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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1292 Build system creates dojo.js using wrong build order alex defect high BuildTools
#1299 Events connected to cloned nodes in Internet Explorer 6 are connected to their source node alex defect blocker Events
#1301 Editor2 designMode="On" fails in hidden Editor2 Componente Firefox alex defect high 1.1 Editor
#1318 r5318 breaks most widget test pages on Firefox alex defect blocker Widgets
#1332 trac test ticket alex defect high Operations
#1334 Fix for Jython when run as a task from a base directory other than buildscripts alex enhancement high BuildTools
#1342 new dojo not working with SSL in IE alex defect high Loader
#1344 Get "Access is denied" in IE when call dojo.event.connect from inside IFrame in a different domain alex defect high Events
#1345 wiki pages labeled as copyright JotSpot, Inc. alex defect high Wiki
#1404 problem with event.disconnect alex defect high Events
#1405 dojo.event.browser.* toLowerCase() causes problems with case sensative event names alex defect high Events
#1406 window.onScroll event not firing when also connecting to a document.documentElement event alex defect high 0.9 General
#1536 Add API docs for dojo.event alex task high Doc parser
#1539 Add API docs for hostenv_* alex task high Doc parser
#1541 Add API docs for dojo.json alex task high Doc parser
#1542 Add API docs for dojo.lang alex task high Doc parser
#1545 Add API docs for dojo.logging alex task high Doc parser
#1547 Add API docs for dojo.profile alex task high Doc parser
#1549 Add API docs for dojo.selection alex task high Doc parser
#1565 Add API docs for dojo.xml alex task high Doc parser
#1592 around advice on getElementById fails on IE alex defect high 0.9 Events
#1613 tree dnd does not leaves behind last selected node when using TreeEmphaseOnSelect alex defect high 0.9 Dijit
#1620 memory leaks alex defect high 0.9 Events
#1640 sync XmlHttpRequest freeze Firefox 1.5 alex defect high IO
#1656 Add 'secure' version of eval() alex enhancement high 0.9 Core
#1686 Show widget: arrows don't work on IE alex defect high Widgets
#1701 dojo.event.browser.isEvent() doesn't check for null obj alex defect high Events
#1702 setObjectCookie does not correctly remove stored variables with null values alex defect high IO
#1714 Add TABLE element around dragged TBODY element alex defect high DnD
#1752 duplicate registratio inside HtmlDragSource and HtmlDropTarget alex defect high DnD
#1757 Memory leak in dojo.js alex defect high 0.9 General
#1758 Firefox & Seamonkey crash w/ 0.4 but fine w/ 0.3.1 alex defect high Widgets
#1762 corrupted zips for some users downloading 0.4 alex defect blocker BuildTools
#1768 ShrinkSafe fails on 'var' lists alex defect high 1.2 ShrinkSafe
#1791 event.connect enhancement: fire event once alex enhancement low 1.0 Events
#1793 Opera and demo = not functionnal alex defect high 0.9 Website
#1795 Deprecation of doesn't actually work alex defect high Style
#1804 event.stopEvent method causes errors in IE6 for onselectstart event alex defect high Events
#1830 dojo 0.4 crashes the ie6 under certain conditions alex defect high 0.9 General
#1837 dojo.back doesn't work if you set document.domain alex defect high 0.9 General
#1852 IE 5.5 out of stack space error on dojo.widget.Dialog alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1853 FishEye list is not working in 0.4 release alex defect high General
#1890 ShrinkSafe appears to break this javascript file. alex defect high BuildTools
#1899 Safari 2.0.4 has trouble with Dojo Storage's Moxie due to bug in Rich Editor Control alex defect high 0.9 Editor
#1902 FormBind load method in 0.4 alex defect blocker IO
#1929 Dialog in IE 6 generates error alex defect high Widgets
#1930 dojo.event.disconnect (kwDisconnect) can cause memory leaks in IE alex defect high Widgets
#1939 Remove the tabs from LICENSE alex task high Doc parser
#1942 Wiki points to very old sample code alex defect high 0.9 Doc parser
#1958 dojo.html.insertCssText causes "Invalid procedure call or argument" in IE when styleSheet.disabled is true alex defect high 0.9 General
#1995 Allow adding "resource dependencies" for the build system alex enhancement high 1.0 BuildSystem
