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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1204 SplitContainer with Vertical Orientation allows the top pane's content to bleed through to bottom neil defect high Widgets
#1205 memory in DomWidget related to event (0.3.1, Firefox 1.5) alex defect high Events
#1206 DatePicker should NLS year Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#1207 Create node in lazy instanced tree fails ilia defect high Widgets
#1208 docIcon extension doesn't work ilia defect high Widgets
#1209 Tooltips not displaying correctly on IE 6.0 anonymous defect high General
#1210 Tree widget modifies name property of window object ilia defect low Widgets
#1211 Dynamically-created Tooltips have no content. liucougar defect high Widgets
#1212 [patch][cla] Logger was only logging the first argument dylan defect high General
#1213 FIX: ContentPane was setting isLoaded even when it didn't load anything mumme defect high Widgets
#1214 dojoInsertionIndex starts at 1 when it should start at 0 for child widgets of container widgets bill defect high 0.9 Dijit
#1215 Tree syntax errors ilia defect high Widgets
#1216 Node fires beforeDestroy event too late ilia defect high Widgets
#1217 ISP refusing to serve baked dojo.js and dojo.js.uncompressed.js Adam Peller defect high General
#1218 Extending String with dojo.extend breaks String.toString() in IE Tom Trenka defect high String
#1219 "onClose" event is not invoked when I close a "dynamically created Tab" - (both in IE & Mozzila) bill defect high Widgets
#1220 onClose event is not invoked when I close a "dynamically created" Tab (both in IE & Mozzila) anonymous defect high Core
#1221 TreeWithNodes.setChildren fires afterAddChild ilia defect high Widgets
#1222 Need more information about moved node ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1223 multiple DND + selector. psowden defect high 0.9 DnD
#1224 TreeV3 odd view in OS x bill defect high Widgets
#1225 Allow tree node title editing ilia defect high Widgets
#1226 menu test is broken ilia defect high Widgets
#1227 Destroying alll nodes makes tree unusable ilia defect high Widgets
#1228 modal support in FloatingPane liucougar defect high General
#1229 SplitContainer sizer stuck on iframe liucougar defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1230 Menu2 PopupManager.registerAllWindows causes memory leaks bill defect high Widgets
#1231 Memory leak when subscribing to the tree.beforeDestroy event ilia defect high General
#1232 dojo.html.getDocumentWindow can cause memory leaks liucougar defect high HTML
#1233 cache parameters not working mumme defect blocker Widgets
#1234 overriding the css template doesn't work bill defect high Widgets
#1235 Tree node editor to fire an event ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1236 Tree editor syntax error ilia defect high Widgets
#1237 Lazy instanced tree fails to expand ilia defect high Widgets
#1238 [patch] Accordioncontainer has a bug, here is a fix Adam Peller defect high Widgets
#1239 [patch] allow MenuBarItem2 to be disabled bill defect high Widgets
#1240 Highlight node on context menu ilia enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1241 While the page loads, a Mixed-Content warning is triggered for each instance of the dialog widget bill defect high Widgets
#1242 convert Tree*.js to use defineWidget() and dojo.declare() bill defect high Widgets
#1243 Start rename on new node added through the menu ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1244 TitlePane - Wipes out with default duration when open = "false" bill defect high Widgets
#1245 docIcon has 3px gap in IE ilia defect high General
#1246 Error hide/show a widget Douglas Hays defect high Widgets
#1247 Accordioncontainer broke by efects tk defect high Website
#1248 add background loading ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1249 Tree: support multiple columns (aka TreeTable) ilia enhancement lowest 1.4 DojoX Widgets
#1250 Node collapses in narrow IE window ilia defect high Widgets
#1251 Accespts type and number as a parameter but they are not used anywhere. James Burke defect high 0.9 IO
#1252 Selenium IDE fails with dojo.event.connect jkuhnert defect high 0.9 TestFramework
