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#16616 Could not scroll in dataGrid at 90% zoom in Chrome Evan defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#15611 Could not scroll in zoomed out grid in Chrome Evan defect undecided 1.7.6 DojoX Grid
#11875 Couldn't built standard build. Rawld Gill defect high 1.6 BuildSystem
#11876 Couldn't built standard build. James Burke defect high tbd BuildSystem
#16379 Couldn't change image size in dijit.Editor under IE9 Alexander_Zubov defect undecided tbd Editor
#1320 Couple of typos in README dylan defect high General
#14845 Crashes Firefox 10.0.2 defect undecided tbd General
#5422 Create DOM-based data store for Tree enhancement high future Dijit
#3444 Create Dojo Offline Layered Build bradneuberg enhancement high Offline
#3221 Create DojoX XML Utilities project Tom Trenka task high Dojox
#7817 Create DojoX validating JSON module Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.3 General
#3043 Create Editor2 porting branch. Tom Trenka task high General
#2234 Create External Way to Use Dojo Storage without using Dojo Event bradneuberg enhancement high 0.9 Storage/Flash
#2235 Create InternetExplorerStorageProvider bradneuberg enhancement high 1.0 Storage/Flash
#4149 Create Nested tab programmatically will create double number of tabs defect high 0.9 Dijit
#6133 Create TimedMoveable (a subclass of the generic Moveable). Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.1 DnD
#1912 Create What WG Storage Provider bradneuberg enhancement blocker Storage/Flash
#647 Create a "faux" XmlHttp Response object to be returned with the result of an IFRAME bind Tom Trenka enhancement high IO
#14643 Create a Dojo Calendar component cjolif enhancement high 1.8 Dojox
#14462 Create a Dojo Store for PhoneGap Contacts API cjolif task high 2.0 DojoX Mobile
#14343 Create a Dojo gauges framework cjolif enhancement high 1.8 Dojox
#14319 Create a Dojo treemap component cjolif enhancement high 1.8 Dojox
#16181 Create a FilteredList mobile widget Adrian Vasiliu feature undecided 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#6379 Create a _FormSelectWidget shared class Nathan Toone enhancement low 1.2 Dijit - Form
#11336 Create a horizontally scrolling templated container for Shane O'Sullivan enhancement high future DojoX Mobile
#8578 Create a means of logging the results of doh test runs to a central location Sam Foster task low future TestFramework
#16187 Create a new standalone mobile sample Patrick Ruzand feature undecided 1.10 DojoX Mobile
#983 Create a package-level display page in the documentation tool Neil Roberts task high Doc parser
#14858 Create a progress bar ykami feature high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#14857 Create a rating bar ykami feature high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#5807 Create a resources on how to theme and provide PSDs for themeing widgets itorrey defect low future themes
#14464 Create a sample "Add to Home Screen"Dialog ykami task high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#14466 Create a sample app to highlight some of the eye catching features of Dojo Mobile cjolif task high tbd DojoX Mobile
#14723 Create a search field ykami feature undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#14823 Create a text input field similar to the one used in the iPhone Contacts app Patrick Ruzand feature undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#16179 Create an Android 4 theme Damien Mandrioli enhancement high 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#12862 Create an-all-in-one build for Graphics & Visualization itorrey enhancement low 1.11 Website
#12861 Create an-all-in-one build for Mobile itorrey enhancement low 1.10 Website
#2968 Create benchmark tests for widget creation owen task high Dijit
#635 Create dojo.addOnUnload method alex task high Core
#9164 Create dojo.dnd.Source moveOnly flag Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.13 DnD
#12539 Create Douglas Hays enhancement high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#2475 Create localized regular expressions for number, date Adam Peller enhancement high 0.9 General
#14475 Create missing HTML5 input widgets ykami defect high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#11518 Create mobile dojo demo Shane O'Sullivan defect high 1.6 DojoX Mobile
#13926 Create module for missing Canvas API features Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 1.8 DojoX GFX
#1207 Create node in lazy instanced tree fails ilia defect high Widgets
#8468 Create parsed doc format without Drupal Neil Roberts task high 1.3 Doc parser
#3166 Create resources directory, for usage in DojoX Tom Trenka task high Dojox
#10597 Create sitemap itorrey task high 1.5 Website
#12382 Create the DojoX Store project and add the new LightstreamerStore Tom Trenka defect high 1.7 DojoX Data
#2063 Create visual design style guide tj task high Website
#1921 Create way to use Dojo Storage without having to pull in Dojo Event bradneuberg enhancement high 0.9 Storage/Flash
