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#17443 IPv6 validation broken defect undecided 1.13 Dojox
#17445 WindowsPhone theme issues Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Mobile
#17446 New datagrid rows are not formatted if they contain default values defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17448 Cannot Pass Dom into Constructor Function in Widget defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17449 dojox/app with nested views some calls to beforeDeactivate, afterDeactivate, beforeActivate, and afterActivate are not always made. Ed Chatelain defect undecided 1.9.2 DojoX App
#17450 CSS: Impossible to compute the destination location of a relative URL defect undecided 1.11 BuildSystem
#17452 Dojox form manager - gatherFormValues() and reset() methods defect undecided tbd DojoX Form
#17453 readOnly NumberTextBox is formatting values for edit doughays-dojo <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.8.6 Dijit - Form
#17454 dojox/mobile/scrollable: performance problems on Android (and in some extent BlackBerry) devices Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided 1.9.2 DojoX Mobile
#17455 dojox/mobile: adapt to iOS 7: do not try to hide Safari's address bar Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided 1.9.2 DojoX Mobile
#17456 Multiple resources are destined for same filename errors Rawld Gill defect undecided 1.10 BuildSystem
#17459 dojox/mobile: code cleanup - use dot notation instead of array notation for config flags Adrian Vasiliu task undecided 1.10 DojoX Mobile
#17460 [patch][ccla]dojo/promise/all does not cancel contained promises Kris Zyp enhancement undecided 2.0 General
#17461 [dojox/form/Uploader] does not submit as an AJAX post/response in IE 8 or 9. defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Uploader
#17462 using depreciated function in dojox.layout.ContantPane defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Layout
#17465 Tree: bug related to mayHaveChildren and pasteItem with Observable store defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17466 IE11 EnterKeyHandling errors haysmark defect undecided 1.8.6 Editor
#17467 _HasDropDown & forceWidth:true, dropDown positioned incorrectly Monty Dickerson defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17469 regression: IE dijit/form systemic failures defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#17470 Have dijit layout method fire after CSS transitions Wouter Hager enhancement undecided tbd Dijit
#17471 StoreSeries asynchronous fetch() creates race condition with SelectableLegend refresh() defect undecided 1.13 Charting
#17472 Pie plots should provide a minimal threshold value for pie slices enhancement undecided 1.13 Charting
#17474 Trac detected an internal error: AttributeError: 'int' object has no attribute 'rsplit' Monty Dickerson defect undecided tbd Website
#17476 Getting the dijit/form/DateTextBox server value ​​of dijit/form/Form values feature undecided 1.11 Dijit - Form
#17477 labelFunc on plot might not be taken into account cjolif defect undecided 1.9.2 Charting
#17478 multiples errors in FF27.0a1 (nightly) defect undecided tbd General
#17481 Deferred does not properly reject listeners if they have reject callbacks defect undecided tbd Core
#17483 A Chart with a StoreSeries based on an Observable which wrappes a Store that returns Deferreds may not be updated upon changes to the (observable) store. defect undecided tbd Dojox
#17484 Calendar: display arabic numerals robert_j enhancement undecided tbd Dojox
#17487 Problem in dojo grid filter out of range error Evan defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17489 A11y - dijit.form.DateTextBox pierpaolo.manca defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#17490 A11y - dijit.Tree pierpaolo.manca defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17491 A11y - dojox.grid.DataGrid defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17495 Pie Chart where a single category is 100% crashes Legend creation beck3905 defect undecided tbd Charting
#17496 dijit tree issue and drag and drop not working in dojo 1.7.2 version defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17497 dijit tree issue and drag and drop not working in dojo 1.7.2 version defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17499 Inconsistent browser behaviour with dijit/Editor and FontChoice plugin defect undecided tbd Editor
#17500 Make dojo/store/JsonRest more cache friendly Kris Zyp enhancement undecided 1.10 Core
#17501 dijitDialog CloseButton on Active bill defect undecided 1.9.2 Dijit
#17503 BorderContainer: error if right click during drag (IE9, IE10) Stanislav_Strelchik defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17504 Tabcontainer: title change in nested tabs created tooltip for sub tabs in Chrome bill defect undecided 1.10 Dijit
#17506 dojo/fx wipeIn removes height defect undecided 1.11 fx
#17508 sorting on a MemoryStore Kris Zyp enhancement undecided 1.11 Data
#17509 standby widget doesn't resize properly defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Widgets
#17510 dojox.grid breaks when Array.prototype has been extended Stephen Davis <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.10 DojoX Grid
#17511 Opening a TabContainer in a Dialog causes truncation of content in first tab shrikant_ibn defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17514 _onSet function only renderRow Chandler defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17515 Performance issue due to use of exception to control flow in dojo/selector/acme qsa impl bill enhancement undecided 1.11 Query
#17516 Problem with dojox Calendar component dg defect undecided 1.13 Dojox
#17518 Menu: vertical scrollbar not hidden after window height increase (IE, Edge) bill defect undecided 1.10.5 Dijit
