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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#374 Dialog - correct background sizing for short pages. bill enhancement low Widgets
#392 Editor: bullets writing position liucougar defect low 0.9 Editor
#428 DatePicker incrementControl Arrows anonymous enhancement low Widgets
#432 FloatingPane should refer to it's widgetType by property not fixed string anonymous defect low Widgets
#482 debugAtAllCosts working with user namespaces Alex Russell enhancement low General
#489 activeResizing support anonymous enhancement low Widgets
#506 FloatingPane css bug anonymous defect low Widgets
#553 Feature Request: HtmlTooltipTemplate.css would be better not to define a max-width Dustin Machi enhancement low Widgets
#569 TreeLoadingController needs a way to change parameter "action" to something else anonymous enhancement low Widgets
#575 [CLA] [fix provided] IE's responseXML (which gets called by does not really return xml doc when mimetype = "text/xml" and content-type != "text/xml" alex defect low 0.9 Core
#588 time zones don't currently support daylight savings time Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Core
#600 unordered lists using dojo.dnd don't have the right appearance during drag if in a FloatPane anonymous defect low 0.9 Widgets
#632 TreeNode 'setFolder'-method ilia defect low Widgets
#637 Fisheye Widget - doesn't work after container moved tk defect low 0.9 Dojox
#659 event.disconnect on a plain function doent work alex defect low Core
#660 Bad positioning of popups in Editor widget dylan defect low Widgets
#663 dojo demo checkboxes latency bill defect low Widgets
#696 Dynamical package loading in Opera depends on "Content-Type" for *.js files anonymous defect low General
#750 Animation duration as String anonymous defect low 0.9 Widgets
#784 Editor: add auto-save via to Editor2 liucougar defect low 1.6 Editor
#791 dojo.event.connect supporting array of target functions alex enhancement low 0.9 Events
#810 Addition of setCaption method to Toolip widget anonymous enhancement low Widgets
#825 demo could use some perf lovin anonymous defect low Website
#828 Slider Widget Contribution bill enhancement low Widgets
#857 enhanced titlePane - support rich text title dante enhancement low 1.2 Dojox
#863 DebugAtAllCost =true gives error with dictionary constructor Tom Trenka defect low General
#864 Accordion: last panel has redraw problems on FF neil defect low 0.9 Widgets
#866 Accordion: selection not confined to panel in IE/Opera neil defect low Widgets
#875 FF: window missing icon anonymous defect low Widgets
#876 FF: InlineEditBox does not give focus to editor anonymous defect low Widgets
#885 IE: one vertical tab missing a background anonymous defect low Widgets
#886 IE: shadow box positioned around graphic, not taskbar item text anonymous defect low Widgets
#928 Dialog: scroll down doesn't adjust background correctly (IE) bill defect low Widgets
#935 Error event is fired twice. anonymous defect low 0.9 General
#973 2d slider position needs adjustment anonymous defect low Widgets
#981 dojo widgets broken in IE5.5 koranteng defect low 0.9 Widgets
#1005 checkbox without label throws exception Adam Peller defect low Widgets
#1024 a config property to disable css widget template James Burke enhancement low 0.9 BuildSystem
#1025 add topics for things that are difficult to connect to dylan enhancement low 0.9 Widgets
#1062 [cla] [patch] DropDownTimePicker widget dylan enhancement low 0.9 General
#1064 Exception in Fireox after removing tree node: NS_ERROR_DOM_WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR anonymous defect low 0.9 Widgets
#1108 TreeSelector.deselect() causes error if no node is selected ilia defect low Widgets
#1144 Dojo leaks in frames in IE dylan defect low future Core
#1151 dojo.regexp.currency needs to be more flexible with separators dylan enhancement low General
#1158 Amazon S3 data provider Kris Zyp enhancement low 1.2 DojoX Data
#1173 standard api subset across all widgets bill enhancement low 1.0 Widgets
#1185 Widget creation - linked to constructor's namespace bill enhancement low 1.0 Widgets
#1210 Tree widget modifies name property of window object ilia defect low Widgets
#1263 Tests should include scripted example dylan enhancement low TestFramework
#1300 sortable table selected Id issue Tom Trenka defect low 0.9 Widgets
