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#153 [patch] fix for sjmiles defect high Core
#183 MD5 does not calculate correctly. anonymous defect high Core
#184 [patch] POST multipart is added to BrowserIO.js anonymous defect high Core
#194 [patch] now MD5 works anonymous defect high Core
#198 Enhancement: dojo.event.connectOnce() functionality would be nice to have anonymous defect high Core
#200 complex DOM cause 100% cpu usage anonymous defect high Core
#201 dojo.crypto.toBinHex() has gone missing... anonymous defect high Core
#202 [patch] Allow drag and drop of table rows alex enhancement high Core
#203 Iterator bugs in the collection package [email protected] defect high Core
#218 Proposed patch for dojo.fx.slide* anonymous defect high Core
#226 Form post parameter ordering/complete drop off face of planet anonymous defect high Core
#230 rhino dislikes dojo.string.pad anonymous defect high Core
#231 if(!isNaN(padding) { syntax error anonymous defect high Core
#232 dojo.event.topic.unsubscribe is subscribing, not unsubscribing anonymous defect high Core
#233 Dojo does not play well with TinyMCE editor alex defect high Core
#236 Error in Safari while using dojo.require anonymous task blocker Core
#238 event.connect breaks with function object as the 3rd argument anonymous defect high Core
#262 make sure dojo.hostenv.* methods are deprecated James Burke defect high Core
#264 dojo.raise() calls println() even when exception is caught Adam Peller defect high Core
#272 wipeIn show the full content before wiping anonymous defect high Core
#288 Dojo needs some method of type-checking variables anonymous enhancement high Core
#290 onunload doesn't work with connect alex defect high Core
#303 event.connectBefore apparent bug alex defect high Core
#307 Widgets not displaying in Safari alex defect high Core
#336 lots of errors in style tests sjmiles enhancement high 0.9 Core
#340 RPC package anonymous enhancement high Core
#348 dojo.lang.find is not consistently polymorphic skinner defect high Core
#353 [patch][cla] event.connect breaks with undefined first argument sjmiles defect high 0.9 Core
#357 Relax relative URL requirement for dojo.hostenv.loadPath(...) alex enhancement high Core
#359 dojo.lang.find problems with polymorphism and arrays skinner defect lowest Core
#375 dojo.json.evalJson never returns the eval results? anonymous defect high Core
#379 [patch] Alternative io transport and script loading allowing cross-domain use of Dojo package James Burke enhancement high Core
#394 DnD detection of left mouse button busted on IE anonymous defect high Core
#407 fails to delete domain cookies anonymous defect high 1.0 Core
#408 Bug in DictionaryIterator Tom Trenka defect high Core
#414 Konqueror problem in dojo.dom.innerXML anonymous defect high Core
#417 problem with gravity liucougar enhancement high Core
#418 in hostenv_browser.js: dojo.hostenv.getText() ignores the fail_ok argument skinner defect high Core
#439 [patch] Code refactoring for generic back/forward support alex enhancement high Core
#454 Intersection : last element of set B not considered Tom Trenka defect high Core
#455 Add support for selectors to Dojo anonymous enhancement high 0.9 Core
#459 Error in dojo.string.has(...) alex defect high Core
#461 A 204 response is valid, yet it is treated as an error morris defect high Core
#469 Events bug alex defect high Core
#471 debugAtAllCosts and Opera doesnt work anonymous defect high Core
#473 serious but easy-to-fix bug in Collections.js anonymous defect high Core
#490 dictionary.item(k) should return item unmodified, suggested fix included. Tom Trenka defect high Core
#499 event system can not managed boolean return values anonymous defect high Core
#503 Incorrect content type in JsonService alex defect high Core
#513 dojo.require assumes too easily that a module is already loaded James Burke defect high Core
#515 dojo fails on certain sessionids within uris anonymous defect high Core
#520 dojo.widget.Parse dependant on sort order in for(var item in object) anonymous defect high Core
