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#18398 Offline dojo documentation feature undecided tbd Documentation
#18401 Textarea has no validation enhancement undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18402 Theme Previewer demo does not allow switching theme defect undecided tbd Documentation
#18407 DateTextBox broken in dojo 1.10 defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18418 dojox/layout/ResizeHandle.js doesn't compile with Dojo Build defect undecided 1.8.10 DojoX Layout
#18443 IE10 on Windows 7 is not detected properly by dojo/has defect low 1.11 General
#18453 Some dgrid Keyboard Listeners do not work in IE10 and IE11. defect undecided tbd General
#18471 Select: attribute for in <label> defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18472 rename class property to className defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18474 Fails to sniff "ie" from IE11 defect undecided tbd General
#18476 dojo/_base/array has [almost completely] unused variable, "u" defect undecided tbd Core
#18477 Dojo/on causes our page to jump to the bottom of the page defect undecided 1.9.3 Events
#18484 _organizeChildrenManually of GridContainerLite defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Layout
#18493 _organizeChildrenManually of GridContainerLite defect undecided tbd DojoX Layout
#18494 support array operator in data-dojo-attach-point enhancement undecided tbd Parser
#18505 dojox.html.entites decode should support upper and lower case versions of the entity defect undecided tbd General
#18528 has("ios") returns true on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 defect undecided 1.9.8 General
#18530 update dojo FilteringSelect in dojo datagrid when onchange of another FilteringSelect defect undecided tbd General
#18532 has("ie") returns undefined on desktop IE11 and Windows Phone 8.1 defect undecided tbd General
#18537 Programmatic example for diijt/form/DropDownButton in Reference Guide isn't working defect undecided 1.11 Documentation
#18538 Need link to new location of 'Dojo Inline Documentation' in Reference Guide defect undecided tbd Documentation
#18540 Various issues with sniff on Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 defect undecided 1.9.8 General
#18542 [regression] Relative databinding incorrectly binds to window object defect undecided 1.10.5 General
#18544 Fix dojo/request/xhr not to use event property "position" defect undecided 1.10.5 Core
#18550 Select: clicking <label> should focus associated widget enhancement undecided 1.13 Dijit - Form
#18555 DnD in GridContainer disables selecting content of TextBox defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Layout
#18577 Not correctly copying arryas in lang.clone defect undecided tbd Core
#18578 onclick of Button not triggered when using ComboBox in IE 10 or higher defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18586 Wrong code examples in "Dojo 1.x to 2.0 migration guide" defect undecided tbd Documentation
#18588 Can not have single quote mark as placeholder text in management/common/SimpleFilter defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18590 Tab complete for ComboBox tabs to the next control defect undecided 1.11 Dijit - Form
#18597 onChange event not firing in dijit CheckBox defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18604 EnhancedGrid with _CheckBoxSelector hides the grid defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#18606 Update _WidgetBase docs to modern best practices defect high 1.11 Documentation
#18623 Missing Arabic Numeric Shaping Support in Dojo feature undecided 1.13 Internationalization
#18628 Unable to sort the dataGrid in IE defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#18642 DojoAttachpoint is not Working defect undecided tbd General
#18643 Some examples fail in dojox.grid.DataGrid task undecided tbd Documentation
#18644 Grid Scroll Issue in Android , iPhone, iPad (touch devices) defect undecided tbd General
#18651 IE11 fails to load in IE8 compatibility mode due to Firebug lite defect undecided 1.9.8 Core
#18653 dijit ConfirmDialog when closed gives wierd behavior in IE11 defect undecided tbd General
#18655 click combobox dropdown item chrome not working defect undecided tbd General
#18657 onToggle in dojox.grid._LazyExpando stop click event defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#18659 _onDropDownMouseDown event not handled on Chrome canary defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18666 dojo/node! path error defect undecided tbd Core
#18677 dojo copy div text using shift + arrow keys feature undecided tbd General
#18678 ComboBox problems defect undecided tbd General
#18679 Tooltip & CheckedMultiSelect defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18686 All sample code snippets in API documentation "events" are the exact same defect undecided 1.13 Documentation