#1310 Automated unit-testing system based on Selenium ilia enhancement low 0.9 General
#1311 Tree: Make SortChildren extension to keep nodes sorted ilia enhancement low 0.9 Dijit
#1317 allow widgets in title ilia enhancement low 0.9 General
#1395 [dojox.crypto] Implement SHA, Rjindael, AES. Tom Trenka task low future Dojox
#1419 [patch][cla]avoid null pointer exception in parser on startup sjmiles defect low Parser
#1441 [patch] [cla] ContentPane: fixPathsInCssText issues in MSIE Sam Foster defect low future Dojox
#1462 user and password in BrowserIO.js dylan enhancement low IO
#1522 debug info change for XslTransform anonymous enhancement low General
#1527 PopupMenu2 for non-existent targetId becomes window's context menu. liucougar defect low Widgets
#1528 dynamic sizing of datepicker based on translations Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Widgets
#1568 dojo.uri.Uri does not clean up path in first argument [email protected] enhancement low future General
#1634 Internationalized strings for keys in Dojo Storage bradneuberg defect low 1.2 Storage/Flash
#1639 [patch] [CLA needed] Improve in wizard widget for checkPass function dante enhancement low 1.1 Dojox
#1657 Button widget to provide better support for icons Douglas Hays enhancement low 0.9 Widgets
#1663 fix loader.js comments and function names James Burke defect low 1.7 Loader
#1711 dojo fails to load widgets in IE7 with native XMLHTTP enabled anonymous defect low 0.9 General
#1740 enhancement:: combo box/select box do not handle the pgup/pgdn haysmark enhancement low 0.9beta Dijit - Form
#1743 editor2: zoom liucougar enhancement low future Dojox
#1791 event.connect enhancement: fire event once alex enhancement low 1.0 Events
#1827 [patch][ccla] Step profiler Robert Coup enhancement low future Dojox
#1831 AccordionPane and CSS bill defect low Widgets
#1832 AccordionContainer and strange problem Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Dijit
#1854 Dynamically updating DatePicker bill enhancement low 0.9 Widgets
#1861 bad dojo.string.substituteParams with ComboBox & Safari Adam Peller defect low Widgets
#1893 If Flash not installed on Firefox 1.5 on Mac OS X, Firefox doesn't know missing plugin should be flash bradneuberg defect low 1.0 Storage/Flash
#1896 not working correctly with Firefox 2.0 bradneuberg defect low Storage/Flash
#1913 Support storage provider for Dashboard widgets bradneuberg enhancement low 1.0 Storage/Flash
#1916 There are some glitches with the Flash configuration screen in Dojo Storage bradneuberg defect low 1.2 Storage/Flash
#1940 Contradictory (old?) information in README Adam Peller defect low Doc parser
#1983 widgetsInTemplate does not process nested widgets liucougar feature low 1.0 Dijit
#2018 Disabling dialog content bill enhancement low Widgets
#2118 setup Dustin Machi defect low Doc parser
#2161 Editor2 flickers on mouse button pressed + wrong cursor position liucougar defect low 0.9 Editor
#2167 [ops] transfer old openrecord-dev mailing list archives Dustin Machi task low future Operations
#2169 [ops] install OpenRecord wiki Dustin Machi task low future Operations
#2207 [patch][cla] Tree: support editable nodes bill enhancement low 1.13 Dijit
#2236 Have IEStorageProvider used if nothing else works bradneuberg enhancement low 1.0 Storage/Flash
#2294 Do not work with Palm browser Becky Gibson defect low Accessibility
#2295 CDATA in parser dylan defect low Parser
#2398 [cla] italian resource translations Adam Peller defect low Widgets
#2429 intern-strings should ignore code in comments James Burke defect low future BuildSystem
#2431 Editor: Image selection box is not updated properly when changing alignment. nonken defect low future Dojox
#2465 When building dojo dependencies are still made for dojo.require lines commented out alex defect low BuildSystem
#2476 Missing Locales in build.xml Adam Peller defect low 1.8 BuildSystem
#2483 Speed optimization for Adam Peller enhancement low 0.9 Date
#2514 TabContainer - unnecessary scrollbars bill defect low Widgets
#2515 Dialog - is moving the window is jerky in IE6? koranteng defect low 0.9beta Dijit
#2547 [] improve JsonItemStore performance skinner enhancement low 0.9 Data
#2554 [ccla] [patch] InlineEditBox -- add onClickParentNode feature. Douglas Hays enhancement low 0.9beta Dijit
#2565 [cla][patch] lapse fix Neil Roberts defect low 0.9 Dojox
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