#521 event system should support multi-connection similar to YUI's array syntax alex enhancement high Core
#524 IframeIO transport is buggy on IE with 'multipart' request and 'text/xml' mimetype anonymous enhancement high Core
#525 dojo.string.endsWith not working anonymous defect high Core
#526 Requesting dojo.event.connect always set up "this" anonymous enhancement high Core
#527 Requesting dojo.event.connect set up currentTarget in IE sjmiles enhancement high Core
#531 bad implementation of dojo.svg.setCoords anonymous defect high Core
#534 Make dojo.lang.forEach work on objects too sjmiles enhancement high Core
#538 dojo.require(After)If bails out when condition is false anonymous defect high Core
#540 Add context parameter to dojo.evalObjPath() (like dojo.lang.setObjPathValue() has it) sjmiles enhancement high Core
#541 dojo.event.topic: add method to delete a topic alex enhancement high Core
#550 Mixed Content Bug in dojo/src/storage/Browser.js dylan defect high Core
#551 New method: Tom Trenka defect high Core
#557 IE 6 refuses to load page if dojo is loaded in HEAD and a BASE tag exists before that. Tom Trenka defect high Core
#560 Dojo builds should not re-define the root Dojo object if included twice James Burke enhancement high Core
#562 dojo.lang.getType() - gets*() compatible type anonymous enhancement high Core
#568 - an array for a parameter in content object should send multiple name-value pairs for the parameter alex defect high Core
#571 IframeIO does not work with Opera 8.52 alex defect high Core
#574 evaluates length.getAttribute - is not a function anonymous defect high Core
#575 [CLA] [fix provided] IE's responseXML (which gets called by does not really return xml doc when mimetype = "text/xml" and content-type != "text/xml" alex defect low 0.9 Core
#577 IframeIO transport does not handle mimetype text/html well James Burke defect high Core
#578 events weird behavior alex defect high Core
#585 (copy and paste typo bug) anonymous defect high Core
#588 time zones don't currently support daylight savings time Adam Peller defect low 0.9 Core
#595 Line:289 Unexpected call to method or property access sjmiles defect blocker Core
#612 Richtext editor inside a FloatingPane dylan defect high Core
#619 Passing an array for a widget in an attribute includes leading whitespace Tom Trenka defect high Core
#625 dojo.uri.Uri not playing well with djConfig.baseRelativePath jkuhnert defect high 0.9 Core
#627 Bootstrap refactoring to reduce bloat and separate package loading James Burke defect high Core
#634 Removing last node from Tree alex defect high Core
#635 Create dojo.addOnUnload method alex task high Core
#642 Typo in svg.js setDimensions anonymous defect high Core
#655 event object should have pageX/pageY anonymous enhancement high Core
#659 event.disconnect on a plain function doent work alex defect low Core
#664 dojo.debug enhancements jkuhnert enhancement high Core
#667 dojo publish and subscribe functions alex enhancement high Core
#671 Clicking on a disabled button throws a javascript error. anonymous defect high Core
#682 DnD dosnt work properly when constrained to a node (patch attached - CLA is on file - file dnd/HtmlDragAndDrop.js). bill defect high Core
#704 wipe-in toggle is broken for floating pane bill defect high Core
#709 dj_eval b0rken for JSON response evaluation anonymous defect high Core
#710 debugAtAllCosts causes widget tags to not be parsed? anonymous defect high Core
#717 BackgroundIframe Crashes IE under HTTPS anonymous defect high Core
#720 Generic mechanism for beautiful dojo loading... anonymous enhancement high 0.9 Core
#729 Trouble with and XML James Burke defect high Core
#738 Can't load dojo in rhino jar that comes with dojo James Burke defect high Core
#770 BinaryTree undefined local variable Tom Trenka defect high Core
#771 Queue was undefined local var Tom Trenka defect high Core
#779 "explode" transition buggy for scrolled windows (firefox (on tooltips) bill defect high Core
#794 dojo.lang.isAlien intermittently broken on IE6/7 Ben Lowery defect high 1.0 Core
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