#1253 Enable/Disable specific tab in a tabcontainer Adam Peller enhancement high Dijit
#1254 in SortableTable can not use tooltip Tom Trenka defect high Widgets
#1255 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1256 in SortableTable can not use tooltip anonymous defect high General
#1257 ComboBox Widget - DropDown Button bill enhancement high Widgets
#1258 Widgets - tests fail bill defect high Widgets
#1259 ShrinkSafe: forward reference problem (plugin.js broken) alex defect high 0.9 General
#1260 [PATCH] prevent dojo.declare stack corruption due to unhandled exceptions sjmiles defect blocker Core
#1261 SortableTable parses column argument in wrong order anonymous defect high General
#1262 [patch][cla] RepeaterContainer - implemented dylan enhancement high Widgets
#1263 Tests should include scripted example dylan enhancement low TestFramework
#1264 RichText replaceEditorContent bug affecting Firefox bill defect high Widgets
#1265 Destroy node causes exception ilia defect high Widgets
#1266 ComboBox: Dropdown re-opens on keyboard selection alex defect high Widgets
#1267 ComboBox: Display bug with autocomplete (FF/Linux only) Douglas Hays defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1268 The i18n test data for Chinese is incorrect Adam Peller defect high Data
#1269 FIshEyeMenu doesn't extend if it's to the right side of the Splitter cal defect blocker 0.9 Widgets
#1270 Large tree takes a while to unload ilia defect high Widgets
#1271 Title editor to get focus and select text title ilia enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1272 Tree keyboard navigation ilia enhancement high Widgets
#1273 Tree: Node edit should complete on other operations dylan defect high future Dojox
#1274 Proposed update to DnD onDragEnd failure psowden enhancement high 0.9 DnD
#1275 typo: dependancy/ies dylan defect high General
#1276 It should be easier to switch connectNode on a Tooltip bill enhancement high 0.9 Widgets
#1277 Rich text editor's replaceEditorContent function replaces parent page DOM tree in IE 6 liucougar defect high General
#1278 Node editor doesn't receive focus alex defect high Widgets
#1279 cleanup of bootstraps and the hostenv liucougar defect high General
#1280 inserttable improvements liucougar enhancement high Widgets
#1281 external content not preloaded and scripts executed in FloatingPane bill defect high Widgets
#1282 dragSource id missed psowden defect high 0.9 DnD
#1283 Button Dependency Loading anonymous defect high General
#1284 Editor 2 scrollThreshold liucougar defect high Widgets
#1285 Bugs in Combobox.js about postMixInProperties, ARGs not passed when calling superlcass's method dylan defect high General
#1286 Using reserved word "namespace" for some variable names Adam Peller defect high General
#1287 Add "Today" function into DatePicker Adam Peller enhancement high 1.1 Dijit
#1288 SortableTable parseData 0 converted to empty string Tom Trenka defect high Widgets
#1289 dropdowndatepicker is broken in FF 1.0, Safari liucougar defect high Widgets
#1290 Expected ':' but found 'select'. Declaration dropped.: anonymous defect high 0.9 General
#1291 xdomain loading fails to intern templates that use dojo.uri.nsUri() James Burke defect high General
#1292 Build system creates dojo.js using wrong build order alex defect high BuildTools
#1293 Tree selector is broken ilia defect high Widgets
#1294 Highlight edited node ilia defect high Widgets
#1295 Editor2 toolbar vanishes liucougar defect high Widgets
#1296 Tooltip in Firefox not using default CSS bill defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1297 fixPathsInCssText fails to detect all valid URIs dylan defect high General
#1298 Unexpected TimePicker.setDateTime() behavior dylan defect high 1.0 Widgets
#1299 Events connected to cloned nodes in Internet Explorer 6 are connected to their source node alex defect blocker Events
#1300 sortable table selected Id issue Tom Trenka defect low 0.9 Widgets
#1301 Editor2 designMode="On" fails in hidden Editor2 Componente Firefox alex defect high 1.1 Editor
#1302 ContentPane setUrl() sets content to '[object Object]' when target file is empty mumme defect high 0.9 Dijit
#1303 ContentPane::setUrl() stores empty cache mumme defect high 0.9 Dijit
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