#2004 repeated calls to dojo.event.connect() hangs IE alex defect high 0.9 Events
#2023 [pathc][cla] Implement BUFakeNode.cloneNode() method in BUFakeDom.js alex enhancement high 0.9 TestFramework
#2030 FormBind gives no feedback if the form's action url is a 404. alex defect high 1.0 IO
#2065 Figure out how best to syndicate .Book content to new web site alex defect high Website
#2066 Getting Contents from Editor2 Widget Corrupted in Safari alex defect blocker Editor
#2069 get rid of dojo.lang.setObjPathValue deprecation warnings alex defect high Core
#2071 Add useful return values to dojo.event.topic.subscribe & unsubscribe alex enhancement high 0.9 Events
#2100 tree drag'n'drop is broken alex defect high General
#2114 Slider broken alex defect high General
#2121 event.disconnect not functioning as expected alex defect high 0.9 Events
#2144 event unit tests are failing alex defect high Events
#2165 Making ShrinkSafe more useful alex enhancement high 1.2 ShrinkSafe
#2199 Virus JS/Feeb in Dojo ZIP downloads alex defect blocker Website
#2255 does not do recursive serialization alex defect high 0.9beta IO
#2272 checkChildrenForFile test for disabled alex defect high IO
#2274 xdomain: Allows djConfig values for modules that require Iframes alex defect high Loader
#2287 with mimetype: "text/javascript" dose not work in IE alex defect high 0.9 IO
#2318 dnd error on contentpane loading (0.4.1 regression) alex defect high DnD
#2331 Dojo Compressor - can we have an option to NOT normalize utf-8 encoded data to unicode escape sequences? alex enhancement high 1.0 ShrinkSafe
#2352 With IE XmlHttpRequest is not aborted on timeout alex defect high 1.0 IO
#2353 File upload when done inside a widget alex defect high 1.1 IO
#2357 XHR connections may leak in IE to fill per host connection limit even after page unload alex defect high 0.9 IO
#2381 ShrinkSafe Fails for simple Regular Expression Syntax alex defect high 0.9 BuildTools
#2392 Using XMLDOM CLSID in CreateDocument causes errors with XSLT parameters alex defect high 1.0 HTML
#2393 topWidgets not updated when dojo.widget.manager.remove called alex defect high Widgets
#2401 implement attribute selectors for dojo.query alex defect high 0.9 Query
#2402 check in performance test suite(s) for dojo.query alex defect high 0.9 Query
#2407 rehabilitate dojo.behavior alex defect high 0.9 General
#2414 [patch][cla] Reduce dojo.lang.reduce alex defect high General
#2418 io.bind: XMLHttpTransport Error: 1223 Unknown (Internet Explorer bug) alex defect high IO
#2422 Child selector fails on queries in the form 'tag#id > child' or '#id > child' alex defect high 0.9 General
#2423 dojo.query picky vis a vis whitespace alex defect high 1.0 Query
#2427 alex defect blocker IO
#2440 Shrinksafe fails on files with UTF-8 BOM alex defect high ShrinkSafe
#2447 [patch][ccla] Infinite recursion loading missing module specified in __package__.js alex defect high Loader
#2448 dojo.lang.forEach issue with Select nodes alex defect high 0.9 Core
#2462 dojo.event.connect() call does not free up reference to the connected node causing the node to remain in memory even after disconnecting and destroying the node. alex defect high 0.9beta Events
#2465 When building dojo dependencies are still made for dojo.require lines commented out alex defect low BuildSystem
#2489 dojo.lfx.html.wipeIn sets node height incorrectly with compressed dojo build alex defect high lfx
#2500 port bootstrap(s) to core alex task high Core
#2501 create _base.js for core alex defect high Core
#2503 FormBind encoding problem alex defect high future IO
#2506 extend dojo.query() with xpath support for attribute values alex defect high Query
#2508 port scott's getComputedStyle changes into 0.4.2 alex defect high General
#2519 merge Greg's cometd rpc patch alex defect high General
#2520 add advice support to Dojo's cometd client alex enhancement high 1.1 Dojox
#2548 comet transports should set the connected attribute on the cometd object alex defect high 1.1 IO
#2550 implement a test harness for 0.9 which does not rely on a build system alex task high TestFramework
#2556 event.stopEvent method causes error on IE when using frames alex defect high 0.9 Events
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