#18699 TouchScroll - destroy method crashing on devices with touch screen defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#18701 WAI-ARIA widgets must have an accessible name defect undecided tbd General
#18709 In IE11, touch.js generates a click after a right mouse button click defect undecided tbd Events
#18712 has("chrome") returns true on Edge and Edge has no has flag defect undecided 1.9.8 General
#18724 dom-style.get gives incorrect width for edge defect undecided tbd General
#18747 dojox/grid/EnhancedGrid misalignment on Header click. defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#18754 dojo/domReady executes multiple times under Chrome browsers (Dojo 1.8.5) defect undecided tbd General
#18789 dojo's event.preventDefault() not working on dojo 1.8 version defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18798 dojotype dijit.form.Button not working on single click in IE9 and IE10 defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18809 [Regression] In 1.10 branch test of dojo/_base/lang fails in all browsers. defect undecided 1.10.8 Testing
#18820 EnhancedGrid.singleClickEdit in true, does not allow render changes from store on the grid defect low 1.12 DojoX Grid
#18824 "ancestor.contains is not a function" after upgrading to 1.11.1 defect undecided tbd General
#18827 Traditional/simplified translations mixed up in defect undecided tbd General
#18832 Hiding active widget in ContentPane of TooltipDialog might close the dialog in chrome and safari defect undecided tbd General
#18834 package name with "/" no longer works defect undecided 1.11.3 BuildSystem
#18837 Unable to change font size in editor (IE 11) defect undecided 1.12 Editor
#18846 Issue while generating the gradient color for the plastic lighting in gfx3d in goolge chrome 50.0.x defect undecided 1.11.3 Charting
#18850 allow setting content-security-policy unsafe-eval mode via run-time configuration enhancement undecided 1.11.3 Core
#18852 Tabbing in dGrid not working in IE11 with DOJO version 1.7.2 defect undecided 1.11.3 Editor
#18853 lose focus when navigating editable cell using tab key with enhanced grid defect undecided tbd General
#18860 dojo controls appearance issue in iframe in a widget based structure defect undecided tbd HTML
#18867 dojo/store/Memory Can't Get Reference Using Declarative Syntax defect undecided 1.12 General
#18869 dojo 1.10.4 error: Must pre-load all supporting widgets before instantiation defect undecided tbd General
#18873 loading dojo.js with relative path ../dojo/dojo.js defect undecided 1.12 General
#18874 dijit.Tree: faulty return value of function getNodesByItem for unknown items defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18893 deprecated KeyboardEvent methods (Chrome) defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18907 Possible Content Security Policy violations defect undecided 1.12 General
#18908 getLocalization calls still existing in dijit despite the method being deprecated defect undecided 1.12 Dijit
#18909 Use csp-restrictions when setting has for dojo-v1x-i18n-Api defect undecided 1.12 Internationalization
#18919 using latest closure compiler breaks build defect blocker 1.12 BuildSystem
#18923 Unable to sign CLA defect undecided 1.12 General
#18932 Latest of version of Chrome (55.X) breaks ComboBox defect blocker 1.10.5 Dijit - Form
#18939 Dojo 1.12 release notes task blocker 1.12 Documentation
#18941 charting: show markers on grid chart enhancement high 1.13 Charting
#18946 dojox/form/_BusyButtonMixin Does Not Define 'domConstruct' defect undecided 1.12.2 DojoX Form
#18948 dojox.form.uploader oncomplete event. defect undecided 1.12.2 General
#18950 Checkboxes are not working right (Chrome 55) defect blocker 1.10.5 Dijit
#18953 Safari throws warnings due to invalid CSS properties defect undecided 1.12.3 Dijit
#18955 Dijit Dialog Close icon missing defect undecided 1.12.3 Dijit
#18959 request/node does not send progress defect undecided 1.13 Core
#18960 ItemFileReadStore → xhr → fromJson → eval → Content-Security-Policy violation defect undecided tbd General
#18961 Dojox/mobile/scrollableview scroll issue defect undecided tbd General
#18962 request/xhr and request/node and progress notifications defect undecided 1.13 Core
#18963 Dijit Editor breaks on Firefox 50.1.0 with Dojo 1.11.3 and 1.12 defect high 1.12.2 Editor
#18969 Dojo.require failing for dnd.source defect undecided tbd DnD
#18985 Internet Explorer 9 gives the following error: 'ArrayBuffer' is undefined defect undecided 1.12.2 General
#18992 Port 18871 to 1.10 defect undecided 1.12.3 Core
#19021 dijit/layout/ContentPane does not resize when adding widgets as children defect undecided tbd Dijit
#19051 Dojo 1.13 not available on CDN defect undecided 1.13.1 General
#19097 [xhr] response handlers called twice defect major 1.11.6 Core
#383 瑞丰专业注册香港公司权威机构 香港公司注册 defect high General
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