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#13689 Can't draw lines on element that has not yet been attached to the DOM in IE Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.13 DojoX GFX
#5198 Can't edit InlineEditBox of FilteringSelect bill defect blocker 1.0.2 Dijit - Form
#242 Can't get just browser event easily anonymous defect high BuildTools
#11880 Can't get localization bundle Rawld Gill defect high 1.6 Loader
#7943 Can't load doh.robot "remotely". Joseph Scheuhammer enhancement high future TestFramework
#738 Can't load dojo in rhino jar that comes with dojo James Burke defect high Core
#9477 Can't load layout widget within customer widget template defect high 1.4 Dijit
#5123 Can't modify a dojox.charting.widget.Chart2D Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.1 Charting
#5694 Can't not load 'doh.runner' in nested frames haysmark enhancement high future TestFramework
#15730 Can't override AccordionContainer content pane border color for claro bill enhancement undecided 1.8.1 Dijit - LnF
#4770 Can't override Dictionary.add(key, value) Tom Trenka defect high Dojox
#5335 Can't overshoot on an easing function. Bryan Forbes defect high 1.1 fx
#5125 Can't programmaticly create a dropdownbutton to a tooltipdialog defect high Dijit - Form
#16604 Can't remove "Any Column" in the Filter Plugin of the DataGrid Evan defect undecided tbd DojoX Grid
#11804 Can't resize Grid columns in Opera 10.62. Bryan Forbes defect high tbd DojoX Grid
#13419 Can't reuse native event with listen.emit on IE Kris Zyp defect high 1.7 Events
#5050 Can't scroll with scroll wheel and mouse in sub-grid sorvell defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#676 Can't see the contents in the dojo Editor within javascript. dylan defect high Doc parser
#3767 Can't select Tab by click, in khtml 3.5.7 mumme defect high 0.9 Dijit
#9148 Can't set !important property when using setter Eugene Lazutkin defect high future Core
#16460 Can't set Editor's content without a delay persilj defect undecided tbd Editor
#11455 Can't set theme on dojox.charting.DataChart Tom Trenka enhancement high future Charting
#7762 Can't tab from editing cells to other cells Bryan Forbes defect high 1.2 DojoX Grid
#2953 Can't type in IE haysmark defect blocker 0.9beta Widgets
#2507 Can't use dojo.event.connect on RadioGroup's onItemSelect event Tom Trenka defect high Dojox
#5739 Can't use dojo/method to define passFunction in dojox.widget.WizardPane dante enhancement high 1.2 Dojox
#11091 Cancel Changing method needed in JsonRestStore Kris Zyp enhancement high 1.7 Data
#2214 Cancel Drag and Drop with Escape Key Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high 0.9 DnD
#18357 Cancel dojox/mobile click highlight on Android Adrian Vasiliu defect high tbd DojoX Mobile
#15642 CancelError exception thrown by robot haysmark defect undecided 1.8 TestFramework
#18219 Canceling Deferred.promise has inconsistent flow for chained promises when specifying error callback functions tanneman defect undecided tbd Core
#2262 Cancelling RpcService call does not abort attached Request Dustin Machi defect high 1.1 RPC
#16045 CandleStick Chart Mirroring Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided tbd Charting
#18180 Candlestick misaligned when providing optionnal x value Tarh defect undecided tbd Charting
#11675 Cannot Destroy a dojox.form.Manager ("Too much recursion") Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.7 DojoX Form
#17448 Cannot Pass Dom into Constructor Function in Widget defect undecided tbd Dijit
#15399 Cannot add a source header (an HTML comment) in a Dijit Template enhancement high 2.0 Dijit
#4569 Cannot add item to if item with same ID previously existed in store Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Data
#12765 Cannot add myseld to the CC field of tickets Colin Snover defect low tbd Operations
#13735 Cannot add onclick handler to ykami defect high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#17249 Cannot call method 'apply' of null thrown on from fx.js defect undecided 1.8.11 fx
#15922 Cannot capture View's onStartView event Eric Durocher defect undecided 1.8.1 DojoX Mobile
#5032 Cannot change objects on the fly Bryan Forbes defect high 1.1 DojoX Grid
#12811 Cannot click out of table in Editor defect high 1.7 Editor
#16601 Cannot compile ES5 JS with closure compiler Rawld Gill enhancement blocker 1.11 BuildSystem
#6265 Cannot create a custom build that includes dojo._base without making the filename dojo.js James Burke defect high General
#7734 Cannot create initially disabled editor Jared Jurkiewicz defect high 1.5 Editor
#6212 Cannot define ItemFileWriteStore._saveCustom with dojo/method SCRIPT tag dylan defect low future Data
#5467 Cannot do custom builds for the rhino environment James Burke defect high 1.1 BuildSystem
#9451 Cannot draw shapes in a spawned window in IE7 Eugene Lazutkin defect high future DojoX GFX
#4674 Cannot dynamically add tooltips to dojo widgets or plain div tags defect high 1.0 Dijit
#13455 Cannot edit content on itorrey defect high 1.7 Website
