe/enable button methods request bill enhancement high Widgets
#586 Allow advice before/after ContentPane sets node.innerHTML bill enhancement high Widgets
#587 ResizeHandle should handle raw dom nodes not just Widgets bill enhancement high Widgets
#601 context menu improvements bill defect high 1.2.1 Dijit
#607 widget.wizard doesn't accept style (width/height) parameters bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#608 IE 100% CPU due to BackgroundIframe (was: HtmlTooltip causes IE to run amok with onResized events) bill defect high General
#648 getBoxObjectFor returns a read only variable bill defect high General
#651 Context Menu Crashes Firefox bill defect high General
#658 layout pane programmatic creation broken on Safari bill defect high Widgets
#663 dojo demo checkboxes latency bill defect low Widgets
#670 [patch] [cla] support applets as children of widgets bill defect high 1.3 Dojox
#679 TabContainer / spurious scrollbar (FF) bill defect high Widgets
#682 DnD dosnt work properly when constrained to a node (patch attached - CLA is on file - file dnd/HtmlDragAndDrop.js). bill defect high Core
#683 FloatingPane inside a FloatingPane: dragging doesn't work bill defect high Widgets
#701 widget infrastructure: make args and frag class variables bill task high 0.9beta Dijit
#702 Button in hidden tab not displayed correctly (firefox) bill defect high Widgets
#704 wipe-in toggle is broken for floating pane bill defect high Core
#706 better dialog demo bill task high Website
#707 Accordion rework bill defect high Widgets
#712 background iframe not necessary for IE7 bill task high Widgets
#726 Button onclick event not fired bill defect high Widgets
#730 Combobox passes item label, not item value bill defect high Widgets
#745 TabContainer not resizing when doLayout=false bill defect high Widgets
#764 scope bug in Rounded bill defect high Widgets
#779 "explode" transition buggy for scrolled windows (firefox (on tooltips) bill defect high Core
#799 Button is not rendering properly in FF until after window resize bill defect high Widgets
#800 Button widget cannot submit forms bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#801 Menu2 and MenuBar2 style bill task high Widgets
#808 LayoutContainer: random order for multiple panes in same position bill defect high Widgets
#820 if MenuItem2 is created after the menubar has been used, popupmenu2 css is not ok on FF bill defect high Widgets
#828 Slider Widget Contribution bill enhancement low Widgets
#833 accordioncontainer + layoutcontainer == broken layout bill defect high Widgets
#842 validate widgets do not work bill defect high General
#854 Dojo 0.3 page loading is slower than in 0.2.2 version bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#856 cannot create nested tabs in javascript in Safari bill defect high Widgets
#859 [patch][cla] Some changes into ComboBox Widget to add static data feature (like access ComboBox) bill enhancement high Widgets
#862 add radio button widget bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#867 ButtonDrop down menus don't work in Opera bill defect high Widgets
#868 IE: double click on a checkbox acts as a single click bill defect high General
#870 Combobox dropdown occasionally does not work bill defect high Widgets
#880 Opera: menu text missing bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#883 [patch] Opera: resizing fails in test_SplitContainer.html bill defect high Events
#887 IE: custom template failed bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#888 toggler window #3 renders incorrectly bill defect high Widgets
#909 Menu2 needs background iframe bill defect high Widgets
#913 Menu2_Bar positioning is broken on FF/Linux bill defect high Widgets
#925 demo's don't work in Opera 9 beta 2 (ie Fisheye) bill defect high Widgets
#928 Dialog: scroll down doesn't adjust background correctly (IE) bill defect low Widgets
#950 update Form demo bill task high 0.9 TestFramework
#994 Checkbox defaults on bill defect high Widgets
#1002 DnD of "a link" is broken (IE) bill defect high DnD
#1016 ComboBox causes line break bill defect high Widgets
#1030 Close Button disappers for Tabcontainer in IE6 Strict Mode bill defect high Widgets
#1031 Disable selection is inconsistent bill defect high 0.9 HTML
#1032 Added coverId to Dialog allowing to modal out a single node versus entire page bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1043 dojo.lfx.html.wipeIn() does not work for elements with display:none bill defect high General
#1050 various addChild bugs bill defect high Widgets
#1052 proposing getWidget(id) method that would create a widget if it doesnt exists bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1068 Editor interferes with dragging of FloatingPane bill defect high 0.9 Dijit
#1103 Tooltip: sometimes tooltip doesn't pop up bill defect high Widgets
#1105 Template vars dont parse arrays bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1109 TabContainer gets broken by registerPublisher bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1113 addOnLoad fires before newly inserted content is loaded in FireFox bill defect high Widgets
#1129 dojo.widget.TabContainer does not provide implementation for dojo.widget.Tab bill defect high Widgets
#1130 ColorPalette.showAt() please fix dojo.body().body bill defect high Widgets
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