#14360 Create/move new demos in/to demos for the 1.7 site cjolif task high 1.7.2 Website
#14189 Creating Dojo Custom Build on Stable Version Released 27th October 2011 Rawld Gill defect high tbd BuildSystem
#16734 Creating a silverlight gfx surface fails when the document of the surface parent node is not the window document. Patrick Ruzand defect high 1.9 DojoX GFX
#5688 Creating build layers does not use layer.resourceName James Burke defect high 1.1 BuildSystem
#7654 Creating dijit.form.Button programmatically removes trailing elements defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#10219 Creating dijits in another dijit's buildRendering means startup() isn't called, unless _earlyTemplatedStartup: true? defect high tbd Dijit
#6058 Creating dojo.dnd.Moveable on divs with scroll bars Eugene Lazutkin defect low 1.13 DnD
#16010 Creating form layouts using CSS tables Damien Mandrioli enhancement undecided 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#8588 Cross Domain build exception vincentastek defect high future BuildSystem
#15997 Cross Frame event handling not working after frame refresh (IE8) Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.13 Events
#10995 Cross domain posting methods don't support postData/putData James Burke enhancement high tbd IO
#6253 Cross-domain GET/POST extend from dojox/rpc/Service Dustin Machi enhancement high 1.3 RPC
#15402 Cross-domain loaded standard + noref build fails to load same-domain legacy modules when dojo/require is excluded from built layer Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.8 BuildSystem
#18552 Cross-site scripting vulnerability bill defect undecided 1.6.4 Dijit
#15572 Css theme: display warning on all valid* fields even if is valid Douglas Hays defect undecided 1.8 Dijit - Form
#9738 CsvStore dies unless there are data rows Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.4 DojoX Data
#4395 CsvStore doesn't handle empty string fields Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.0 DojoX Data
#4410 CsvStore needs updates to support declarative instantiation.... Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement high 1.0 Data
#14981 CsvStore: Allow function to be used as a query parameter (code included) bag enhancement undecided tbd DojoX Data
#17075 Ctrl-C,Ctrl-V in Combobox and IE Douglas Hays defect undecided 1.8.4 Dijit - Form
#2742 Currency Euro (EUR) format symbol is wrong Adam Peller defect high General
#8036 Currency control isn't working Adam Peller defect high 1.2.2 Dijit
#10720 Currency/Number Text boxes does not validate when not all decimal places entered defect high tbd Dijit
#18466 CurrencyTextBox does not warn on leading spaces when entering a number (French local) Clement Mathieu defect high 1.9.8 Dijit - Form
#4270 CurrencyTextBox is missing dojo.require Douglas Hays defect high 1.0 Dijit - Form
#7846 CurrencyTextBox is returning NaN to the server for an empty field Douglas Hays defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#10080 CurrencyTextBox problems Douglas Hays defect high 1.4 Dijit - Form
#12116 CurrencyTextBox/NumberTextBox: clash with <input type="number"> Douglas Hays defect high 1.7 Dijit - Form
#7183 CurrencyTextBox: Fails to validate after a build Adam Peller defect high 1.2 ShrinkSafe
#6428 CurrencyTextBox: add trailing 0s by default Adam Peller task high 1.2 Dijit - LnF
#10477 CurrencyTextBox: currency symbol does not change upon change of the currency property Douglas Hays defect high 1.5 Dijit - Form
#8440 CurrencyTextBox: dollar sign disappears when clicking disabled textbox Douglas Hays defect high 1.3 Dijit - Form
#4780 CurrencyTextBox: no setDisplayedValue() method Douglas Hays defect high 1.0 Dijit - Form
#9438 CurrencyTextBox: shows errors when inputting negative values Douglas Hays defect high 1.4 Dijit - Form
#1759 CurrencyTextbox class always out of range Adam Peller defect high General
#11871 Current custom data-* prefix parser has some degradation dante defect high tbd Parser
#7506 Current location shouldn't be clickable bill defect high 1.3 Dijit - LnF
#11891 Cursor shows as pointer when Titlepane.toggleable=false bill defect lowest 1.6 Dijit
#9634 Custom Build and formISOString (first function). James Burke defect high tbd BuildSystem
#11849 Custom Label update error Ace Sorensen defect high 1.6 DojoX Drawing
#16852 Custom boot layer "bootText" property ignored. Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.9 BuildSystem
#14953 Custom build does not deliver the right error message venkata sreekanth bhagavatula defect undecided tbd General
#9393 Custom build fails in jslib/i18nUtil.flattenLayerFileBundles() James Burke defect high 1.4 BuildTools
#8832 Custom build scopeMap 'mydojo' vs 'my.dojo' jayantbsai enhancement high future BuildSystem
#17243 Custom build with css font-face SVG font produces error 357, impossible to resolve Rawld Gill defect high 1.8.6 BuildSystem
#2102 Custom build with empty template file James Burke defect high future BuildSystem
#1936 Custom builds should flatten all i18n bundles James Burke defect high BuildSystem
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