#17519 A customized menu widget with RadioMenuItem, once destroyed, cannot be displayed again bill defect undecided 1.10 Dijit
#17520 dojo.js in Firefox 24.0 - TypeError: "undefined" is read-only Matthew Kwasnicki defect undecided tbd General
#17522 dojo/date/stamp.fromISOString() incorrectly parses decimal fractions defect undecided tbd Date
#17523 DojoX Calendar, resize() not implemented for SimpleColumnView dg defect undecided 1.9.2 Dojox
#17524 js-doc-parse traces when require to external link defect undecided tbd Doc parser
#17525 Declarative datagrid defect undecided 1.9.2 DojoX Data
#17526 A dojox/mobile view becomes visible whatever the visibility of its container. Sebastien Pereira defect undecided 1.9.2 General
#17527 ios7 status bar overlapping issues with dojo mobile+cordova app Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.8.7 DojoX Mobile
#17530 FOR loop performance enhancement undecided 1.13 Core
#17531 Placing tab container inside Titlepane works in 1.6 version but not rendered properly in higher versions (1.7.2, 1.8.4 or 1.9.0) defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17532 dojo/promise/all should allow some resolved & some rejected with always() defect undecided 1.13 Core
#17534 View display badly when the keyboard pops up(mobile device) Patrick Ruzand defect undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#17536 dojo-firebug Property Breaks Dojo Loading in Mozilla's XULRunner defect undecided 1.11 Core
#17539 iOS (6 and 7) - Switching from landscape to portrait when virtual keyboard is displayed causes wrong resize of Views Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#17540 Dijit TextBox switching focus makes soft keyboard popping up on mobile defect undecided 1.13 Dijit - Form
#17541 Unable to use DOJO in Chrome Packaged Apps defect undecided tbd General
#17543 Command+Left results is loss of data in Dijit Editor (FF/mac) defect undecided tbd Editor
#17544 dojo/date/locale: add support a "none" formatLength enhancement undecided 1.13 Date
#17545 dojox.form.fileInput doesn't fire onChange-event defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Form
#17546 Dragging the hue mover of the ColorPicker does not update the color. Colin Snover <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.7.6 DojoX Widgets
#17547 _Container: addChild index cannot be non sequential defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17548 _Container addChild function is not working properly defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17549 dojox app test case can not run correctly in IE8 or previous IE version Ed Chatelain defect undecided 1.9.5 DojoX App
#17550 dropdownbutton's menu stays open gerhard presser defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17551 dijit/_WidgetBase getParent called when widget destroyed Sebastien Brunot defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Mobile
#17552 Chart HTML labels should be styleable with CSS enhancement undecided 1.13 Charting
#17553 Stop using execScript under IE11 Petro Khodko enhancement undecided 1.7.6 General
#17554 anchor node should be placed outside containerNode Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Mobile
#17556 Using "dojox/html/ext-dojo/style" breaks "dojox/layout/ResizeHandle" nic defect undecided 1.7.6 Dojox
#17557 idProperty in dojo/store/Memory can be lost Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.7.6 Data
#17558 Editable Datagrid Not Updating UI After Changing Option from FilteringSelect Widget defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17559 [regression] Ctrl-A followed by delete/letters locks editor (Chrome/Win) bill defect undecided 1.7.6 Editor
#17560 Editor focus not detected (FF) Bill Keese <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.7.6 Editor
#17561 Editor.get("value") has trailing empty <p> (Chrome) Bill Keese <[email protected]…> defect undecided 1.10 Editor
#17562 dijit.Menu needs an accessible name defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17563 Dojo 1.6.2 layout breaks in IE9 Wouter Hager defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17564 [patch] dojox/html/_base.js , function download(src) can hide received code dylan defect undecided 1.7.9 Dojox
#17565 dojox/mobile/DatePicker does not send user’s input back to the value attribute Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Mobile
#17566 IE11 dojo.isIE==false dojo.isMozilla()==true defect undecided tbd General
#17568 Editor _cursorToStart code no longer needed bill task undecided 1.10 Editor
#17569 Click under grid and press ENTER - Unable to get value of the property 'index': object is null or undefined defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#17570 Dojox Charting selectable legend does not work correclty. defect undecided tbd DojoX Drawing
#17571 Select Input Class Incorrectly Calculates padding bill defect undecided 1.9.2 Dijit
#17572 Dojo version 1.6 does not supporting firefox version 25 defect undecided tbd Dijit
#17573 should delete its labelNodeLen variable when a new label is set. Sebastien Brunot defect undecided 1.10 DojoX Mobile
#17575 Problem in transition when checking for matching views for nested views. defect undecided 1.9.2 DojoX App
#17576 dojo 1.9.1 anhdv defect undecided tbd General
#17577 a bug of dojox/form/FileInputAuto defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Form
#17578 When using dojo touch with dojoClick == true, a lengthy operation in a click handler result in two click events Sebastien Brunot defect undecided tbd DojoX Mobile
#17579 dojox.form.Uploader doesn't use dojo.request defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Uploader
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