#13846 Cannot edit when inside Eric Durocher defect high 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#7795 Cannot get value attribute from ComboBox; can only get displayed value Douglas Hays defect high 1.3 Dijit - Form
#16737 Cannot move items in editable IconContainer Eric Durocher defect undecided 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#3308 Cannot open the PopupMenu when clicking towards the right or bottom edge of the browser window bill defect high 0.9beta Dijit
#18074 Cannot override SimpleQueryEngine sort function Kris Zyp defect undecided 1.11 Data
#11542 Cannot parse d="" error Eugene Lazutkin defect high tbd DojoX GFX
#18329 Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null in SwapView.js Adrian Vasiliu defect high 1.11 DojoX Mobile
#14086 Cannot select ComboBox item on some Android devices ykami defect high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#2411 Cannot select text from FilteringTable using the mouse in Firefox 2.0 Tom Trenka defect high Widgets
#14154 Cannot set "url" in dojox.form.uploader in IE7 Mike Wilcox defect blocker tbd DojoX Uploader
#10044 Cannot set DataGrid.onRowClick directly, have to connect Bryan Forbes defect high future DojoX Grid
#9771 Cannot set both x and y background-position property on dojo.animateProperty dante defect high 1.5 General
#8038 Cannot set cookie for various conditions under IE6 or IE7 ptwobrussell defect high future Core
#15198 Cannot set value to mobile DatePicker/TimePicker at initialization time ykami defect high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#5835 Cannot shift-tab out of editor on IE Douglas Hays defect high 1.1 Dijit
#11962 Cannot tab to an initially disabled RadioButton Becky Gibson defect high tbd Dijit - Form
#2917 Cannot unsubscribe from dojo-checkins anonymous task low General
#9960 Cannot use gfx.animateTransform with gfx.Groups Eugene Lazutkin defect high 1.5 DojoX GFX
#14269 Cannot use store.close() to reload DataList ykami defect high 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#17006 Cannot use the fixedFooter attribute to specify a non local footer for an embedded view Eric Durocher defect high 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#14144 Canvas events fire on wrong object Patrick Ruzand defect high 1.7.1 DojoX GFX
#6529 Canvas improvements Eugene Lazutkin enhancement high future DojoX GFX
#15067 Carousel broken when using buttons after swiping at least once ykami defect undecided 1.8 DojoX Mobile
#12911 Carousel not rendered correctly on Android devices ykami defect high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#15610 Carousel page indicator might be desynchronized on Android 4.0 Patrick Ruzand defect undecided 1.13 DojoX Mobile
#12865 Carousel widget for ykami task high 1.7 DojoX Mobile
#17832 Carousel: A blind user does not know that content has changed when the forward/back button is pressed Sebastien Brunot defect undecided 1.10 DojoX Mobile
#10060 Carry over attributes from markup to templated widgets enhancement high 1.4 Dijit
#12179 Cell focus is lost on merged cells Bryan Forbes defect high 1.6 DojoX Grid
#5465 Century confusion with dijit.form.DateTextBox Adam Peller defect high 1.1 Dijit - Form
#18343 Certain calendar events do not appear in matrix and column view dg defect undecided tbd Dojox
#5225 Certain profile layer names break packages with malformed dojo.i18n._preloadLocalizations call James Burke defect high 1.0.2 BuildSystem
#13542 Chang dojox/grid/* to baseless and module return value Evan defect high 1.7 DojoX Grid
#14341 Change _WidgetBase._applyAttributes() logic to avoid ignoring some properties values passed in the constructor bill defect high 1.8 Dijit
#2282 Change bootstrap2.js to use dojo.require statements James Burke defect high Loader
#2468 Change build an loader behavior for dojo.requireIf() vs. dojo.requireAfterIf() James Burke defect high 1.0 Loader
#14035 Change deprecated djConfig to dojoConfig in gfxSvgProxyFrame.html defect high tbd General
#14036 Change deprecated djConfig to dojoConfig in gfxSvgProxyFrame.html Patrick Ruzand defect high 1.9 DojoX GFX
#9669 Change dijit.Dialog::_position() method to make it part of public interface enhancement high tbd Dijit
#7159 Change dojo.isXxxx properties to use undefined instead of 0 Adam Peller defect high 1.2 Core
#16502 Change event trouble with SpinWheelDatePicker Eric Durocher defect undecided 1.9 DojoX Mobile
#16598 Change in size of Floating pane when maximizing Ajit Pal Singh defect high 1.9 DojoX Layout
#12925 Change on visibility for method toggleDate in dojox.widget.MultipleSelectCalendar Adam Peller defect high 1.7 Dojox
#7834 Change resolvePath() to only run "blessed" get functions Neil Roberts enhancement high 1.3 Dojox
#4209 Change table CSS definition in dojo.css to be class-specific. alex task high design/interactions
#15331 Change the debugDataBinding support to use a flag set in data-dojo-config Ed Chatelain defect undecided 1.8 DojoX MVC
#10473 Change the description of docs dante task high 1.5 Website
#4709 Change the dojox.image.ThumbnailPicker to scroll instead of fading in and out dante enhancement high 1.0 Dojox
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